What the Hell is Going On?

September 30, 2007

If I can be serious for a minute, I think the wrestling business has lost its collective mind!! I am a HUGE wrestling fan; there are 6 (soon to be 7) hours of pro-wrestling programming on TV each week and I canít stand any of it. I think the last thing I saw on TV that I liked was the CM Punk title victory over John Morrison on ECW TV 3 weeks ago. That is not to say there hasnít been anything else good on the shows, there very well may have, but on the whole the shows have been so asinine, Iíve either stopped watching or turn it off early after regretting tuning in, in the first place.

Impact I usually get through if I tune in, because itís only an hour and I donít watch anything else on TV Thursday nightís so I have more time then, but if the show goes to 2-hours and doesnít improve Iíll likely be turning it off mid stream as well. Having to watch all the nonsense they put out when there is a whole locker room full of guys Iíd love to see work is just frustrating.

ECW is in a horrible time slot in Canada (midnight on Friday) I record the show but weekends I spend with my kids so Monday (RAW) usually rolls around before I get a chance to watch it. Insomnia Friday nightís is the only chance ECW has with me, and to be honest the show is usually slow enough to cure the insomnia so itís a catch 22.

SD is also in a horrible slot being early on Friday nights. My kids are still up and they hate wresting so I have to record it in hopes of watching it later. Sometimes I can manage but lately when I have watched, I see Jamie Noble, chasing a leprechaun, acting like he is Eugeneís dumber red neck cousin. The Teddy Long / Kristal wedding is horrible. Wrestling weddings are bad enough when they involve over characters you give a damn about. I used to love SD but almost all the guys I used to love watching are gone; Regal, Benoit, Edge, Helms, London & Kendrick, Booker, to name just a few. Maybe Iíll be able to get back into SD now with Rey and Taker Back, but itís been so bad of late Iíve got out of the habit of watching SD.

RAW used to be the saving grace. This show was almost always good. There was that long run there where Edge, Orton, Cena and Michael gave us an amazing match each week, RAW ruled. Now, Iíve all but lost interest. Benoitís death and the abandoning of Vinceís death really threw a wrench into the works but itís even gone down hill since then. The Hornswaggle thing was the last straw for me. I tuned in that night with genuine interest and felt slapped in the face. Vince is now fathering leprechauns who not only hold titles but we are now to believe is a minor and able to be put up for adoption, despite not having the consent of the mother. We see Jim Duggan wrestling matches on RAW, and HHH rehashing his old angle with Vince squashing everyone in sight. It was bad enough when DX killed off the entire tag team division, do we need to see Hunter destroying it again by himself? Donít answer that it was rhetorical.

There are times I wish I wasnít a wrestling fan. I love this business and continue to watch in spite of my frustration. I hope TNA can find a logical grove with their new 2-hour show. I hope Edge and Helms get healthy soon and return. I hope Jericho is returning and hurries the hell up. I hope the New Hart Foundation debuts soon. But I guess what I hope for most of all, is for this Industry to get itís shit together and put a little Sport back into my Sports Entertainment. Give me a good solid match each week or an angle that makes sense and happens in the ring and I will, Shut The Hell Up. I promise!

Lance Storm

On a closing note I have come up with a logical explanation for the completely nonsensical nature and poor quality of the shows of late. Perhaps itís in an attempt to make the industry look so bad, Congress will be too embarrassed to investigate it.