I'm Getting Old

November 5, 2007

Iíve often bragged about surviving my career, drug free, concussion free, surgery free, and divorce free, but I can no longer make all those claims. I suppose I could still make all those claims seeing that I am retired now, but that would be a technicality because one of those claims is no longer true, or at least wonít be for much longer.

Fear not I am not about to get a divorce, or start taking drugs, nor have I recently been kicked in the head real hard; I am about to under go my first surgery. Iíve been having trouble with my right knee since playing in a volleyball tournament nearly 2 years ago, and itís been getting worse and worse. To compound that problem my left knee has recently surpassed my right knee as my ďbadĒ knee, so things have not been great. I think nearly 2 years of favoring my right knee has put additional pressure on the left and as a result Iím left with 2 bad knees. They arenít bad all the time but when they do act up Iím very immobile and have even resorted to walking with a cane at times.

The Canadian health care system while inexpensive is incredibly slow so itís taken till this past week to get in to see an orthopedic surgeon about my knees, and he has advised me to have both knees scoped. From what I understand this is a fairly minor procedure, and should produce some significant positive results. The official diagnosis is torn and frayed cartilage, likely a result 17-years of wear and tear in the ring, more than any specific injury. Iím told the surgery should take about 40 minutes per knee and I should recover fast enough to be able to walk home the day of. Well at least walk out to my car, Iím not about to walking home no matter how good my knees feel! If all goes as planned (keep your fingers cross) I should only be out of action 3-5 days and be able to get back to full mobility in no more than 1 week.

Thankfully my knees were acting up badly enough the day I saw the surgeon that he could put me down as a priority case and I should be having both knees done either the 3rd Thursday in November (just over 2 weeks) or the 20th of December. This works out great for me as even with the earlier date Iíll have but one week left in my current SWA class, and students will be more than to the point of just having matches with themselves and no longer in need of me to demonstrate anything to them. If I end up with the December date, Iíll have more than two weeks before my January session and be more than good to go when class starts in the New Year.

Iíd be lying if I said I wasnít a little nervous but Iíve talked to both Scott DíAmore and Don Callis, who have both had this done and both gave the procedure very high praise. Don is likely the biggest wuss I know (perhaps the biggest in wrestling history) so if he can handle having it done then it should be a complete cakewalk for me, no pun intended.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, and I will keep you posted as soon as I have a surgery date confirmed and of course an update once Iíve had the scope done. I know my dog is looking forward to my surgery as he has been the most affected by my current immobility, and hasnít been getting to take, as many walks and he would like.

Till next week,
Lance Storm

p.s. I just got back from a brief trip to Florida, for a wedding, and learned about the passing of the Fabulous Moolah. I never got to work with Moolah and didnít really know her, so I wonít be offering a lengthy tribute commentary, but I wanted to mention her passing and offer my condolences and sympathies.