Q & A

October 28, 2007

Q: We see heels vs faces all the time and faces vs faces sometimes but why don't we ever see heels vs heels? I mean we have, like on Raw 2 weeks ago Kennedy vs Orton but its never an honest to God matchup. It seems like something always happens to screw things up.
A: Heels vs. Heels are just the worst possible match up. Having a match with no one to cheer for makes it very had to get crowd reactions, so they happen very seldom.

Q: With Chris Jericho's book having so much success and being as funny and well put together as it is when r we going to get a Lance Storm book? I know with your personality and love of the business that would be one to read.
A: Find me someone interested in publishing it and I will finish writing it.

Q: Has Teddy Hart burned his bridge for good now? Surely....
A: I would suspect so.

Q: Are you surprised Tylene Buck is now a porn star?
A: I wasnít aware she was doing porn. I know sheís done adult photo shoots for years.

Q: How do you think The Big Show will do as a professional boxer?
A: I think he would draw a great first time buy rate.

Q: What was the general reaction from people backstage when you let Molly Holly pin you in that mixed tag that time? Did they all think you had made some kind of mistake even though it got a good reaction from the crowd?
A:I was the one who suggested the finish, so everyone was just happy she hit the finish so well.

Q: How do you feel Santino Marella has been doing since being given plenty of mic work and time to establish his character?
A: I think he is getting his character over well, Iím just not into his in-ring ability.

Q: Has Jeff Jarrett ever been a draw as world champion?
A: I wouldnít think so. Neither WCW nor TNA were moneymaking companies when Jeff was on top. Keep in mind that business in both companies continued to be bad when Jeff wasnít on top.

Q: One of my favourite moves that i used to enjoy watching was your cartwheel splash/clothesline into the turnbuckle. I canít recall seeing you perform this move in wcw & wwe. Roughly when was the last you utilized this move in a televised match?
A: I did it once or twice in WCW, a lot of girls started doing round off stuff in the corner, so I stopped, as it started getting labeled as a girl move.

Q: Now you are retired from the ring, what is a typical day like for you, I am sure your don't just lay on the couch and watch TV all day...or do you (lol).
A: I get up around 8, head to SWA at 9, train till 1, head to the gym for an hour or so, head home, help my kids with home work, have dinner, etc.

Q: What was your first match with someone who you at the time considered a Big Nameô ? How was the experience: learning, disappointing, all you thought it would be? (By Big Nameô I mean anything you want it to mean, whether someone you respected, someone who had big company experience, legend status, or whatever.
A: It was in my first year and was a tag match with Jericho vs. Johnny Smith and Gama Singh. I couldnít believe how easy it was to work with a good worker, it was like I was in a completely different sport it was so much easier.

Q: What is your view on stiffness in wrestling? Who was your stiffest opponent?
A: Iím not a fan of guys working stiff. I think the true art form is working light and having it look stiff. Koji Kitao was by far the stiffest person I ever worked with.

Q: Japanese wrestlers seem to get dropped on their head more often than their Western counterparts - how do they manage it? I feel genuinely amazed seeing the brain busters, backdrops and german suplexes that they manage to endure!
A: Generally they manage it by just getting dumped on their heads and continuing to work hurt.

Q: What did you favor as your character, face or heel? I have to say I loved it when you were a heel!
A: I much preferred being a heel. Iím not selfish enough to be a good baby face.

Q: In your brief face run in wcw, you were in a tag team match against rey mysterio and juvi. It was the match where the pair impersonated you and kidman. Did rey have those tights especially made or was it a pair that you borrowed him? Im guessing the latter, as they looked a little loose on him.
A: Yes I lent him a pair of my tights. This segment was classic WCW. I had only been on TV once wearing my gear and they decided to send the Filthy Animals out to parody me. When Rey walked through the curtain, he had worn my gear on TV as many times as I did.

Q: Do you think that if Paul Heyman was given the ranks at TNA that he could turn that organization around and make it a very competitive, even a threat to WWE.
A: People need to stop hoping for TNA to threaten WWE and start hoping it will improve enough to break even.

Q: Considering that Benoit had suffered brain damage, don't you think that all wrestling organizations should avoid using external objects like chairs etc during matches?
A: I think everyone should be extra careful when it comes to headshots or head trauma. Blanket banning of things is not what I would recommend.

Q: In The Rise and Fall of ECW DVD, Tommy Dreamer said that he was pissed off the night he beat Tazz for the World Title because he wanted to go his entire ECW career without winning a title. Isn't it every wrestler's goal to become the World Champion in their respective company? Your thoughts please.
A: Most guys do but not everyone. It was never my goal, and I think Dreamerís goal was to be over without the belt, which is a greater accomplishment.

Q: Now that you're not wrestling full time, has your strict dieting lessened somewhat? Do you eat cheese, butter, and peanut butter now?
A: Yes Iíve slacked off on my diet a little. Earlier this year I had peanut butter for the first time in 12 years.

