Q & A

November 2, 2006

Q: Did you accomplish everything you wanted to in your career or is there something that you would have a liked to accomplish like win the World Title or something like that?
A: I actually accomplished more than I ever planned to. I was never in it for the titles I stated right out of camp that my goal was to be a respected worker and to make a living. I feel I more than accomplished those two goals.

Q: Recently the WWE has been releasing a slew of retrospective DVD's on some of its past performers. Vince McMahon, with the WWE's massive video library, has the ability to make or remake the public's view of past and present performers. Most fans know that the WWE basically crucified the Ultimate Warrior, whether deserved or not. It also seems like the WWE dangled Bret Hart's legacy over him to get Bret to come back. What is your opinion on this situation and what precautions have you taken to keep your legacy and reputation intact?
A: I donít think I have a legacy, Iím just a pretty talented guy who created a body of work Iím proud of. If WWE were to do a DVD, Iíd be thrilled and be more than happy to work with them on it.

Q: What do you think of Kevin Dunn's idea of not using the name "ECW" anymore and changing it because apparently people don't associate it with the WWE and therefore gets lower ratings?
A: The product is WWE so I donít think it will matter. There is too damn much wrestling on TV anyway.

Q: I just read that Vince McMahon hated the RVD versus Test match because he hates hardcore wrestling. However, many fans and I thought that it was one of the best matches on television lately. Do you think Vince McMahon is getting out of touch with what today's wrestling fan wants, and is he just doing what he solely thinks is entertaining (i.e. Diva Strip Poker, Kiss My Ass Club, Vito in a dress, etc)?
A: I think itís fine that Vince has a different view than most fans. The target demographic of WWE isnít 60+ year old men. If he completely changes the product based solely on his tastes than would be bad.

Q: What is your preference and opinion on the different ring sizes; most notably WCW and WWE? I think the size of WCW's ring compromised off the rope moves and tag matches.
A: For the most part I donít think size matters. (Thatís what I keep telling my wife anyway) I prefer the 20í WWE ring because it gives you more room to work.

Q: What are your comments on this new tag team on raw Cryme Tryme?
A: I get a kick out of the gimmick but I fear that they are both far too green to last any length of time.

Q: Lance, do you think the WWE is actually coldhearted enough to fire kanyon just for being gay?
A: NO I DONíT! WWE employs other gay people, some of which have been very long term powerful people in the company. If anything I would go the other way and say Vince would fire anyone regardless of race, sex, criminal record, sexual preference, etc. if he thought they could draw money.

Q: Do you like to see guys like steve-o (or any celeb) get stiffed if they do not sell?
A: I wouldnít say I enjoy it but I think that is the proper response.

Q: Do celebs get paid at all by WWE for stuff like that?
A: I would imagine they get paid yes. Very few people do things for free.

Q: Is December too soon to run a ECW PPV, assuming it will just be ECW talent on it?
A: It will be tough to fill the entire card now that they are going with a 6 person Elimination Chamber in the main event. I think ECW will learn what TNA is learning and that is that 1 hour per week does not provide a lot of time to sell a PPV.

Q: You put over Jillian Hall a bit, is she a good worker, aside from the good look ?
A: Jillian is a GREAT worker; I love Jillian both as a person and a worker.

Q: Thoughts on Dave Taylor in WWE? I like the work of him and Regal together?
A: Itís a shame he got hurt so fast. I worked with Dave back in 93 & 95 in CWA (Europe) he is a great worker and a fun guy. Iím surprised they would give him a chance considering his age. Anyone who gets to work with him should learn a lot.

Q: Surprised Y2j Is out as long as he has been?
A: Not really I expected him to be out a minimum of a year.

Q: Should ECW go back to having no rules as it did before?
A: The thing is in ECW we never really officially had no rules they just werenít enforced. It may seem like a small point but when you say ahead of time ďThere are no RulesĒ it brings up the question, why arenít there run ins and weapons all the time.

Q: How is you home library going?
A: I have to keep thinning it out, because I have limited space and keep acquiring more books.

Q: Any hope your book will get published?
A: ECW Press out of Toronto was all gung ho about publishing for a while but has all but fallen of the face of the earth as far as I can tell. Iíve talked to others who have published through them and doing things in a timely manner is not their strong suit. It may happen at some point but who knows. Itís not something Iím pushing very hard.

Q: Did you like working against William Regal, is he hard to work, I hear he has a bit of a reputation of being stiff.
A: I loved working with William Regal! His style is a bit unique so some people may find him more difficult to work with but I certainly did not, Iíve worked the European style a lot and can more than hold my own with straight wrestling so I found him both fun and easy to work with.

