On the Road Again...Sort of

October 24, 2010

My schedule has been busy as hell the last week or so, and I feel like Iíve been back on the road. Friday October 15th was our local PWA show here in Calgary which always makes a busy day for me. I had SWA class during the day and then the show that night. Saturday which is usually a day off for me, I had to run an extra SWA class because I wouldnít be able to run one on Tuesday (more on that in a minute) so this was a make up day in advance. Saturday night was UFC 120 which I suppose wasnít something I had to do, but it was something I really wanted to do so pretty much my entire Saturday was shot.

Monday was absolutely crazy. I had my morning SWA class, which ran till 1 pm. from there I headed right down to the Saddle Dome for Monday Night RAW. Thatís right WWE was in town so I headed to the show to catch up with everyone. This was a lot of fun but killed the rest of the day for me. I hung around all afternoon catching up with everyone, as well as meeting many of the new faces in WWE. I was amazed at the amount of new people at this show. The fact that both rosters (RAW and SD) were at this show made it seem much worse because of the sheer volume of bodies in the locker room.

I spent most of my time visiting, so I didnít get to see the entire show but I did catch Daniel Bryanís tribute to me, when he worked, ďIf I can be serious for a minuteĒ into his promo with Dolph Ziggler, which I thought was pretty cool. My phone started buzzing immediately with people texting me about the promo. I managed to scoot out of the building right before the main event, in order to beat traffic but it was still close to midnight before I got home, which wasnít too late, but still made for a 16 hour day.

Tuesday was a much longer day. I had cancelled SWA classes that day (as mentioned earlier) because I wanted to head up to Edmonton for SD. I didnít realize that both rosters were going to be at RAW when I made the commitment to attend the SD show but what can you do? Edmonton is a 3 hour drive from Calgary and since I got two of my students books as extras on both shows I offered to give them a ride up. Extras had to check in at the building by noon so we needed to be on the road by 8 am. With check in so early we spent 10 or 11 hours at the building that day. Much like RAW my day was spent hanging out and chatting with everyone more than watching the show. I donít miss working or the travel but I sure miss seeing everyone so I had a wonderful time seeing everyone again. I wish WWE came out west more often. We managed to get out of the show and on the road back to Calgary by about 10:30 pm so I got home by about 1:30 am.

Wednesday morning came early because I had to get back to regular classes with SWA. I donít bounce back from nightís with little sleep like I used to (Iím getting old) so climbing back into the ring Wednesday morning after only 5 hours sleep was a bit rough. I sucked it up and got through classes Wed. and Thur. but Friday turned into an even bigger rib. Friday morning was class as usual but Friday night was our regular PWA show in of all places Edmonton. I had forgotten all about having to go to Edmonton on Friday when I decided to drive to Edmonton on Tues. For those of you who have never done the Edmonton Ė Calgary drive, it is an extremely long boring trip and making it both directions in a day really blows.

So class ended at 1 pm on Friday which gave me 1 hour to shoot home, shower, and grab lunch before getting back to the school to meet the guys I was driving up to Edmonton for the show. We got to Edmonton in good time and ran the show, which was another very strong PWA show. Unfortunately the show ran late due to a Halloween themed event, which unbeknownst to me included a rather lengthy costume contest. Length of the show aside it was a great event which drew an above average size crowd for us, which is always nice. The show ended about 10:30 so we didnít get back on the road to Calgary until almost midnight (there is a lot of building set up required after the event).

The drive back was very long, I even had to stop at one point to splash cold water on my face to stay awake. The rib on me was that after I washed my face and was completely soaked I realized the bathroom didnít have any paper towels just one of those stupid hand driers on the wall and of course it was one of the ones that only stick out an inch or 2 from the wall so I had to walk back to the car still dripping wet. I got home and crawled into bed at 4:15 am, making Friday a 20+ hour day. Thankfully my wife and kids let me sleep in Saturday morning.

Saturday was not a day of rest however, as I had a lot of house work to do in preparation for my UFC 121 party, which I was very excited about. I was disappointed that Brock lost the UFC title on the show but I canít say I was overly surprised. I was picking Brock to win but thought there was a decent possibility he would not. I donít think there is a heavy weight fight in UFC where the finish is a forgone conclusion, which makes for really exciting shows.

Where Brock goes from here I do not know. Iíve heard UFC might put him against Frank Mir again, which Iím totally against. Brockís only had 6 UFC fights Iím not interested in seeing him face the same guy for a 3rd time this early in his career. If I had my choice Iíd like to see him against Big Country Roy Nelson, who I think would be a real tough fight for him. There was also a very interesting confrontation between Brock and The Undertaker after the show, which Iím not sure how many people saw. Taker was doing an interview at cage side after the show and when Brock walked past him they had a brief stare down in which Taker said, ďYou want to do this?Ē There was brief pause and then Brock walked on. When the interviewer asked him what that was all about Taker just said it was personal. It was very strange and Iíve heard rumors today that WWE wants to try to book Taker vs. Brock at WrestleMania next year.

I have no idea how this would ever happen but I guess you never know. I can certainly see WWE wanting to do it, but how or why Dana would ever go for it is beyond me. I suppose if there is a big enough money offer on the table you never know what could happen. Either way it made for an exciting night and tomorrow morning its back to business as usual for me, with regular classes at SWA and no more traveling for a while. I hope.