Shillin' Like a Villain

October 15, 2007

I’m going take the opportunity to just blatantly shill stuff this week, as there are a couple of things out there that have both a wrestling tie and are very deserving of some extra publicity. The first is the movie “The Game Plan” staring The Rock. “The Game Plan” has been number one at the Box Office the past two weeks (which is huge) and hopefully faired as well this weekend as I chipped in damn near $50 to its box office total on Saturday. I’ve been a big fan of Rock’s movie career, and I’ve seen all of his movies (excluding Doom) but this is the first one I’ve caught at the theater. When you have two kids and no regular baby sitter it’s hard to coordinate seeing any film rated above PG. Anything not kid friendly gets bumped to the DVD list and even that gets difficult as your kids get older and go to bed later and later.

Fortunately “The Game Plan” is a Disney film and rated G so my kids wanted to see it too, which made life a lot simpler. The movie is very good and as in past films, Rock is great. Rock has an amazing comedic flare and “The Game Plan” is the perfect avenue to highlight it. I laughed out loud several times during the movie and may have even enjoyed it more than my kids. My one daughter is already asking if we can get the movie on DVD, which is always a good sign.

Some people have criticized the film for being formula-matic but let’s be honest, what kids movie isn’t. This film is genuinely funny and if you have kids, like I do, can be very emotional too. This movie is an absolute hit and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you have kids or just like The Rock this is more than worth the money. If that isn’t enough Roselyn Sanchez is in the film and that is never a bad thing.

The other item I want to plug is Chris Jericho’s autobiography, which is being released this month. I think the official release date is the 25th but Amazon has already started shipping pre-ordered copies. I got to read an early draft of the book, and just received the finished product from Chris this week in the mail.

“A Lion’s Tale” is a fantastic read and may actually dethrone Mick Foley’s “Have a Nice Day” as the best wrestling biography ever. I had more fun reading this book than any other book I have ever read, and I read an absurd amount of books. I laughed out loud constantly while reading this book, and was amazed at the honestly and absurdity of the adventures Jericho shares with us in this book.

I think what really sets this book apart is that Jericho’s journey to the top was such a winding one. The book takes us literally around the globe with adventures in Canada, the US, Mexico, Europe and Japan. It’s a story like no other, in that people from the generation before Chris tended to work the territory system in the US, and the generation after him was going through the developmental program. Jericho’s road to the top was an international one and is so fascinating even non-wrestling fans would enjoy it.

“A Lion’s Tale” is also my current Book Marks Book Club selection and Chris has agreed to get involved in the club so he will be reading all of the responses you send in, and offer author comments, which I will post when we are finished. If you are going to pick up a copy of “A Lion’s Tale” be sure to do so immediately and help Chris reach that #1 spot on the New York Times best seller’s list, if you order though it’s only $19. Just the pictures of me in the book are worth that! (LOL)

Since we are talking both The Rock and Jericho this week, I thought I would close with a great little story that came out of last week’s CRMW commentary. I got an email from Chris this week after he read the article on CRMW and in it he reminding me that our first ladder match in CRMW predated the now famous HBK – Razor Ramon ladder match at WrestleMania 10. Yes, we did ladders before ladders were cool! He also pointed out that a football player at the time who was playing on the Calgary Stampeders’ practice roster saw our ladder match on cable access, and his name was Dwayne Johnson.

Lance Storm