Q & A

November 10, 2006

Q: I have a couple of questions about Shane Douglas that you may or may not have answers for. First, why is he not wrestling anymore? Also, is it just me or has he gained ALOT of weight in the last couple of years?
A: : Shane suffered a lot of injuries and I donít believe he physically can work anymore at least not full time. With him not working and having a lot of injuries he likely cantí train like he used to and he (like the rest of us) is getting older and likely has put on weight.

Q: Due to the work I do I take 4 Ibprofen before work. I go to the gym after work and was wondering if the medicine, since it relaxes muscles, could, or would affect the growth of my muscles after working out.
A: I wouldnít think so but a doctor would be a lot more qualified to answer questions like this.

Q: Chris Benoit, and Regal work out at the same gym I do down here in Georgia...If you were to totally copy a work-out, who's would you steal?
A: I wouldnít copy either. Everyoneís body is different and different people train for different things.

Q: The Hip-Hop stations down here in Georgia want the "Cracker" taken out of "Craker Barrell" for whatever reasons...in one word, your comment?
A: In a word: STUPID!

Q: How the crap can Johnny Nitro's body be that ripped? Does he do sit-ups, and push-ups all day untill his match?
A: Sit-ups and push-ups wonít make you lean. Diet and Cardio will.

Q: Seriously, Edge and Christian were the most entertaining Tag-Team of all-time right?
A: Depends on your taste. For pure entertainment and humour they certainly could be.

Q: What are your thoughts on Chiropractors? Do you go to one? Currently I have the main vein that runs from my spinal cord into my left leg being pinched by my hips since they are out of place, and my lower back has the equivalent of 40 years of damage to it (I'm 23)....Do I trust this guys hands to fix all of this, or do you think something of this nature needs surgery? I figure you, with back pain, would know.
A: Why would you trust what I have to say, at least a Chiropractor has a degree? I have gone to Chiropractors before but donít regularly.

Q: I was a huge fan of the Boogeyman. I marked out to the point that I'd be in tears pretty much everytime that he did anything. So I am really curious- since you worked with him at OVW, do you know what he did for a living before he became a wrestler? For some reason my guess is that he was a gas station attendent or something to that effect.
A: Marty was in a couple movies (The Replacements and Any Given Sunday) he also played Arena Football I think.

Q: Since wrestlers have to do a lot of driving, I imagine that a lot of that driving takes place over night. I like to travel a lot, and I end up doing a lot of over night drives as well. So I am curious, did you or any particular wrestlers that you know of ever become a fan of Coast to Coast AM, and Art Bell? To me one of the most fun things you can do is drive all night long listening to ghost stories the whole time.
A: Iíve never even heard of this guy before.

Q: I have 3 questions for you what do you think of Test fans saying that Lance Hoyt of the tna is a wannabe of Test??????? Also what do you think of C.M. Punk??????? What do you think of Lance Hoyt???????
A: I thought Hoyt looked like a complete Test rip-off the second I saw him. Iíd like to see more of C.M. Punk because 2-minute matches on ECW have little value. I think Lance Hoyt looks like the illegitimate love child of Test and Kid Cash. Seriously I think he needs to learn how to work like a big man and quit doing planchas and Moonsaults.

Q: I just finished reading your column on the booking of tna and I believe it's the second time you did a column like that. Why is it you always pick on tna's booking? How come you never write columns on how dumb wwe booking is? They are much worse than tna right now.
A: I donít think they are anywhere near as bad as TNA but will grant you they do some incredibly bad things too. The reason I donít rant on WWE like I did on TNA is that it doesnít bother me as much when WWE does stupid things. Vince owns WWE he makes the final decisions and at the end of the day WWE makes money and is still going to be here. TNA is trying to grow and make it as a company each mistake cost the company way more than a bad decision cost WWE. I want TNA to succeed so much, but when you are the new kid on the block trying to compete with the established giant you need to be ten times as smart not as dumb or heaven forbid dumber. If business for TNA doesnít increase DRASTICLY at some point the money people will decide that TNA has cost too much money and a return is not on the horizon and will pull out. Every stupid booking decision brings that day closer and I do not want to see that day, because that day will be the death of TNA.

Q: As a fan of the old ECW and its wrestlers, I wanted to know what you think of the new "extremists." What's your opinion on guys like CM Punk and Kevin Thorn?
A: Iíve said this a dozen times and this will be the last; I never get to see enough of them to form an opinion. Short 2-3 minutes TV matches do nothing for me.

