Q & A

September 27, 2006

Q: I was wondering what you thought of Kazarian as a worker and what you thought of him returning to tna to reform his tag team with Matt Bentley. Do you think tna will push them as a successful team?
A: He seems like a solid enough worker but with the limited air time he gets in TNA it is too hard to really get a feel for how good he is. Judging by the one match Iíve seen Kazarian and Bentley in thus far on TNA it doesnít appear they are going to push them.

Q: One of your last Q&A questions asked about a match with "AJ & Daniels"; is that AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels? When and where did this match take place?
A: It was May of this year, and was part of the 1PW Tag Title Tournament. It was originally supposed to be Justin Credible and I facing AJ and Christopher Daniels but Justin no showed.

Q: Does it bother you when you see CM Punk receive a pretty big push on tv when this guy whoís Ďdrug free and addicted to competitioní is really just a tattooed version of yourself (just not as good a wrestler as you are!) ?
A: Why would it bother me? I received several pretty good pushes threw out my career; I had 3 title runs in ECW, 5 in WCW, and 5 in WWE. I wish him all the best in any push he can get.

Q: Why do they let wrestlers have creative control over who they wrestle? For example, the year of Rock vs Hogan at wrestlemania, to my knowledge as a fan, both Austin and Hogan were under contract at the time but I read that Stone Cold was Ďofferedí the match with Hulk before the Rock was but he turned it down. Why wouldnít Vince just make 2 contracted wrestlers have a match regardless since that wouldíve been great for business (and now he canít get them to agree on it for one night)?
A: It all comes down to leverage, and who needs whom more. When someone gets as big as Austin, Hogan or Rock, they are then valuable enough to Vince that they can force the issue and get creative control, or at least partial. If you try to force them to do something they donít want to do now, they may not be there to do something you want them to later.

Q: Is there any particular reason why Jericho and the Undertaker were never in a singles feud together during Jerichoís WWE run? I would imagine it wouldíve been just as good as HBK vs the Undertaker and in my memory, the Undertaker is the 1 big name Jericho never hooked up with.
A: There could be a number of reasons but I wouldnítí be surprised if it was just height. Jericho isnít the tallest guy on the roster, and the office might have felt the height difference made the feud less desirable.

Q: Why did Cyrus part ways with the WWE? Heís one of sharpest, funniest guys to do commentary (or be a manager) and I think heíd be so much better than Tazz or JBL in the colour commentary chair! (I do like JBL on commentary but Iím not a fan of Tazzís analysis of the match)
A: I thik Cyrus fell into the ďJack of all TradesĒ pitfall. He could work, he could manage, he could announce, and he could even write. The office was unsure of what to do with him, and ended up with no specific direction for him.

Q: When you were carrying all of the singles titles in WCW except the World Title, did Vince Russo every give you the impression that your push wouldíve been to the World Title?
A: I only had one conversation with Russo over creative direction and that was over the Team Canada name. He wanted us to be The Canadian World Organization. I fought for Team Canada and won.

Q: I have been thinking about starting my own Indy promotion any advice?
A: Yes, donít use your own money!!! It is very hard to run a profitable Indy promotion so unless you have money to lose, try to use someone elseís. I would also start off just using local talent and avoid the pitfall of trying to fly in bigger, higher priced names. Dropping a couple thousand dollars for a big name will assuredly just cost you money. You NEVER draw big crowds starting out; so donít spend thousands of dollars on talent you will have to draw big crowds to pay off.

Q: With you being on the road less and having more time to spend with your family and for yourself, did you find a replacement show for NYPD Blue? Have you gotten into any show as much as you were into Blue? This fall season on television seems to have several new shows that are "supposed" to be good.
A: I donít get into too many new shows. My current favourite is Boston Legal. Denny Crane is awesome. I started enjoying the new show Justice, but they have done the same finish 3 weeks in a row and I have all but given up on it; too predictable now.

