TNA Needs Mr. Spock

October 27, 2006

Iím going to go on a bit of a rant today because Iím about to lose my mind and I need to vent. Before I get into this I want to point out that I very much want TNA to succeed, I am a huge supporter and fan of most of the guys who work there. None of the comments that follow are meant to belittle their talent or work ethic. I think TNA has so many talented people, which I think is the root of my frustration and anger. There is so much potential and talent in this company yet every time I watch Impact, read a PPV report, or what have you, I find myself more frustrated and bewildered than entertained.

This is why this weekís commentary is titles TNA needs Mr. Spock. I have no idea if Leonard Nimoy likes wrestling, or even knows jack shit about it but Iím beginning to think he could do a better job of booking this show, than those currently doing so because at least Spock would bring logic to the table when booking. I know booking a weekly show and trying to drive monthly PPV buys isnít easy but there is so much stuff going on that makes no sense what so ever.


The Booby Roode hottest free agent gimmick after disbanding Team Canada was a good idea, but thus far has made no sense what so ever. Let me start by saying Iím a big fan of Roodeís work. He was one of the first guys I noticed when I first started watching TNA on Spike. Team Canada gets disbanded and Bobby Roode is labeled the hottest free agent in TNA. Great. He then starts interviewing managers because everyone wants to represent him. Again, great. This creates a nice pop for TV getting to see the great managers from the past and shows that the Industry is hot for Bobby Roode. Then at last months PPV they proceed to book him in the Pre-Show (Dark) Match. If Roode is a hot commodity why canít he get booked on the PPV? If you donít have a place for him on the PPV, LEAVE HIM THE HELL OFF THE SHOW! At least if heís left off fans can surmise that he is so busy interviewing managers that he is not taking bookings until he has confirmed his representation. Booking him in the pre-show makes him look like an under card guy!

Now the best part: After interviewing almost every great manager in the history of the business he hires Traci. What a let down. Again this is not to slight her but how she has been portrayed thus far on TV. The last I recall seeing Traci she was the girl who went to the ring with Matt Bentley and bounced. Her claim to fame was that she bounced her boobies, and she managed a guy who for the most part lost mid-card matches. If this isnít bad enough he announces that heís signed with his new manager and will debut her on the PPV and guess what. They arenít on the PPV they are again on the pre-show. I guess thatís what happens when you sign with the girl who bounces. He got to choose any manger he wanted and he signed with one who could not get him booked on PPV. If that isnít bad enough EVERY SINGLE other Ďwrestlingí member of Team Canada got booked on the PPV, including the one who got fired 2 weeks previous. Thatís right the guy who lost a loser gets fired match, and was fired from the company got booked on PPV over the ďHottest Free Agent in WrestlingĒ. That is one sweet manager heís got there!!!

Speaking of Eric Young, last weeks Impact drove me nuts. Eric lost a Loser get fired match, and appears on the show 1 or 2 weeks later (I cantí remember if it was 1 or 2 weeks). I know he was just wandering around outside but still; HEíS ON THE FíN SHOW. I just finished reading The Death of WCW, and one of the things that killed WCW was booking over stipulated matches and the continued non-honouring of those stipulations. Why are fans going to give a shit about stipulation matches if they are NEVER honoured? To make matters worse, if that is in fact possible, while poor Eric is in the parking lot, JB informs him that he is booked on the PPV against Larry Zybisco. Young is of course shocked by this news because apparently TNA books guys who donít work for the company (remember HE WAS FIRED!) in PPV matches without even contacting them to inform them of their interest in booking them again. This was 3 days before the PPV and NO ONE from TNA called Eric Young to tell him they booked him for the PPV. What would TNA have done if Eric hadnít ďinadvertentlyĒ found out he had a PPV match?

I also just finished reading a spoiler from the latest Impact TV Tapings and I cantí make any sense what so ever of what I read. Apparently they are doing a #1 Contenders tournament to see who gets the next title shot at Sting. Isnít this what win lose records are for? Isnít there a Championship committee or at least someone in TNA Management (we hear so damn much about them) who ranks people in the company? You have Joe who is Unpinned and Unsubmitted, not to mention heís been running around with the title belt for a few weeks. You have Christian who again is Unpinned, Unsubmitted and was never really beat for the title when he last held it. There is also ďArguably the greatest wrestler alive todayĒ Kurt Angle in the company, not to mention the former champion who should be deserving of a rematch. With all these worthy contenders at their disposal TNA management couldnít narrow it down closer than 18 people and had to have the most non-sensical match Iíve ever heard of, to set up a tournament.

The match is a reverse Battle Royal, where guys have to try to get into the ring. Once 7 guys manage that itís now a regular Battle Royal and those 7 have to throw each other out. (The order determines the bracketing) When you get down to the last 2 they have a regular match and the winner gets a bye in the tournament. Can someone explain to me why they thought it necessary for someone to get a bye in the tournament and thus make this match even more confusing? Donít answer that, it was rhetorical. If this isnít good enough neither Kurt Angle or Joe were in the match and thus for some reason not considered top 18 talent in TNA (keep in mind that Frankie Kazarian and Lance Hoyt are in the match so they must be ranked higher than Joe or Angle).

I could go on but I think you get my point. Creative direction in TNA is atrocious, and while I admit booking isnít an easy job it isnít rocket science either. To make matters worse they actually have a guy in the company who has a strong track record in booking solid wrestling television. TNA employs Jim Cornette, who booked OVW, SMW, and contributed creatively in WCW for a number of years (the years that tended to make the most sense I might add). I am not even a full-blown Cornette supporter. We had creative disagreements while we worked together in OVW and I also disagreed with some of what he did in SMW when I worked for him. Jim Cornette is, in my opinion, a little old school and not overly innovative, but his shows make sense, you never have to ask WHY, and matches and titles feel important. That is what wrestling is all about. Give me some wrestlers I can care about, make me believe they donít like each other, and then book them in a match so I can see them fight. When you want someone to build you a cart that rolls, you donít always need someone with ground breaking innovative ideas, you need someone smart enough to put 4 FíN wheels on the damn thing so it rolls.

Thatís my rant for this week,
Lance Storm