Q: Is it just me, or does the new ECW seem a bit...off. I remember watching the old ECW and, besides having great matches and wrestlers, there was a certain X factor that made it seem right like "This is what wrestling should be." I just don't get that feeling anymore. Do you think ECW is becoming too much like the WWE?
A: It is WWE. ECW was a special product at a special time, it can not be recreated.

Q: Do you think that the WWE hurt the new ECW by not being able to get some of the guys from back in the day (Rhyno, Raven, and the Dudleys for example)?
A: No. They did very little with the ones that they did get. This was a WWE project from the start and it is what it is, for better or worse.

Q: What is your opinion on Kid Kash on Smackdown? Do you think he was better back in ECW or do you think the WWE's decision to make him team with Noble to become the Pitbulls will be good for his career?
A: This seems a little pointless since he isnít even employed anymore.

Q: : Do you think that todays championships aren't as meaningful as they once were? Back in the 80's, early 90's the IC title was my favorite championship to see contended. You would see the guys that could go in the ring and put on the best matches(Minus the Ultimate Warrior, of course). And we'd also see an IC title match be the main event of the show. Remember Summerslam 1992? Bret Hart vs the British Bulldog. I just don't see the importance being put towards the IC title anymore. What is your take on the current Intercontinental Championship?
A: Titles mean SO MUCH LESS than they used to. They switch hands all the time and for the most part anyone who stays in the company for a couple years or more will end up with the IC Title and likely a Tag run to boot.

Q: I have seen a lot of work from Harry Smith, "The Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson and Nattie Niedhart and I have to admit that watching these guy's in action that they have all the necessary tool's to someday have the same impact as Bret, Jimmy and Davey Boy. My question is, where can you see these guy's going in today's world of WWE and what impact do you think they will have on the industry?
A: You sound like you are writing ad copy for them. Your statement sounds odd. ďThe same impact as Bret, Jimmy, and Davey Boy.Ē I assume you mean Jim Neidhart and those three had such different levels of impact it isnít even funny. Of the current younger Calgary talent pool those three are BY FAR the best no doubt. I think Harry will do QUITE well in WWE. TJ will likely have a harder go because he wasnít blessed with the height or size of Harry. Iím a big Nattie fan. Itís a shame she wasnít at this point 4 years ago when WWE was pushing women workers. She is likely too talented to meet their current hiring requirements. Itís all about the swimsuit appeal right now with WWE Divas.

Q: Now that you have semi-retired, who, in your opinion is the best technical wrestler around?
A: When you are talking actual wrestling how can you pick anyone but Kurt. If you are talking Ďworkerí the decision becomes much harder.

Q: : Do you think C.M. Punk has the skills (both wrestling and personality) needed to succeed in WWE, or do you think he may be destined to the mid-card.
A: He may be stuck in mid-card but it isnít because of wrestling ability or personality it could be because of size.

Q: If you were starting a new wrestling promotion to compete with WWE and had a WCW-type bankroll, which wrestlers would you sign as the cornerstones of your organizations.
A: I donít like the compete with WWE concept but if I had the finances and were to run a company these would likely be on my to hire list, assuming I could hire them, in no particular order:
My Announce Team: Joey Style & Don Callis
My Creative Team: Myself, Don Callis, Terry Taylor
Agents: Myself, Terry Taylor, Fit Finlay
Talent: Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Somoa Joe, Christian, Chris Benoit, Fit Finlay, Gregory Helms, Edge, Orton, Shelton Benjamin, MNM as a group again, Rey Mysterio, C.M. Punk, RVD, Bryan Danielson. I would likely also look closer at some Japanese and Mexican talent.

Q: Are you a fan of the Harry Potter novels?
A: Never read them so no.

Q: I am a massive CM Punk fan, I think he is very talented on the mic and an exceptional worker. My first question is, do you think he'll end up being a top of the card wrestler for the WWE?
A: Very seldom is an athlete his size going to be the top of the WWE food chain. I doubt he will get there, despite the level of talent he has.

Q: How would you book the up coming Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe match next month? Also, do you think it's much to soon for these guys to be facing each other in what may be Kurt's first televised match in TNA?
A: Iím not sure what I would do exactly. It would depend on a lot of factors I donít have knowledge of. The too soon aspect is an interesting one. You are starting Kurt off with perhaps his most interesting opponent. Doing that first isnít usually the best choice but TNA needs to make Kurtís arrival Impact full and this feud will likely garner the most attention. They need ratings and buy rates NOW so I think they are pushing ahead with the strongest thing they have. The down side is that it takes a while for fans to realize that something big is going on so the feud could be over before any up swing in ratings and Buy rates is realized. WCW got hot for several months before ratings took off. TNA could be the same.