Q: Secondly, a wrestling question. Obviously you knew Chris Candido very well. I've met Chris several times working on the indies in New York and he had really turned his life around at the time of his passing. He was in great spirits all the time and his in ring ability was at the peak of his career. Do you think that if he had not passed away, would he be back in the WWE by now or at least a featured member of TNA?
A: I doubt he would have returned to WWE but he certainly would have be a solid contributor to TNA.

Q: In your opinion, who throws the best punch in the business today? All time?
A: One of the best punchers Iíve ever worked with was Dr. Death Steve Williams. I worked 2 WWE house shows with him and his punch was awesome. He threw one at me just talking stuff over in the back and it scared the crap out of me. It was so fast and sounded so great and barely touched me. In the match a few of the guys in the back thought he killed me. He punches are fantastic.

Q: Do you think there is such a thing as a friend in the wrestling business today?
A: I do yes, Iím lucky enough to half a few. Don Callis and I havenít worked together since ECW (almost 8 years ago) and still keep in touch. I still keep in touch with Jericho, Christian, and Hurricane (plus a couple others). We become distant friends but itís been almost 2 years since Iíve worked with most of these guys and weíve remained in touch, to me that makes them friends.

Q: Do you think your travelling partners (Christian, Shane Helms?) achieved what their talent warranted? Were (or are) they held back?
A: Hurricane is starting to reach his potential now. Iíve always been a HUGE supporter of his work, and am glad to see him featured on SD. Christian you can debate. He has received a lot in his career, so I think you could argue it either way. He is amazingly talented and has also held a lot of titles and made it awfully huge.

Q: Backstage or on the road, while working for WWE...do the wrestlers call each other by their real name or wrestler name? Eg, is Trish Stratus called Trish?
A: God this question comes up a lot. For the most part yes we use our work names all the time. Trish is a bad example because I think she likely considers Trish her real name. Itís like calling Christopher, Chris. I still call Hurricane, Hurricane. I have never called The Undertaker anything but Taker, or in a friendly atmosphere Take. Unless they introduce themselves to me with their real name I NEVER use it.

Q: I have been going to the gym and lifting weights since I was 17. I am 33 now. Many times I feel burned out, like I need a break, but I havenít taken a week off in a long time. I lift about 3-4 times a week. Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever take any time away from the gym?
A: Taking a week or two off every once in a while is good for you. It shocks your body and more often than not stimulates growth again. Changing things up is important and time to rest is also good. Taking a break when you feel burned out is not a bad idea.

Q: I am a pro wrestler and I will love to improve my cardio, so I would like to know what was basically your cardio training when you were a wrestler.
A: When I was wrestling, wrestling was my cardio. When you work 4 days a week I found my matches were all I needed to keep in shape.

Q: Do you think Bret Hart still lifts? I wonder what he would look like now if he went in the ring (in his gear)
A: I believe he does but have never asked him. He looks like he is still in pretty good shape.

Q: What do you think of WWE pushing Paul Wright AKA Big Show as a main event heel in ECW?
A: I think he was the only real choice after Rob and Sabu got busted.

Q: How old were you when you began your wrestling training and how old were you when you had your first match?
A: I was 21 on both counts. I started training July of 1990 and had my first match Oct. of 1990.

Q: What is your favorite Eddie Gerruero moment?
A: The one single match we had in Calgary at a SD house show.

Q: Your thoughts on CM punk?
A: I havenít really seen much of his work. I saw one ROH match, which was real good, and then just a couple ECW TV matches.

Q: Do you think the Hardy Boyz will re-unite on RAW or Smackdown!?
A: Are you asking will there be a reunion on either show or which show the reunion will happen on? There will definitely be a reunion match at some point but I would bet it will be on a joint PPV.

Q: What do you think of the possibility of the New World Order coming back to feud with DX?
A: I think it sounds better on paper than it will be if it actually happens. I would much rather see the business move forward with something new than continue to rehash the past.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm