Q and A

October 3, 2010

Q: So I was just watching the Royal Rumble from 2002, and you take this HUGE clothesline from Bradshaw. Afterwards you seem very out of it... do you remember if you were in fact knocked semi-unconscious or did you just sell really REALLY well?

A: John has a great clothesline and I sell really well. I worked with John a lot both in WWE and CWA Catch in Europe and he never hurt me with anything.

Q: I was impressed by the promo Miz cut on RAW this Monday (9/6) recapping his rise to stardom, but felt it would have been better if they saved it for the first RAW after he won the Heavyweight Title. Your thoughts?

A: What if he never wins the heavyweight title? Why save a promo for an occasion that may never happen? And if it does Iím sure Miz will come up with new shit to say.

Q: Iíve read that Bubba Ray is not welcome back in the WWE; can you shed any light on why he was not liked back stage?

A: Donít believe everything that you read. There are a lot of people backstage that like Bubba.

Q: Who would you say was the most physically demanding guy you ever worked with?

A: Thatís a tough call. Kurt Angle would be up there because he works very hard and very fast. RVD matches were very physically demanding too. Koji Kitao just kicked the crap out of you so in that regard they were demanding.

Q: With all the film in the SWA library, are there any wrestlers you find yourself using as an example alot? Obviously different styles would equate with different workers, but are there like a handful of guys you show a lot for some of the more basic things like bumping?

A: I encourage people watch Ricky Steamboat, Shawn Michaels, and Ricky Morton when trying to learn how to sell. You donítí get much better than those three when it comes to selling.

Q: I was watching the Ring of Honor internet PPV this past Saturday, and was bothered by the fact that Steve Corino allowed his son to be involved in the match, albeit not physically, while Corino was bloodied. Couple this with Tommy Dreamer using his daughters at the recent TNA Hardcore Justice PPV, and the famous Mick Foley scenes from "Beyond the Mat", I was wondering what your thoughts were on wrestlers using their children in angle.

A: Not to specifically damn any of the people you mentioned and every case is different but on the whole Iím against it especially if they are young.

Q: I was wondering your thoughts on one of your Aussie students Scott Justice. I've seen him wrestle on some shows here in Manitoba and he seems to be the best rookie around these parts in awhile.

A: Scottís a good kid, Iím glad heís working and that you are enjoying his stuff.

Q: In your last Q&A you mentioned that your daughter is writing a novella and that itís actually good. Would you mind telling us what itís about?

A: A bit hard to wrap it up in a sentence of two, but she is heavily influenced by Janet Evanovichís Stephanie Plum series, seeing that she just read all of that series earlier this year. There is a female lead character that works/owns a gun shop and has to deal with her partnerís disappearance. Sheís just finished the first draft, but I havenít read the conclusion yet. Itís about 35,000 words so a decent sized story, especially when you consider she just turned 14.

Q: I wanna be a pro wrestler but I'm currently unable to enroll in the pro wrestling school so I was wondering if training something like amateur wrestling or judo would help me later on when I'm able to join a pro wrestling school? If yes, what would you personally recommend..Amateur wrestling, judo, maybe BJJ..?

A: There are plusses and minuses to doing this, so itís a tough call. Real athletic backgrounds do generally help but many sports are different and you will learn habits you may have to break when you switch to wrestling.

Q: How do you keep from getting bored with workouts? I workout 5/6 days a week and do tons of cardio. I have my IPOD to keep me busy when Iím running cause like you, I DO NOT like cardio but I have to do it. I run an hour and stair master for 45 min. (Having a girl with a nice rear end doing the same in front of me helps A LOT as well!) But then when I move onto weights it gets boring for me. Doing different body parts everyday and switching up routines isnít working and it gets to the point where I dread going to the gym but not going ISNíT an option. I have to work out. I feel like I cheat myself if I donít go. Do you have any advice or what do you do when workouts become mundane?

A: Do the weight lifting first, perhaps you wonít get bored until you get to cardio, then the girl with the nice ass should get you through to the end.

Q: Have you ever had any of your former SWA students exaggerate stories of their time with you? If so what happened? And do you ever hear of people claiming to have attended your school that you've never actually met?

A: This has happened a couple times. More people claiming to have trained with me when they have not. I encourage people to contact me if people claim to have gone through SWA and they doubt their story.

Q: What was your favorite (safe, but awesome looking) finisher to take? Least favorite? Ever taken Shane Helms' Vertebreaker? That looks unnecessarily dangerous.

A: I have not taken a vertebreaker. I always thought 3D looked awesome and the Duds always took care of me on it.

Q: Did you ever work with Billy Gunn/Kip James while you were in WWE? Iíve heard he can be friendly or he can be a complete nightmare to be around Ė any truth to either of those?

A: I worked with Billy a couple times/ I think if you search you will hear good and bad things about everyone, so donít put too much stock in anything. Billy was always good to me and a pleasure to work with in the ring. That guy is an amazing athlete especially when you take into account heís way bigger than people think.

