Possible Surgery

October 19, 2006

Iíve often boasted that Iíve managed to go my entire career, Drug Free, Concussion Free, Surgery Free, and Divorce Free. That statement may not be the case for much longer as I may need to have my right knee scoped in the not too distant future. Ironically enough the trauma that started all my knee trouble, wasnít even wrestling related, it was suffered playing in a Volley Ball tournament with teachers from my kidsí school. Granted my knees likely havenít been 100% in a long time but they hadnít been causing me any trouble either, and whoíd have thought after all the abuse they had survived in the ring a night at my local rec. Centre would do me in.

Up until I got into Wrestling, Volley Ball was my passion. I played through out High School and University; I played on City teams and even played at the Provincial level at one point. Once I got into wrestling I pretty much gave up all other activities not having the time to dedicate to other sports but also out of fear of getting injured doing something not work related. This past spring, sometime in April I believe, I had the chance to play in a Volley Ball tournament and jumped at the chance. It wasnít a real high caliber tournament so I figured even though it had been over 16 years since I had last played the game I would still do fairly well. When you played it as hard and as often as I had back in the day I figured it was like riding a bike. The tournament was a Calgary Board of Education affair and I ended up playing 9 games in one night (with no substitutions).

After a 16-year absence going full out for 9 straight games likely wasnít the smartest move, but I was having fun and felt right back at home on the court. My knees didnít bother me at all during play but the next morning my right knee was hurting me so bad I could barely walk. I was limping for close to 3-weeks and it was over a month before I had anything close to full mobility. Shortly there after was my trip to England to wrestle for 1PW. Again my knee didnít bother me wrestling but the last night, after my match with Doug Williams, my knee started tightening up. The next day it was as bad as it was after the Volley Ball tournament and having to hobble along with my luggage from train, to subway, to airport was damn near the death of me.

When I got home I was limping so badly it was causing my left knee to hurt and I had to walk with a cane for a little over a week. I made a doctors appointment and even had to hobble my way through instructing my June training session of SWA. After my doctorís appointment and X-Rays revealed nothing but a probable MCL strain (no biggie Iíd done that before) an MRI was scheduled. This being Canada the MRI was free but took several months to happen. I had the MRI October 6th and got my results back from my doctor Monday.

The diagnosisÖĒsignificantĒ fraying (tearing) of the cartilage in my right knee. Torn cartilage isnít the end of the world, a lot of the boys have bad cartilage in their knees but apparently mine is significant enough to probably warrant surgery. I also have a healthy sized (about the size of a Tic Tac) bone chip floating around on my kneecap, which I will have removed should I opt for surgery. My doctor is scheduling me an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, but again with the Canadian medical system that will likely take a few months, and then after that consult should I decide on surgery that will likely take several more months of scheduling.

Right now Iím leaning toward not having surgery. My knee for the most part works fine, and Iím wrestling without any restrictions during the course of my training SWA students. I have what I would consider mild discomfort a lot of the time but 16 years in the wrestling business and you get used to that. The biggest hindrance, at this point is that I canít run at all anymore. Anything more impactful than a walk and my knee just canít take it. Even just a slight jog and the impact on my knee feels like it is grinding bone on bone. No more running with my dog, no more cardio on my treadmill, and absolutely no more Volley Ball. Thankfully there is enough give in a ring that running, jumping, and bumping doesnít seem to effect me much at all, so training and the occasional booking shouldnít be a problem. Iíll know more when I meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon, but unless he can guarantee me huge improvements I may just pass and tough it out.

For anyone who is planning to catch my match with Christian for BSE in Toronto Dec. 3rd fear not my knee is not going to affect that match at all. I doubt I will even have my ortho appointment by then. I will have to depend on ring time for my cardio training but other than that itís business as usual for me Thankfully Iím working Christian on the show because it will be a cold day in Hell before I let that miserable bastard blow me up in a match! As an extra enticement for the show, there is always the chance that if my knee flairs up badly enough after the match that I will be forced to forgo future bookings and just focus on my school, which means there is the potential that this could be Lance Stormís last match.

All the best,
Lance Storm