Q: Do you personally believe that the new talent in WWE should get a little more control on their promos? Instead of always getting told exactly what to say?
A: Only if they are capable.

Q: What do you think of LAX as a heel stable?
A: I like the concept and think the have a good unique feel. They look a little reckless and dangerous to be in the ring with though.

Q: What do you think of former WWE wrestlers taking shots at Triple H? You have always said he has treated you well, but have you personally seen him treat others poorly?
A: I didnít spend that much time with the man. When I dealt with him (which was very little) he treated me well. If he treated others poorly they are certainly free to speak up and say so.

Q: Why is the WWE trying so very hard to push John Cena as a mainstream celebrity (rap albums, movies, etc....)? I am one of the few people that appreciates how hard Cena works but he isn't The Rock! Shouldn't they be more concerned about working on his wrestling ability?
A: Iíd love to see his wrestling ability improve. Vince loves John and has always been a big supporter of character and promo over ability. John is an Amazing promo and I think based on his merchandise sales a proven draw, so they will continue to push him.

Q: What to you constitutes "charisma?" To me it goes beyond promos. Take Benoit for example. He's accused of having little charisma. However, he always gets a big pop during his entrance and people go crazy when he's beating the snot out of the heel. As far as his promos are concerned, he doesn't have the approach of someone like the Rock but I still think they're effective. When he says he's gonna beat somebody, I completely believe it. What are you're thoughts?
A: Charisma and having a good promo are two different things. Charisma is a presence, an emotional power of connection.

Q: A lot of people credit Jake Roberts with having the best mind for ring pyschology. Do you agree?
A: I donít know him well enough. Iíd have had to work with him in some capacity to fairly comment.

Q: When chris jericho won the wwf title from Triple H and the match got striken from the record, does that(and other times where similar situations happened) count as a title reign because at the point of time between jericho winning and the match being striken from the record chris jericho was the wwe champion. i guess what im saying is during that small few minutes was chris jericho truely the wwf champion?(he won the world title since then so he doesnt really have to fall back on that but ive always wondered that)
A: There are no ďOfficialĒ record books so who cares? Sorry if that sound harsh but what difference does it make? I think that match was a testing ground to see how the crowd would react and see if they would accept Jericho as champ. I think there were a lot of people hoping they wouldnít, but the crowd sure did.

Q: this is about the jeff hardy/undertaker ladder match on raw. lets say jeff didnt want to wrestle ever again but wanted one world title reign. lets say he ran up the ladder quickly and grabbed the belt. i KNOW he would get imense heat and fired asap and probably have a lot of trouble finding work. but my question is what do you think they would do? would they have him lose the title the very next show or do you think vince would come out and have some way around the finish and reverse the desicion or something? im fairly confident nobody would ever do this but what do you think wwe would do if something like this happened?
A: Who knows, but I think everyone is missing the point of this entirely. Why would Jeff want ďOne title reignĒ? He wouldnít really be winning anything. It would be like running out and grabbing the trophy from the guy who won Nascar. Would that give me my 1 Nascar victory I always wanted? If you want to be proud of a title reign (which Iím not sure you can be entirely) you would have to take pride in the industry feeling you were deserving and then putting the title on you.

Q: I was at the PZW show in Lethbridge last week and saw a match between Carlo Cannon and Brady roberts. This was by far the best wrestling match I have seen live in my life, it blew everything else away. were you at the show for this match, and does the WWE or TNa know these guys exist?
A: Both guys are fairly green and smaller, so they likely arenít too aware of them. Carlo is a former student of mine and Iíve worked with Brady as well, they are very young so hopefully their time will come.

Q: Have you seen "The Departed?" If so, what are your thoughts? note-if you haven't, I would recommend it and would like to hear what you think of it.
A: Iíve heard great things and plan to but havenít found the time yet.

Q: Do you have any thoughts you would like to share on what is happening in the Middle East? Not trying to get you in trouble, but I respect your opinion and as a Canadian, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.
A: I assume you mean Afghanistan. I donít follow stuff like this super close, but it seems to me that not a whole lot is being accomplished anymore. Violence is getting worse not better. The Country doesnít seem to be getting more stable and yet more people keep dieing. Iím to the point where I wonder if getting out might accomplish more than staying.

A: I always get a kick when they try to recycle a gimmick or name. K-Fed has been a tremendous heel and I wouldnít object to a longer run with him as a heel manager type character to oppose Cena. Heís got HEAT!!!