Q: What are you memories of Shane Douglas? I was watching some of the early In Your House PPVs when he was ĎDean Douglasí and also read a recent PW Torch interview he did where he said the Clique made his life miserable and held him down. Do you think Shane got a fair shake in his career (ECW or WWF)??

A: I was not there in WWE so I have no idea what went down or if he got a fair shake. He had a hell of a run in ECW so I would think he got a very good shake there. As for personal memories I got along great with Shane and had some really fun matches with him. We had good chemistry in the ring together.

Q: What are your impressions of the heel turn that Michael Cole seems to be taking in recent weeks. It started with this odd bromance thing and now seems to be spilling over into hatred of R-Truth and cheering on heels like Ted Dibiase.

A: I donít like the heel turn, because itís not consistent and as the lead announcer I think this kills his credibility, which hampers the entire product.

Q: Does it make sense to make a lead announcer (not sure that the WWE has play by play anymore without JR) to turn heel? I'm just not seeing where Cole would really get any heat as a heel unless they make him the mystery GM. And if by some odd chance they do book him as the mystery GM doesn't that really screw up his role as the announcer?

A: Yes. He has heat and as a manager that would be great but as a lead announcer I think it is very bad.

Q: Do you think there are moves that wrestlers should avoid because they'll always be associated with another wrestler? I feel like if any wrestler tried to use the Stunner, fans would immediately just think of Stone Cold, right?

A: Yes. If the name people most associate with a move is that from another wrestler they are likely best to not use it and find something else. Stunner, RKO, etc.

Q: Who is your #1 favourite author?

A: There are a ton at the top of my list so itís so hard to pick. Iíll narrow it down to a top 2: David Morrell and F. Paul Wilson.

Q: What was the scariest thing you have ever done?

A: I had to go wake up my step dadís father one afternoon, because he hadnít got up that day and my step dad thought he may have died. Turns out he wasnít dead but going into a old guys dark bedroom expecting to hind a corpse was not a fun time. What made it worse was I feared that if he wasnít dead I might scare the crap out of him and cause a heart attack.

Q: Have you ever been arrested or convicted of any crime?

A: Nope. Biggest run in with the cops was a speeding ticket.

Q: I read that the WWE is considering turning John Cena heel, if done correctly this could be one of the greatest heel turns ever, I was wondering how you would turn Cena heel?

A: I donít think I would.

Q: I realize this is random, but whatever became of Randy Rudd? He was a top guy in Calgary for a while and just seemed to disappear. Did he ever work for FMW in Japan?

A: Not sure what happened to Randy, and no I donít think he worked for FMW. Itís possible he did but not to my knowledge.

Q: Did you ever notice that Mirko Cro Cop sort of resembles yourself!?

A: This has been discussed here a few times, so yeah. I get Henry Rollins a lot too.

Q: In your opinion, who was the better in-ring performer when at their best: Curt Hennig or Bret Hart!?

A: I would have to have wrestled both at that time to fairly judge and even then it may come down to a matter of taste.

Q: Although any form of cardio exercise is better than none, to get maximum results, is it better to do cardio work-outs in the morning than at night so youíre burning calories throughout the days?

A: Iíve always been of the impression first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast is the best.

Q: How much experience do you have in submission wrestling/bjj? Also which wrestlers in your opinion, past or present are really good in grappling?

A: The only experience I have is through pro-wrestling. Angle, Regal, and Finlay would top my list.

Q: Considering the saying, "time heals all wounds". Do you think the WWE is taking the right approach in ignoring and erasing Benoitís accomplishments completely?

A: I canít believe this subject still comes up. I was a friend of Chris Benoitís and I think WWE is absolutely right. Wrestling accomplishments are nothing compared to murdering your wife and child. As much as we all want to separate those two aspects of Benoitís life, WWE canít promote or market the work of a man who murdered 2 people.

Q: What are your opinions on the P90X workout? Have you researched it at all, and if so, do you feel it's a well-rounded plan?

A: Iíve heard a lot of good things but never looked into it.

Q: If you had to narrow it down to just one, what is your favourite book of all time?

A: Iíd likely pick RUN by Douglas E. Winter. There is something about that book that just speaks to me. I check every books store I go into to see if they have a copy and feel the urge to buy it every time I find it, despite already owning 2 hardcover copies.

Q: What was the worst book you have ever read?

A: Mary Shelleyís Frankenstein. I just recently read it on my Kindle, and it was the biggest piece of garbage Iíve ever read. It was so poorly written, in my opinion, I am amazed it was ever published.

Q: Have you ever watched CSI? I think it is a really good show.

A: Iíve seen it but do not currently watch it. I honestly donít watch much television anymore.

Q: What do you think of Jerichoís band Fozzy? Have you seen them live?

A: I love Fozzy, and have seen them play live. They are good on CD and amazing live.

Lance Storm