Q: You were part of a trio with Hurricane and Ivory during the Alliance Era, and I was wondering if you could offer your opinions on Ivory, as she was my favorite Diva ever. (She came from the era when I could tell the Divas apart, unlike now)
A: Ivory was a lot of fun, she had an unbelievable amount of energy.

Q: lance you were in the ring when the sandman returned to ecw on October 23 1999 in a match with Tommy dreamer and raven versus the impact players my question is what was going through your mind when you heard the crowd reaction to the return of the extreme icon the sandman and any thought going on during that match itself.
A: That was an amazing night. There were a few moments in my career that were truly special and that night was one of them. When Sandmanís music hit that place went insane!

Q: Who was supposed to be your original opponent at Barely Legal 1997?
A: The original match was RVD vs. Chris Candito, which was then switched to Candito and I, then when Candito tore his bicep it ended up RVD and I.

Q: How do you explain the paradox of Jado & Gado's "bad" first couple of matches while in ECW against you and Justin, and then just absolutely hitting a home run the third time aroudn (I think) when you faced off in the ECW Arena? (I think it was a PPV or a Cyberlsam type event)
A: It was only one bad match, the night before the successful one at the arena with Justin and I. In the bad match they worked with Danny Doring and Roadkill, and I think it was bad because each team tried to let the other take charge and run the match and in the end neither did. At the Arena (partially because of the failure the night before) I took charge and made sure the match was good.

Q: What you would think about when you were standing on an apron during a tag team match?
A: I focus on the match the same as I would if I were in the ring at the time.

Q: Is it hard to wrestlers to get health insurance after they are done wrestling, seeing what a beating they take?
A: Iíve never tried in Canada Iíve always had it.

Q: On a figure 4 weekly interview Don Callis mentioned how in ECW you told Heyman you would not take a chair shot from Balls Mahoney, is that correct? If so any reason a side from the fact you did not want him to cave your skull in?
A: After taking my first Balls chair shot I told Paul ďIf I have to take another Balls Mahoney Chair Shot, I quit!Ē I considered them extremely unsafe, and I was not willing to get injured to get someone else over.

Q: In the same interview Callis says that you were the most boring man to travel with, care to respond?
A: Guilty as charged! (LOL)

Q: Do you worry at all that your out spoken comments on things like steroids or TNA might cause a grudge against workers that you trained?
A: My comments have nothing to do with my students, and I donít see how anyone would hold my outspokenness against others.

Q: Thoughts on the whole Adam "pacman" jones signing with TNA?
A: It produced NO ratings and No PPV buys, and thus a complete waste of time and money!

Q: Is there only so much training you can do, and at some point the only way to improve in ring is to just work matches?
A: I believe so yes.

Q: Do you think the old way (working territories) was a better way for a guy to break in, then the current (developmental system)?
A: Yes the old system produced better workers, but that is not an option anymore.

Q: Do you think that writers for WWE/TNA should all have a background in wrestling, or is sometimes an outside voice a good thing?
A: As long as someone in the process has a wrestling background, having a few others who donít is fine in my books.

Q: Any one spot/bump that you hated taking?
A: I hated taking the two guys laying on the table for the double RVD Sabu top rope bump. You would always get the table legs and the screws up your lower back.

Q: What wrestler that you worked with was the best "all around athlete"?
A: Brock was an amazing athlete, as is AJ Styles, and although I never worked with Shelton Benjamin he is definitely one of the best all around athletes out there.

Q: Can you explain to me how in the hell Chris Candido didn't break his tailbone after you suplexed him over the ropes onto the concrete floor at Heatwave '98? And also, were you knocked out after taking that Blonde Bombshell powerbomb from the top rope? Your head bounced off the mat like a basketball...
A: Maybe he did, and he just worked through it. I must have tough head, because I should have been knocked out, but didnít even get a headache from that bump.

Q: You attended WM's IV, V & VI. How close to the ring were you, and do you have any personal photographs you took which you will ever upload to your site?
A: We were right beside the announcers both at 4, the back corner of ringside seats at 5, and right on the aisle about half way up at 6. I have photos somewhere, if I ever find them maybe I will post them.

Q: Would you consider having a Japanese Retirement Match? It seemed to me that your time in Japan was a significant step in your career, which you certainly appeared to enjoy.
A: That would be a lot of fun, but would depend on a lot of factors, primarily how my knees are after I get them scoped assuming that is what the specialist will be suggesting this week when I see him.

Q: How does a normal indy booking work? Do you sign some type of agreement to work or does the promoter just take your word you will be there?
A: Strictly a verbal agreement. Other than Japan, WCW, and WWE, I never signed a contract to wrestle.

Q: Does no showing an event cause heat with other wrestlers too, or does most of the heat come from the office?
A: No showing is never a good idea, and will get you heat from everyone, if there is not a great reason behind it.

Q: What city did you work where the traffic to get the arena was the worst?
A: Boston and MSG are always horrible. Traffic in Boston is never good, and at MSG we had to park in a public parkade across the street. The Air Canada center in Toronto is one of the easiest.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm