In-Ring Return: BSE

October 8, 2006

For those of you who have missed seeing me compete in the ring fear not as I have accepted another booking and will be competing once again. This is not a full comeback just a single appearance, and it will be in Toronto, Canada on December 3rd. It will be an afternoon show for Blood Sweat and Ears (BSE) an Ontario based Indy promotion.

Why BSE you might ask, well itís a bit of a convoluted story. You may recall a year or 3 ago a High School teacher from Timmins Ontario started having his English classed take part in my Book Marks book club. Mike (said teacher) and I have become pretty good online friends and he has recently started doing local promoting for BSE in Timmins. Mike booked a show this past spring in Timmins, originally headlined by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer had to pull out fairly last minute and Mike tried to get me to fill in as a replacement, I was unable/not really interested, but Mike found suitable replacement and ended up drawing over 1100 people. That is an amazing crowd size for an Indy show especially considering Timmins only has about 50,000 people residing in it.

Based on this success Mike booked another Timmins show last month and again he was hoping to get me to appear. He had Christian booked for the show and wanted me to wrestle him. With Christian as an opponent and the previous success I was a lot more interested in working this event. My earlier knee problem kept me from committing and eventually Mike had to book someone else before I could confirm. This show was also a great success drawing over 1400 people.

At this point I was getting more interested in the possibility of working Christian on a BSE show. Both Mike and BSE started offering more date possibilities for me to work with Christian, and finally the December date in Toronto was settled on. I finish training my current batch of students on the 1st of December so I will be completely free to head to Toronto for the weekend.

This should be an interesting event with former WWE Tag Team Champions squaring off. It will be the battle of the Un-Americans on Canadian soil. Itís Christianís hometown but, I too am an Ontario native and have been known to be somewhat pro-Canadian so it will be interesting to see who the crowd sides with, especially considering both Christian and I are heels at heart.

Iím also be running a training seminar at the Squared Circle Training Center Dec. 2nd. Iím not sure of all the details but I would imagine you could contact BSE for that, as well as venue and ticket information:

I hope all the Storm Troopers in the Toronto area come out to see what should be one hell of a match up. Christian and I traveled together on the road for a few years and have a lot of receipts built up!

Lance Storm