Q & A

October 15, 2006

Q: What are your thoughts on performance enhancers usage in wrestling?
A: They are more appearance enhancers not performance enhancer, but I have always been very out spoken against them.

Q: Did u have to get a work visa to wrestling in the states and in other countries? How hard is it to get one, for a wrestler to get one?
A: I did yes. It can be a pain in the ass but it gets easier after youíve got the first one.

Q: what was the worst injury you've had in the wrestling ring?
A: Iíve been lucky and havenít really had too many. I broke the tip of my floating rib in a match in Lebanon, and had minor tear in my quad where it attaches to my kne during a match in Calgary in 1993.

Q: Do you think Sting will ever work in a WWE ring?
A: NO. IF WWE were to invest in him, he would have to work full time, which I believe he has as much interest in as I do.

Q: do u plan on reading Eric Bishoff's new book?
A: Yes I do. We are currently reading ďThe Death of WCWĒ By RD Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez for Book Marks, so it will be fun to compare stories. Iím laughing my ass off while reading Death of WCW the absurdity of what was going on the last few years of WCW was staggering.

Q: Why isn't there more masked wrestlers in WWE?
A: I think the believe is that facial expression is an important part of relaying emotion during a match and there fore wearing a mask is in a lot of ways a hindrance.

Q: What do u think of this "KING BOOKER" character? I am glad Booker has a title run. He should have gotten it at wrestlemania 19 when he wrestled Triple H. however i just can't stand the character.
A: Oddly enough I enjoy it. I agree is very silly, but knowing Booker personally I finding it very entertaining, in an inexplicable way.

Q: have u ever been attacked by fans either, during a show or after?
A: Nope, Iíve had a lot of crap thrown at me during shows but I have never been physically attacked.

Q: I know during the ECW days all the wrestlers had other jobs besides just wrestling, what was yours?
A: You know less than you think. All of the wrestlers did not have others jobs, some did. I did not.

Q: Who came up with the "If I can be a serious for a minute..." quote
A: I did. I used it in the promo that I renamed the US Title and the writers liked it and wanted me to start using it regularly.

Q: Have you ever worked with any of the Von Erich's? Why do they call them the Kennedy family of wrestling?
A: Iíve never even met a Von Erich. Iíve also never heard them referred to as such. I would imagine the reference is to an influential family that has suffered a lot of tragedy and death.

Q: The Rock, Kane, John Cena, Triple H, Macho Man, Kevin Nash, Goldber and of course Hulk Hogan, so, ....when are we going to see the big screen debut of Lance Storm?
A: As soon as someone offers me a roll in something. Actually Iíve been, half jokingly, harassing F. Paul Wilson (Book Marks: The Tomb, and Sims) that if the Repairman Jack movie ever off the ground and they need someone to get their ass kicked by Jack in a scene Iíve got years of experience at getting my ass kicked.

Q: who taught you the superkick..
A: No one taught me it. Jimmy Del Ray of the Heavenly Bodies just started calling for me to do it in our matches in SMW so I had to start throwing it. After that I just started working on it on my own to make it better.

Q: hey i was wondering if you could tell me in your opinion. is eric bischoff as big of an asshole as everyone makes him out to be?
A: I can only judge him based on my own interaction with him and he was always very cool with me. He was the one who hired me in WCW and he always treated me well. In WWE we also hit it off. I canít say a bad thing about the guy.

Q: Don't you think professional wrestlers should have a Sports Center type of show or at least a mention during Sports Center? Maybe a back stage wrestling news show that only reported legit news or would that hurt the business? I'd love it but that's me.
A: TSN in Canada actually had a show like this way back during the Stampede days. Ed Whalen hosted it and it was called Pro-Wrestling Plus. They would show clips and talk about happenings in all the different promotions.

Q: Just wondering if you had to have a day job when starting your wrestling career and what was it if you had one. How long into your wrestling career were you before you were doing it full time?
A: I had a ton of them and actually did a full commentary about this. Iíll try to find it and repost it.

Q: Would you ever start up an Indy Promotion?
A: I would not start an Indy promotion on my own, no. I am comfortable in my retirement and would not gamble my own money and security on a project like this. I would be interested in running a developmental territory for WWE, and have had several discussions over the years with them about that possibility.

Q: will you be involved with this year's One night Stand?
A: no plans to.

Q: Today, at noon (Oct 5), I passed by 7130 Barlow SE in Calgary and I heard some people screaming in pain in there..Isn't that where your school is located? What the hell were you doing in here?
A: That was me. It was Chop Day. To learn chops everyone gets to chop each other twice, so everyone ended up taking 24 chops. I take part as well. Oddly enough beating the hell out of each other turns into a real bonding experience for the boys. Perhaps Iíll post photos at some point.

Q: Do u think we'll ever see a WCW reunion show?
A: I doubt it, and the longer we go without one the less chance there is of it happening.

Q: Are you planning on checking out the Brain Pilman DVD? did u ever work with Brian Pilman?
A: Iíd never even met Pillman, but I loved his work and plan to check out the DVD.

Q: Do you think smaller guys have a chance at main eventing in WWE?
A: You mean small guys like former World Champions, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio? If so I think I just answered your question.

Q: Two part question, First, Where's the weirdest place a fan has spotted you, 2nd whats the weirdest thing a fan had you sign.
A: I donít being spotted in any weird places. I donítí tent to frequent weird places. I singed a girlís breast once. Iíd been asked to do so several times and always refused. My wife was with me this night and since she knew I didnít want to do it, insisted she didnít mind and ended up making me do it.

Q: How did traveling work in WWE, WCW, and ECW, I know wrestlers carpool alot, however do you get reinburst for you travel expenses or did they cover that in your salary?
A: Anything over 300 miles the company books you a plane ticket, anything less than that you are on your own.

Q: Do you think there'll ever be a wrestling promotion that could compete with WWE like in the old Monday night war days??
A: Never say Never but I doubt it.

Q: I wanted to get your take on male managers. Do you think they could make a significant comeback in todayís wrestling? I know there are a few, but they are not like the old days when there were stables and such. I was always a fan of the classic managers such as Grand Wizard, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Cornette, Dangerously (not Heyman, lol) and even a younger DDP in wcw managing the Freebirds. Please let me know your thoughts on this issue.
A: I doubt there will ever be a full-blown manager comeback but like you Iím all for it. Great talents like Sheldon Benjamin are supposedly held back because of lack of promo skills. If this is the case get him a damn mouthpiece and let me watch him wrestle on RAW every week!!!!!!!!!

Q: You mentioned in a previous Q&A that Big Show is the star of ECW because Van Dam and Sabu got busted. Can you elaborate on what happened to Rob and Sabu?
A: This was a HUGE news story. Rob got pulled over for speeding and subsequently both he and Sabu got arrested on drug related offences. This was the reason behind RVD losing both World Titles; he was suspended. The drug charges ended up being VERY minor and apart from the suspension and a couple fines not much more came of it.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm