October 2, 2006

I have a bunch of stuff to talk about but no specific direction so this week’s commentary will be more of a point form edition.

I’m considering adding a “Random Thoughts” TV type report to the site. This would be a page were I make a few select comments on the weekly TV shows each week. I usually catch 2 or 3 of the 4 main shows on every week so this is something I could just update the day after each show airs: I only saw Raw, TNA, and the main event of SD last week but here would be some of my thoughts:

- I enjoyed the lights out bit on RAW. It gave the show a unique feel. Great Cena promo; say what you want about his wrestling the man can talk!

- Has anyone else noticed that the ratings drop every time they take the title of Edge?

- Why did no one from Raw come out to help John Cena when Booker, Fit, and Regal were attacking him? The last time one brand invaded the other heels and faces alike united to defend the brand. I found this odd.

- This show made zero sense to me. There were 4 segments hyping Sting putting his career on the line yet Sting isn’t even around to talk about it. Jarrett had 4 promo segments and never once mentioned Sting. Sting is in seclusion training while Jarrett is in a full-blown feud with Joe? Who is the underdog going into this match up?

- Did Luger and Buff’s appearance sell one buy, or pull one ratings point?

- Could the X-Division be jobbed out any more? The answer is no, to both this question and the previous one!

- If I could have seen a bit more of the Ultimate X match from the PPV and less of this show I might actually want to order a PPV in the future.

Smack Down:
- Unfortunately I only caught the main event from this show, because it seemed to be doing everything right. Great action, the right finish, Edge in to further hype Monday’s Cage match and… What’s this… baby faces out to save Cena. Glad the SD roster cares more about Cena’s well being than the Raw guys do. If you would like me to make Random TV thoughts a regular part of the site send me an email and let me know. They would not be in place of commentaries just a brief extra piece.

Dallas Hart update:
A lot of you have asked how Dallas is progressing, with training, and to be honest, he isn’t, at least not yet. He’s had a hard time with scheduling and work conflicts and has been unable to attend regularly. We talked about it and he decided it would be better to postpone his training until my January session when he can clear his schedule completely and properly dedicate himself. I thought this was a good idea, seeing that from the training we have done thus far he seems to have an aptitude for wrestling and wanting to fully dedicate himself to it, is a great sign.

Lance Storm DVD give away:
Incase you missed the other posts the site about this, I’m giving a way a couple Best of Lance Storm DVDs. I’ll be making these DVDs myself from my own collection and they will consist of some great, rare, non-WWE owned matches. I haven’t decided which matches I will include but I’ve got some Japan, Europe, and early Canadian stuff that should make a great collection. I will definitely be including a Ladder match I had with Chris Jericho back in 1995.

If you are interested in winning one of these DVDs all you have to do is take part in my current Book Marks book club selection. We are reading The Death of WCW, by Bryan Alvarez and RD Reynolds. With all the WCW hype being created with Eric Bischoff’s book coming out I thought it would be great to look back at WCW, from a more unbiased perspective. Go to my Book Marks section for more details on the club.

I hope to have a commentary up by midweek about some of the crazier things I’ve done on house shows over the years that you may not know of. I’m also looking at doing some more in depth commentaries so if there is anything you’d like me to discuss in a commentary, shoot me an email and let me know. Also if there are any specific old commentaries you’d like to see reposted let me know. Now that I am updating the site I can get a lot more done.

Lance Storm