Clash of the Champions XII

October 21, 2014

Clash XII was dubbed Mountain Madness/Fall Brawl 90 and hailed from Ashville, NC to current home of the Rated R Superstar Edge. I'm not sure why this Clash needed 2 additional names but the show drew the standard 4000 fans live but a greatly improved 5.0 rating on TBS. The show took place on September 5, 1990 and was the show building towards Halloween Havoc.

On commentary we had Jim Ross and Bob Caudle, who I've mentioned before is one of my favourite combos. Doing interviews throughout the show were Tony Schiavone and Missy Hyatt. This was not a good Clash and the event had a real different feel to it. I don't know this for a fact but I would assume this was a show under new management so to speak, probably with a new booker and booking direction. I am not a fan of the direction thus far.

The Southern Boys vs. The Freebirds : If memory serves these two teams faced each other on about 6-10 big events this year and while that is extreme over kill at least the teams had good matches. The Southern Boys were exciting fiery baby faces and the Freebirds knew how to be heels, so this was some good old school wrestling fun. This was originally billed as a 6-man match with Buddy Roberts scheduled to tag with Garvin & Hayes and Bullet Bob Armstrong to tag with his son Steve Armstrong and Tracy Smothers. I think it was an angle but Buddy Roberts was selling an arm injury so he and Bob were just in their respective corners for the match. This was a pretty short match with the Southern Boys pulling off a double sunset flip to score a double pin for the win. Post match the Freebirds attacked and double DDT'd Bullet Bob to enable this feud to continue. On a bit of a side note, I got to share a locker room with Bullet Bob in SWM in 1994, and he one of the nicest people I've ever met in the business. Bob Armstrong is a class act, gentleman who I couldn't possibly say enough things about. His whole family is great, no doubt following the example set by the Bullet. I've got nothing but respect for this man.

Mike Rotunda vs. "The Nature Boy" Buddy Landel: Yes, believe it or not a company currently employing and featuring "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair in Main Events was allowing Buddy Landel to use the "Nature Boy" gimmick. He also had the exact same bleach blonde hair cut and came to the ring the same style of robe. This had to have been a rib at Flair's expense, because this was so stupid. This match was incredibly dull with neither guy playing to nor barely acknowledging that there were even fans in the building. They walked through the motions for almost 6 mins before Captain Mike (yes he still had the anchor on his trunks despite not playing up any other aspect of his apparent Captain/Sailor gimmick) picked up the win with a backslide. I suspect Big Dave rated this match a Dud.

The Master Blasters vs. Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong: While the previous match was likely a Dud this match had to have been rated negative many stars. This was so ungodly bad entirely due to The Master Blasters. The Master Blaster were Kevin Nash and some jacked up bald dude, and they were both, I believe, making their pro-debut. Kevin Nash was terrible and I doubt he would argue that point now if you asked him. Nash was at least terrible because he was green and didn't yet know what he was doing, but the other guy... holy crap. At one point Baldy hit the ropes to do a jumping head butt, to I think Horner who was laying on the matt, and he missed his mark by about 2 feet. He landed on the mat 2 feet short of his target and then tried to shimmy forward, after the fact, to pretend he made contact. When the crowd groaned their disapproval this guy decided to jump up and try it again, getting closer on his second attempt but still completely missing his opponent. The jacked up shitty guys beat the smaller really talented guys and I was sensing an unfavourable although not uncommon trend of the new booking regime. I believe a few days after this show WCW fired the bald guy of the team replacing him with Al Green who had my favourite Dave Meltzer smart ass nick name from back in the day. Dave would continually refer to poor Al as "The Aptly named Al Green" in the Observer News Letter. Other stand out Dave smart ass nick names were "The Junk Food Dog", "The Anabolic Warrior" Surprising Dave never got beat up back in the day.

The Nasty Boys vs. Jackie Fulton & Terry Taylor: Terry was running this show so it was a big improvement over that last match but for the most part it was just a short match to get the Nasty Boys over as violent and it served that purpose just fine. I really got a kick out of watching this match because I'm friends with Terry and know he liked to work as light as humanly possible and the Nasty Boys while great at what they did but were not known as a light finesse based duo. I doubt Terry wanted anything to do with their clubbering style and watching his expressions during the exchanges were very enjoyable to me.

Tommy Rich vs. Bill Irwin: This match like the Rotunda match was a bit of a dud and was really a waste of 4 minutes. They just did stuff back and forth for 4 mins and Rich picked up the win in a match that didn't help either guy get over.

Susan Sexton vs. Bambi (LPWA Title): The LPWA was an all women's company that I'd forgotten all about but was at times quite good back in the day. I was a big Madusa Micelli fan back in the day and she competed in LPWA for a time, so I had watched this promotion a fair bit. The crowd didn't know either girl and it was a baby face match, which didn't help the crowd reactions. Both girls just continually did stuff ignoring the audience until Sexton picked up the win with a small package. Neither girl got over at all in this match.

The Steiners vs. Maximum Overdrive: The Steiners were the US Tag Champs, and before this match they showed the WCW top 10 Tag Team rankings and Maximum Over Drive was not in the top 10. To make it worse the announcer really put over that they had never heard of these guys before. Maximum Overdrive were another team with way more muscle than skill but thankfully there were just here to put over the Steiners. The bigger of the two would stick around and later wrestling for WCW as JW Storm. Storm at least tried to play the crowd but unfortunately his go to crowd interaction was to hit a move & stick his arm out straight to point at the crowd and scream YEAH!!!!! Steiners picked up the win with a top rope DDT. Another short not very good match.

Stan Hansen vs. Z-Man: I was always a big Z-Man fan but he didn't get to do too much here. Hansen was in briefly but getting a big push so he beat poor Tom Zenk with a lariat in 3 mins. Building him up to Challenge Lex Luger for the US Title at Havoc.

Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair (US Title): This was the longest and best match on the show, and to be honest with the exception of the opener the only real good competitive match on the show. This was a great back and forth match for a title and it felt important. The match went over 15 mins but unfortunately ended in a DQ when Stan Hansen ran in to attack Lex Luger setting up their Havoc match, which no doubt thrilled Lex to no end. While Stan was great he was likely a lot more physical in his matches than Luger was used to or liked.

Sting vs. The Black Scorpion (World Title): The Black Scorpion was an unknown masked villain that had been stalking Sting since he won the World Title. On this occasion The Black Scorpion was played by Al Perez who was decent but not a Main Event guy and this match was pretty bad. The Scorpion had no heat and perhaps because of the mask got no reaction from the crowd what so ever. Match was just some fighting back and forth (a monstrous step down in calibre from the previous Luger-Flair match and only lasted 8 mins. If that wasn't bad enough after Stings hard fought victory another Black Scorpion appeared on the ramp who the announcers immediate knew was the REAL Black Scorpion. So after the watching with sub-par match the crowd is told that it was a meaningless lackey that Sting had just struggled to defeat and nothing what so ever was accomplished. After this Sid Vicious came to ring side to challenge and jump Sting to set up their match at Halloween Havoc giving up a brief reprieve from this absurd Black Scorpion angle.

This was a pretty bad event, quite probably the worst Clash to date. Between bad matches, squash matches, and pointless matches there were really only two matches on the show I'd call good, the opener and the US Title match. Oh well could be worse, on the next Clash we get Sid Vicious vs. The Night Stalker.


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