Q and A

October 31, 2010

Q: What’s your opinion of Stephen King’s books – like or dislike? He got me hooked on reading. Also thanks for your bookmarks club – it allowed me discover David Morell, F. Paul Wilson and Vince Flynn.

A: I’ve only read 1 King book, “Running Man”. I enjoyed the book and I’m not sure why I’ve never bothered to try any others.

Q: I was just wondering if you ever had a chance to read any of Mick Foley’s books before and if so, what you thought of them. Were you surprised that his most recent book was mentioned on WWE TV and then again on WWE.com in an interview with Joey Styles even though Foley works for TNA now?!

A: I’ve read a couple Foley books. I read “Have a Nice Day” and loved it. I read “Teitum Brown” and didn’t care for it, and then I read “Scooter” and thought it was real good. I should probably read more of his stuff because I think he’s a very solid writer. I was shocked when I heard the “Countdown to Lockdown” plug on RAW.

Q: In all your time on the road, who have you seen eat the most junk food (candy, fast food, beer, etc) and still remain in amazing physical shape?

A: I only traveled with guys who ate like I did so I never saw anyone eat a lot of crap food on the road.

Q: Did you ever work with New Jack while you were in ECW? If so, was he stiff?

A: I wrestled New Jack in SMW but not in ECW (at least to my memory). I never had any problems with Jack in the ring, stiff or otherwise.

Q: If you were not a wrestler what would you be? I could see you as a cop.

A: I could see me doing that as well, but I was in University to become an accountant when I decided to pursue wrestling so maybe I’d be an accountant.

Q: What was Steve Austin like back stage when he became a mega star. Did he stay humble or was he a “diva”?

A: I didn’t know Steve before he was a “Mega Star” but he was always completely cool and down to earth every time I dealt with him. Steve is just a great guy, star or otherwise.

Q: I have seen interviews that mention to be accepted by The Undertaker you needed to prove your respect for the business and the locker room. What are your thoughts on how he sticks to kayfabe and the protection of the character?

A: The Undertaker is possibly the greatest and most over character in wrestling history, so I guess what ever he is doing Kayfabe and otherwise is working.

Q: I'm a huge Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan fan. What are your thoughts on him as a professional and as a person?

A: I’m a big fan of Bryan both as a person and a professional. I both like and respect him.

Q: If you had to name one wrestler from your days in WCW that you think could have been money in WWE or TNA but never got an opportunity, who would it be?

A: I think most if not everyone from WCW got a chance in WWE. If there was someone who didn’t I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

Q: Traveling on the road as often as a pro wrestler does probably means dealing with the airlines and car rental companies more than anyone, which airlines and car rental companies were dependable and which ones sucked?

A: I always had issues with Air Canada, they were one of my least favourite, and I also disliked Southwest Airlines. Most rental car companies were the same, as long as you stuck to the top agencies like Budget, National and Avis. I dealt a lot with National.

Q: In the past you’ve mentioned enjoying Corner Gas. Have you had a chance to watch Dan For Mayor or Hiccups, both featuring former Corner Gas stars? If so, what’s your opinion on them, do you like them as much as you liked Corner Gas?

A: I checked out both shows and enjoyed them enough (Hiccups more than Dan for Mayor) but they didn’t have the magic that Corner Gas did and I do not follow them now. I don’t actually follow any TV programs anymore. I watch WWE, UFC, DVDs, and my local and national news, and that’s about it. I read books more than watch TV now.

Q: Chris Jericho's promo on Raw prior to facing Randy Orton was awesome. I found the part where he rambled on and on and on about former champs he has beaten (he evens says he beat Kevin Nash AND Diesel, as well as Scott Hall AND Razor Ramon. hahaha!!) to be comedic gold. My question is, since his name-dropping encompassed the entire length of the commercial break, did he mention you?!?!

A: I’m not sure if I was on his list or not, but I believe “The Black Momba” was, which was a masked character I worked as a couple times.