Q: I'm a huge Finlay mark and I see how much you talk about him so I can tell you are too, do you feel he's been booked right since he came back to the ring? I personally feel he's gotten a huge push and has been correctly used to get some of the younger guys ready for their pushes, though I would really like to seem him in a large program with Benoit, I think they could do some serious business together. Also is there anyone you'd like to see Finlay fued with?
A: PLEASE put him in a program with Benoit for the US Title, Iíd pay to see that. Other then the stupid leprechaun stuff I think they have used and booked Finlay quite well.

Q: Did you see the Great American Bash from this year, where Finlay and Regal had a match? I loved this match, first with Finlay coming out and saying to Teddy Long "Theodore, give me some skin brother" to Regal going around the ring to make sure the stupid leprachan wasn't under the ring, and then when the match started they did collar and elbow tie to the outside and then right back in, I thought that was great.
A: I didnít see the show no, but have no doubt I would have enjoyed a Regal Ė Finlay match.

Q: You said that putting Shelton with a manager would help his lack of interview skills then we all just enjoy his matches, I agree, I really miss the managers I felt they did so much more for the business. Is there anyone you would put Shelton with? Or just anyone you'd just like to see as a manager? Personally I always wanted to see Arn Anderson or Michael Hayes manage someone.
A: I didnít even say he needed a manager I was just pointing out that if the office didnít feel he could talk, then let someone talk for him donít keep him off the show. Personally I liked him as a baby face. He is such a skilled athlete itís hard to dislike him.

Q: Your thoughts on Bill Demott allegedly abusing students while training them in DSW?
A: I have no idea what did or didnít happen in DSW this is the first Iíve even heard of abuse allegations. Bill has a very old school drill sergeant type training style. If you saw Tough Enough 3 You likely saw that for yourself. This isnít an easy business to get into.

Q: A slightly involved question; For (what seems like) a couple months now, WWE has been pushing the character "MVP." The concept is sound, a player who is bigger than the game a la Terrell Owens. Ideally, people would hate MVP because of a.) his overblown ego and b.) his ability to back it up in the ring. Because of this, Antonio Banks hardly seems like the best candidate for this. Even working with Kane, I simply don't care about his matches. Add to that the fact that both of the commentators are burying him and I don't see this character going anywhere.
A: I think the whole gimmick is STUPID. How can he be bigger than the game when he hasnít even played it yet!!!! WWE does not acknowledge that there are any other wrestling promotions in the world so where would he have gained the rep of MVP or having any value at all. If WWE is the only yard MVP must be a completely unproven rookie. The Gimmick is STUPID. If they were doing the gimmick do it with a Benjamin and brag about his college accomplishments and speculate that he is a Future MVP.

Q: Playing armchair booker for a minute; wouldn't this concept work better with... oh say, Shelton Benjamin or Monte Brown? Both talented. Both underutillized. Heck, throw in an 'agent' for a mouthpeice (as you mentioned in a recent Q&A) and you have a solid execution of a good concept... right?

Q: do you think that there is a lack of psychology in a lot of matches? I have a hard time believing their leg is hurt if someone gets their leg worked over then they come back with a springboard move.
A: YES, Absolutely. One of my biggest pet peeves to this day is the Bret Ė HBK Iron Man Match from WrestleMania. Shawn sold his back so big and so long and then did a nip up in his comeback. It ruined the match for me.

Q: What do you think about Kurt Angle saying he set up the meeting and "Worked" Vince into letting him out of his 5 year contract? Ric Flair was also recently interviewed on Howard Stern and said he knows for a fact that Angle wasnít fired like some have suggested is what really happened.
A: I donít buy it but does it really matter? He is in TNA now if you like him watch TNA if you donít, donít. What really happened between Vince and Kurt doesnítí change anything from our point of view.

Q: Which wrestling show is the best right now?
A: Depends on what you like. RAW feels like the important must see show to me, but more often than not my favourite match of the week will be on SD. ECW is the show I have the least interest in more often than not. ECW mostly juts focuses on the Main Event and I donít like Big Show matches.

Q: Do you think WWE will put Mr. Kennedy over in his feud with the Undertaker? I know everybody always says it but a win over the Undertaker would be huge for Kennedy.
A: I would imagine his DQ victory will be as Put over as he will be in the feud.

Q: Some years ago I saw Mr. Perfect on a Saturday morning show. He threw a football 100 yards from the end of the football field to the other end. He then ran and caught the very same football he threw. Can you do this?
A: Not only can I do this but I can do it on a Canadian Football field, which is 10 yards longer.

Keep those questions coming,
Lance Storm