Clash of the Champions VIII

September 28, 2014

Clash VIII was Fall Brawl on Sept. 12th 1989 from Columbia South Carolina. I had watched this show back in the day as a fan. I was in University but my step-dad had a satellite dish back then and would record the shows and send them to me. Jim Ross and Jim Cornette did commentary on the show which was very good. The show only drew 2600 fans but the rating on TBS was back up to a 4.7 a big improvement from Clash VII.

The Road Warriors vs. The Samoan Swat Team: Match only went 6:46 but it was pretty much non-stop action. Roadies won with the Dooms Day device after hitting one of the Samoans with Paul E's phone, which seems to have led to the split between the SST and Paul E Dangerously.

The Z-Man vs. The Cuban Assassin: The Z-Man was Tom Zenk's NWA debut. I was always a fan of Zenk's but the Z-Man name and especially the Sleeper finish, you know because in cartoons when a guy goes to sleep you always see the string of zzzzzzzz, was terrible. Great look and a very solid worker. This was a very short get over match which was fun, but a better finish would have helped IMO.

Sid Vicious vs. Ranger Ross: At the last Clash Ross was an American Hero, tonight he was a sacrificial lamb. Sid looked amazing and had charisma which back then was all you needed, dude was over big and killed the Ranger in 1:08. Sid was part of the Sky Scrapers team at this time teaming with Dan Spivey, managed by Teddy Long, and was announced from Metropolis. Shame they weren't managed by Lex Luther.

Here we got a tremendous/awful segment where Missy Hyatt took Robin Green (Woman) on a shopping spree. It was subtly explained that Green had Rick's credit card and she out shopped Missy, who had a rep as an high end expensive girl with her Gucci bags, so in a way this was laying the ground work for Green's heel turn, who was obviously all about the money.

The Freebirds vs. The Steiners (World Tag Titles): The Steiners were managed by both Missy Hyatt and Robin Green. This was a fun match with a controversial finish where Scott tripped coming off the ropes and stumbled into a DDT. The camera work was perfect and we couldn't tell why Scotty tripped and in the aftermath of the match it was determined he was tripped by one of the women but we were unsure if it was by Missy or Green. On a later show it would be revealed Green tripped Steiner which would lead to her managing Doom to feud with the Steiners. I fun match with a finish that led somewhere, crazy concept I know.

Flyin' Brian vs. Norman the Lunatic: This was a 3 min match which Pillman won clean. Not a lot to this; I think they realized there was a lot more future in Pillman than Norman so he picked up the quick win. Pretty sure shortly after this the turned Norman into the lovable lunatic, in the comedy baby face role.

Steve Williams vs. Mike Rotunda: This was the split of the last formation of the Varsity Club. I really liked the Varsity Club concept back in the day and wish they would revise it today. Rotunda was Captain Mike Rotunda because he was the Captain of the Varsity team but after this feud he would keep the name Captain Mike and for no reason I can remember ever being given just started wearing a sailor's hat I guess just to continue justifying the Captain moniker. Just a 7 min match Williams won with a roll up.

Lex Luger vs. Tommy Rich (US Title): This match was way better than I expected it to be with Luger bumping his ass all over the place and carrying this to a really good match. At one point Luger got dropped right on his head that scared the hell out of me, but Luger didn't put it over at all. Finish was a little weak with Rich accidently punching the ring post to "break" his hand, only to lead to him putting Luger in a sleeper in the ropes to set up getting throated on the ropes and getting pinned by Lex. Right after the loss Rich got up and chased Luger to the back continually punching Lex with his "broken" hand and not selling it one bit. Luger was so much better before his motor cycle accident and most people remember him for his poor work rate in late WCW, rather than his hard work in 88-90 which actually got quite good.

Sting & Flair vs. Muta & Dick Slater: Slater is a last minute substitution for Funk, but we get a fun solid match just the same. The Match went 20 minutes and was there more to set up the angle at the finish. The heels get disqualified after Muta sprayed Yellow mist into Sting's eyes. Conveniently earlier in the show JR was explaining that he spoke with Gary Hart who told him that Muta had different coloured Mists that he sprays and that Yellow was the most dangerous. Not sure why Muta had always used the less dangerous Red and Green up until that point but tonight he hit the Stinger with the good stuff. With Sting blind and out Funk hit the ring with a glad kitchen catcher trash bag and attempted to suffocate Ric Flair, to further heat up their feud. Slater and Muta also whacked Sting in the knee with Funk's Branding Iron perhaps weakening his patella tendon, which Sting would legitimately tear at Clash X in February.

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