Shill'n Like a Villain

October 10, 2010

There are just a few things I want to mention and plug. I’ll hopefully get up another Q and A or regular commentary this week but until then here is some stuff that is more than worth checking out.

Mick Foley interview on the Wrestling Observer website: I listen to most if not all the regular audio content on the Observer site (I contribute a radio show every other week as well) but this past week’s interview with Mick Foley was one of their very best. The interview runs approximately an hour and a half and was one of the most interesting conversations about our business I’ve heard in a long time. What made the interview great, apart from Mick being a really intelligent guy, was his openness and honesty. Mick is not the kind of guy who will simply praise and defend TNA because he works there or bury and bitch about WWE because he is not, which makes this interview extremely great. You have to be a member of the site to hear the interview but you can sign up for just one month and try it out with very little commitment. You get access to all archived interviews with your one month subscription too so in addition to the awesome Foley interview you could also check out several Bruno Sammartino interviews (all fantastic), a great show with Steve Austin, as well as my bi-weekly contribution. If you want to check this interview out go to:

Dolph Ziggler’s brother’s book: Yeah I know that sounds dumb but Dolph Ziggler’s brother Ryan Nemeth (not sure why they don’t have the same last name) has written a book and was nice enough to send me a copy. I was skeptical when I first received the book that I would like it. It has a cheesy cover and an even cheesier title, “I can make out with any girl here”. Despite the silly title, I’m happy to report that I really enjoyed the book. It’s a fairly short book at something like 180 pages so it is a quick and easy read. The book is the tale of a not nearly as cool as he thinks he is kid and his struggles through his first semester in University. While I’ve never met Ryan I do know his brother “Dolph” quite well (I taught him how to wrestle when he was in WWE developmental) so to make the book even more entertaining I pictured “Dolph” as the main character Donny in the book, which took the book from just being very funny to quite hilarious. If you are interested in checking out the book and supporting a newbie author you can pick up a copy of the book at:

Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho: I picked up a copy of this 3 disc set and absolutely loved it. I haven’t even watched the entire set but I’ve watched the entire documentary portion of the DVD as well as the great extras and without watching 2 discs worth of matches already think that I more than got my monies worth. There is so much great stuff on this disc, not the least of which being Mine and Jericho’s pro debut match. If you are a fan of Chris Jericho at all you really need to pick up a copy of this disc, it covers his entire 20 years career and is, in a word, tremendous. If you want to order a copy online you can do so at:

That’s it for now, except for wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there. Happy Turkey Day everybody!!!

Lance Storm