Cyber Sunday Predictions

October 31, 2006

Iím going to make my Cyber Sunday prediction, and Iíll follow up next week to see how I did. Iím not only going to predict the voting out come but the match outcome as well. Iíve had a lot of people ask me whether the Cyber Sunday concept is even legit, and I assure you that it is, or at least to the best of my knowledge it is. Anyone Iíve talked to that works in WWE insists itís real and to be honest when you look at most of the voting options why wouldnít it be. Itís not like we are given ground breaking decisions and really for the most part I think the office is more than happy to book any of the options given. They also do a pretty good job with the month build up to lead fans down the path they would most likely prefer. Enough of my babble lets get on to the predictions.

The Champion of Champions Match:
I believe WWE wants John Cenaís title on the line, as I think they would rather put him over in the match. Heís the only baby face so him getting the victory would cap the show off with a nice happy ending. The voting results here are the hardest for me to predict, because this contest for the most part is a popularity contest and if fans want to protect Cena and give him the chance to win another title they should vote for Booker or Show. Just taking a stab in the dark Iíll say Cenaís title will be on the line and if that is the case he will get the win. If for some reason the vote goes another way I doubt they will switch a title so whoeverís title is on the line gets the win, barring a crappy DQ type finish.

DX vs. Edge & Orton:
With this one Iím guessing WWE wants everyone to vote for Vince, which will most likely be the case. There is a slim chance Eric could pull off an upset but letís face it Vince is the big dog and should win the voting; it opens the door for DX-McMahon violence. My prediction on the outcome is Edge and Randy getting the victory and I would not be surprised to see all three ref candidates getting involved. As a further booking precaution should Coach or Bischoff some how win the vote I could even see a ref bump to allow Vince to come down and finish the match as ref.

Jeff Hardyís IC Title Match:
This vote is basically a popularity contest and with Carlito being the only face he should take the vote. WWE has booked him to look the strongest going in as well so Iíll stick with Carlito getting the shot. My personal preference would be Shelton but with him being a heel Iím not holding my breath. Iím really torn on the finish. I could see the office switching the title as it gives the fans votes more credence with some one they vote getting a title out of it. (Shelton did this with Jericho the first time they did this concept) That being said Iím predicting a Tag Title switch so Iím torn here. Iím go with Jeff Hardy retaining.

Spirit Squad Tag Title Defense Ė Flair and ?:
This one I think is a lock. I think the office wants Dusty to win, I want Dusty to win and I believe he will. There is a chance Piper could pull out a win but weíve seen him a bit lately and I think there is more nostalgia to seeing Dusty. Iím also going with a Title switch here with Flair and Dusty as new Tag Team Champions. It will likely be a short run but still fun to see.

Umaga vs. ?:
This is the most interesting one for me when you look at how this effects the office. I doubt Sandman has a chance because way more people watch SD and RAW so he will be the less known commodity. Kane has already worked with Umaga but it is a chance for him to avenge his Loser Leaves RAW match. Benoit would be my choice but that leaves the office deciding on whether to beat the US champ or have a non-RAW guy end Umagaís unbeaten streak. I suppose this could lead into a Survivor Series Inter-promotional match. Iím going to just take a guess here and say Benoit wins the popularity contest and they protect the Title and put Benoit up to end the unbeaten streak. Itís a gamble but damn Iíll look smart if Iím right.

WWE Womenís Championship:
This match has the dumbest option of them all, but at least they are giving the match more credibility than letting us vote on what kind of sexy outfit they are going to wear. Fans will vote for the Lumber-Jill match because at least this way we get to see more hot girls. Iím secretly hoping and begging you all to vote for the submission match because that would just be so horrible and is an absurd option. As for a winner, it would be hilarious if they let Lita win it, have her retire too, and then do the tournament all over again. That would be funny, but I see Mickey getting the Title win in this one.

4-Team Tag Match:
This match makes no sense to me. Cryme Tyme is undefeated and holds two pin fall victories over the Champions but Flair and a voted partner are getting the title shot. It also would have been nice since this is an inter-promotional PPV to add a team or 2 from SD. I would imagine Cryme Tyme will get the win in this one. Theyíve jobbed the crap out of the other three teams so they might as well salvage Cryme Tymeís push and give them the win. As for the voting Iím hoping itís Tag Team Turmoil as I feel that is the better match with less cluster and confusion. Who knows which match fans prefer but Iíll guess, like me, they prefer the Turmoil match.

Iíll read the PPV results Sunday (I donít purchase PPVs, when youíve been in the business as long as I have I just canít bring myself to pay for it.) and compare the result to my prediction and see what kind of percentage I pull. Do you think I will be the next Kreskin or just completely out to lunch?