Q: Would you mind posting a commentary or something telling fans what you think TNA is doing good?
A: I do weekly TV thoughts every week on the site and put what I think is both good and bad. Check it out. Unfortunately with Russo in creative I think the bad will out way the good. TNA has a TALENTED talent roster so to get the roster over you need to let them wrestle. Booking ďwrestlingĒ has not been Russoís forte.

Q: I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on Brian Lee, and why he never really made it in the WWE and WCW? He seemed to me to be one of the guys from your generation of wrestlers that had a lot of potential but never really got a shot aside from that dumb fake Undertaker story line.
A: In my opinion Brian Lee was one of those guys that didnít take the job seriously enough to dedicate himself at the level needed to make it big in WWE or WCW. I tagged with him in SMW for a while and he was notorious for forgetting important things in matches and not putting a huge effort forth.

Q: With your fast moving schedule and the amount of travelling that you do, have you ever gone into a match where hunger affected the quality of your match? For example, if you arrived to a show at the last minute, didn't have time for dinner and you felt totally weak 3 minutes into the match?
A: Iíve gone into matches sick as a dog and suffering from all kind of things including food poisoning. I likely wasnít as sharp as I usually was but worked as hard as I could and never felt it affected my work much. If you canít produce at the needed level because you are hungry get a different job!!!!!!!

Q: In your biography, you say you did some booking in ECW. Were you the single booker for the show or did you help others? Also, are there any specific matches you have booked that you're particulary proud of? Did you book any matches that made it in any "best of" DVDs?
A: I contributed ideas to Paul for a long time in ECW and at one point Paul, Raven, Dreamer, and I were the booking team in ECW. You more book angles than you do matches. I donít watch many best of DVDs so I donít know what may or may not have made it on.

Q: What is your opinion on Billy Kidman? Did you enjoy working with him and Rey in WCW? Why isnt he on TV anymore?
A: I loved working with Billy. He was super easy to work with!! Not sure what the reason behind his WWE departure. It may have been a size issue. He was too small for them to push him as a heavy weight but he was truly too big to be a Cruiser.

Q: If the WWE were to release a "Best of Lance Storm" DVD, what would be some the matches you would definitely want on it?
A: My Summer Slam match with Edge for the IC Title, the Tag Team Title victory over Edge and Hogan, One Night Stand with Jericho, Anarchy Rules with Jerry Lynn, the Extreme Death Match PPV with Dreamer, Impact Player Ė Jado and Geto from the Arena, One of my World Title Matches with Booker from WCW, The US Title tournament from WCW, maybe also the Mania XX qualifying match Storm & Venis Ė The Dudley Boys. There are likely others but those were big ones I remember.

Q: If anything, what would you change about your career in pro-wrestling?
A: Iíd have liked to add a couple zeros to every contract I signed. Actually I would have liked to take Dawn Marie with me to WCW.

Q: Have you seen Dawnís baby?
A: Not in person but she has sent me pictures.

Q: What's your personal opinion of Johnny Smith? Personally, I think this guy was one of the top 5 wrestlers I have ever watched before. He had a wonderful mix of techical ability, stiff maneuevers, a bit of high flying, and could sell rather well too. It really saddens me that he was never allowed a run with the Triple Crown in All Japan. I think it's shameful that he never got it, yet Vader did. Vader was a great worker in his own right, but not even close to Smith's league in my opinion. I have no idea of his (Smith's) whereabouts these days, or if he is still even an active wrestler.
A: I loved working with Johnny. I think itís funny that you mention his Stiff maneuvers. Johnny was about the lightest guy I ever worked with. When I first starter working real light it was because I admired Johnnyís work so much. He kicked my right in the face once and I didnít feel it. I thought that was amazing and became a goal of mine.

Q: Would you be for or against Kane regaining his mask?
A: I preferred him in the mask!!

Q: Would you consider taking a booking/doing a tour of Japan in the near future? Seems like it'd be really good money for a small amount of work.
A: I would consider doing it but it would have to be about more than just the money. It would have to be to work with or for certain people. I always loved working in Japan so working in front of a Japanese crowd again would be great.

Keep those questions coming,
Lance Storm