Q: In your last Q&A (dated 10/3/10), you stated you agreed with the way WWE has handled anything Benoit-related. While I agree it is in their best interest to disassociate themselves with Benoit in any way they see fit, how do you deal with the gaping holes in another wrestler's career where Benoit was a focal point to that man's story? Watching Chris Jericho's DVD set, there are times where it looked as if the subject of Benoit was very delicately tip-toed around, especially when it came to Jericho's time in Japan and his ascent up the WWE ladder in the early-2000's. With the news of an Orton DVD release in the works, his first World Title win won't be given the proper historical acknowledgment because he won the title from Benoit. In the Monday Night Wars series on WWE Classics OnDemand, it's getting close to the time in 1998 where Benoit was feuding with Booker T and Finlay over the TV Title and he only became a bigger TV presence as time went on. If you're WWE, do you feel there's a way to distance yourself away from Benoit without diminishing the work of other another man's career?

A: Maybe I’m wrong in this but “Proper Historical Acknowledgment” seems to be a bit much to me, same with “Gaping Holes”. Certain things take a back seat to Multiple Murder and wrestling matches are one of them. Yeah it sucks that stuff has to be omitted and skipped but life isn’t perfect.

Q: Have you seen the movie Paranormal Activity? If so what are your thoughts?

A: Nope, never seen it and don’t plan to.

Q: Is it just me, or is the Miz highly overrated and getting too big of a push in WWE!? He seems to have decent mic skills, no real fan base, and his in-ring work I would call average (although; I'm no expert...) What’s your take on this??

A: I think he is doing very well. He’s a heel, so his job isn’t to create a fan base, his job is to make fans of other performers want to pay to see said performers kick his ass and shut him up. He is a very good performer and I think deserving of a solid push.

Q: Have you ever changed the finish of a match (more specifically, the winner of the match) as the match was going on because of a crowd reaction? I understand that this is impossible to do for a TV match, but I can definitely see it happening at a house show.

A: My 1PW match with Doug Williams. I was suppose to beat him but I switched the finish and put him over because it felt right at the time based on how the crowd was reacting to the match.

Q: I was just reading a post Bound For Glory tweet from Kurt Angle where he wondered why Hogan would pick a kid like Jeff (Hardy). It was in reference to a push and heel turn for Hardy. I'm of the opinion that it's the fans that picked Jeff and not Hogan. I know you said you don't watch TNA but any comment to this?

A: I don’t watch TNA so how can I comment. Keep in mind that most of the TNA tweeting is likely all a work too.

Q: I recently re-watched the last episode of Monday Nitro, the night Vince bought the company. I'm wondering what the backstage feeling/morale was like that night. Was the show booked by the same WCW people as usual, or was WWE handling the booking?

A: WWE guys ran the production meeting and were in charge of what was happening. It was a weird night to say the least.

Q: There's a spot that I see in wrestling every now and then that really bugs me - I saw a version of it on TNA's last PPV. Here it is: Wrestler A slingshots in from outside the ring in to a sunset flip. Wrestler B holds on to the ropes so he can't be rolled up. The ref then counts B to let go of the ropes, and when he doesn't, he kicks his hands away allowing A to get the roll up. Isn't this completely wrong? Shouldn’t the ref be counting A to let go of the hold because B is in the ropes? You never see someone in a figure four crawl to get to the ropes only to have the ref count him and kick his hands away. In my opinion this is one of the many inconsistancies in the rules of a match that makes everyone look stupid.

A: It’s a spot that has been done for years, and generally fans accept it, but yes if you want to look at it logically by the rules I suppose a break should be called for. I do find it amusing that watching TNA the logic hole that bothers you most is a rope break spot in a match.

Q: In talking with any of your friends who were NXT Pros, are the Pro votes legit? Do you know if the Pros really worked with the Rookies behind the scenes on their craft?

A: I never asked if the votes were legit, I didn’t care enough to ask. I know Jericho legitimately worked with Barrett to help him develop but that may have been more because he saw something in him than because he was specifically his rookie.

Q: I was wondering if you still openly encourage your students to study matches Chris Benoit? It seems many people have trouble even viewing his matches, despite the great performer he was, so I was just wondering if you do encourage them, obviously separating his work rate and personal life.

A; I don’t specifically encourage them to study his stuff but there are Benoit DVDs in my library that I know they watch. To be honest Benoit’s was a style I would not advise people to study when learning anyway, in that his style was a very physical style and not one easy to emulate or adapt to your own unless you had very similar physical abilities and were much further along in your experience level.

