Cyber Sunday Results

November 6, 2006

Well Cyber Slam is in the books and itís time to take a look back at my predictions and see how I did. Iím no Kreskin thatís for sure, but I think on the whole I did very well. With so many variables it would be tough to be 100% with my predictions but I did end up batting around 500.

Umaga Ė Kane: Okay this match is the one that killed me. It was a real toss up when it came to voting and I really didnít know who was going to win. I took a guess at Benoit and ended up be completely off. Benoit ended up last in the voting. Had I knew Kane or Sandman was going to be in the match I would have picked Umaga to win but going with Benoit I decided to protect the Title. I was wrong on both Counts.
Score: -2

Cryme Tyme wins Texas Tornado Match: Again this was a crapshoot on voting and I even said I was just taking a stab in the dark. I picked Tag Turmoil and fans went with Texas Tornado. At least I was right picking the finish as WWE continues to push Cryme Tyme.
Score:+1 -1

Jeff Hardy Ė Carlito: This one I nailed completely, which from what I understand is more than can be said about the participants in the match. From all accounts this was an atrocious match but at least I predicted both Carlito in the match and Jeff Hardy retaining the Title.
Score: +2

DX Ė Edge & Orton: I did well with this match as well. I picked Edge and Orton to get the win I even predicted a ref bump. I had predicted Vince to get the ref gig but did mention there was a chance Eric could slip through. Had I known the were going to do a skit where DX actually stated they wanted Eric to win I would have likely gone with him. Iím going to take one point for picking the finish and not subtract a point for the vote winning because I think I was fairly close in this one. If you think that is unfair, too bad, itís my commentary! (LOL)
Score: +1

Lita Ė Mickey: Another Split for me in this match. I picked the right voting decision (like that was a tough one) but was surprised to see Lita pick up the win. If they let her retire with the belt and do yet another tournament I will completely die laughing!
Current Score +1 Ė1

Flair & ? Ė Spirit Squad: Iím going to take the split decision victory with this one like I did with the DX tag. I picked Dusty to win the votes but stated there was a chance that Piper could pull it off which he did. I predicted switching the belts, which again happened.
Score: +1

Champion of Champions: This was the toughest voting to predict and I even stated I had no clue what so ever. I picked Cena just at a guess and was wrong fans Voted Booker Tís title to be on the line. At least I got the finish because I predicted that the Champion whose title was on the line would go over and retain. Booker won and kept his title.
Score: +1 Ė1

Final Score: +2

Well again Iím no Kreskin but I got more right than wrong. It could have been a lot worse. Had I know for sure what the match ups were the only finish I would have missed was the Womanís Title.