Q: I recently picked up the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD, and in the promo you cut in you're match with Booker T, you say, "It's not my fault I'm that damn good." Was that a subtle shot at Triple H, and even though it was before his time, Snitsky?

A: I didn’t know HHH had ever used the line, when I said it. I just said it because it was the truth.

Q: How long do you think WWE should carry the Barrett/Cena angle? Obviously, the payoff will finally be Cena getting his hands on Barrett. But can they push that off until Summer Slam? Wouldn't a full-on heel turn first, with Cena taking on the black Nexus shirt (and leading to an Undertaker/Cena match at WM27) make for some powerful TV? He can cut a promo on the kids for turning on him, assuming they boo him as Barrett has him do some heinous things, then fully become a member of Nexus at either Survivor Series or Royal Rumble. Then over the summer, he shows signs of turning face, leading to his match with Barrett at Summer Slam.

A: This is what most people don’t understand about booking. You can’t be that rigid. How long they should run with it depends on how the crowd reacts along the way. You are best to have a soft outline and then adapt and adjust along the way depending on how things progress.

Q: Talking about angles, did you rank the TNA build to 101010 Bound For Glory as the only angle for the last year or so? Ric Flairs retirement must have been the last time in ten years WWE did an angle to sell PPV´s

A: I didn’t see any of the TNA stuff, I can’t watch their product. The Jericho – Shawn Michaels feud was a great Angle and one of my favourites in recent memory.

Q: If you had time. Would you make a Youtube account and post videos of you answering questions for your Q & A?

A: I don’t have the time so No.

Q: Whose idea was it for Daniel Bryan to use your "If I can be serious for a minute" line on the October 18th episode of Raw which I believe you attended?

A: Dolph Ziggler’s I think.

Q: I was also wondering why (you think) you were so limited on the Jericho documentary? Did they just recycle old footage? Or did you do a new interview just to be jobbed by the editors?!?! Bischoff is all over that thing, it seemed awkward you weren't.

A: I was not interviewed for that DVD the footage used was interview footage from a different project, so I was grateful they made the effort to find it and include me at all.

Q: What do you think about the Big Show? Did you ever get to work w/ him? And if so how was it?!?

A: I worked with Big Show a fair bit, and while I like Show a lot I did not really enjoy wrestling him. This is not to say he isn’t talented it’s just a case of him being so large it’s hard to do too much with him. I’m not physically big enough to bump him more than once or twice in a match so that really limits what you can do.

Q: I’ve seen some wrestlers do these “In The Ring” videos where they talk to students about wrestling and get into the ring and run drills and train students. Have you ever thought about releasing a DVD that includes you training students and discussing the business with them?

A: No if you want to learn how to wrestle from me you have to attend my School.

Q: What is your favorite ethnic food?

A: What constitutes ethnic food? Isn’t all food ethnic to some extent? I’m a big fan of Italian food.

Q: Would you support you daughter if she decided to become a pro-wrestler at age 18 and not go to college?

A: If I thought she had the ability to succeed in it I would yes. It wouldn’t be my first choice for her, but I doubt my getting into it was my parent’s first choice for me either.

Q: Will you ever attend a UFC event in Canada?

A: I doubt it. They are pretty expensive and I don’t see me traveling to one. UFC will have to survive on my occasional PPV dollars.

Q: Goldberg got SO over in WCW by having squash matches with 150 plus (??) wrestlers. He’s matches were less than 5 minutes and the only thing I remember him saying on TV was “you’re next”. Can that approach work for a guy like Vladamir Kozlov in WWE or any new wrestler and put him over with the fans?

A: As a general rule an unbeaten win streak will get almost anyone over, but getting over to the level Goldberg did is a different story. Goldberg just didn’t win squash matches he squashed top name guys to really make an impact. Bill also had tremendous, look, presence, and charisma, which very few people have.

Q: What are your thoughts on the state of WWE's tag team division, the rumored split of the Hart Dynasty? Also, did you catch Daniel Bryan referencing you during his promo with Dolph Ziggler by using your catchphrase? It seemed to draw a little pop from the Calgary crowd.

A: Even calling it a Tag Team division is a stretch. Tag Team wrestling is not what it used to be and I doubt it will ever come back. It’s a shame they seem to be breaking up the Dynasty already, but if nothing else they will have awesome matches against each other. I caught the Danielson promo and popped for it.

Lance Storm