Q and A

November 11, 2010

Q: I was wondering what your opinion was of Hindu squats, and if you think they're a good workout. Also, any tips on technique or how often you think they should be done in order to tone my lower body and build muscle safely would be welcome. I currently do three sets of 20 every morning.

A: The only real concern I have with Hindu squats are when guys go too deep. Old school mentality is to touch your heels to your ass or touch your knuckles to the floor, but modern thinking is that bending your knees past 90 degrees is bad for the joint. I do them to 90 if I do them and I do WAY more than 3 sets of 20. Minimum reps for me would be 4 or 5 sets of 50. Back in the day 5 sets of 100 would be the goal

Q: It seems like your fans in your Q&A section are more insulted or bothered by you not receiving more of a push then you are what's your reaction to this?

A: I appreciate the concern, and sure a bigger push would have been nice but I think fans often forget the level of push I got earlier in my WWE run (IC Title, 4 WWE Tag Team titles) and only remember the crap they had me doing at the end, there is no point being upset over stuff you canít change now.

Q: There will be a six week time span in the NFL schedule where they will be televising Thursday night games head to head with Impact. How are they ever going to survive those six weeks?

A: Say what you will about TNA but the fans that watch Impact are VERY loyal to that program. Impactís ratings held up even when they ran Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. I think they will be less affected by the NFL than WWE is.

Q: Do all pro-wrestlers have a free pass to go backstage of any wrestling event? I've heard of WWE guys being backstage of TNA events, visa versa, and of retired wrestlers being backstage as well. Do you guys have to pay, call in advance, or just know the right people? How does it all work?

A: There is no across the board rule on anything in wrestling. If you worked for the company in the past and are still in good standing with the company, or are close with someone currently in the company you are generally welcome. Legends like Harley Race or Terry Funk for example would generally be welcomed at any wrestling event they cared to show up at.

Q: You always talk about how every storyline should build to a fight and every gimmick match should be a result of not being to get to a final conclusion of that original fight. I was born in the early 80's and I got into wrestling when I was about 6 or 7 or so and basically grew up with the blueprint of what you described with stuff like the Hogan/Warrior, Warrior/Rude, or even Earthquake/Jake the Snake feuds. Something always leads to a reason for them to fight. The next generation of fans, the ones that were born in the early 90's got to enjoy the late 90's stuff like the Austin/McMahon, Hart/Michaels, or even NWO/WCW stuff. NOW, the next generation that was born in the early 2000's are now of age to get into wrestling and... what exactly are they getting into? This generation is going to think that every PPV is supposed to have a gimmick match. On top of that, these gimmick matches are absurd and it seems like the gimmick matches are pushed more than the people participating in them. Do I have to stop thinking that I'm watching a wrestling show and just take these shows in the same vein I would as if I was watching a Monster Truck rally where you just go there because it's 2 hours worth of something you don't see on a regular basis that's somewhat of an oddity?

A: Iím not sure there is an answer to that question or if you even want one. Iím still hoping the business will get a hold on the reigns and pull back an little for a change.

Q: Do you think there's too much Wrestling on TV now?

A: I think if everything else was being done perfectly the amount of wrestling on TV would likely still be doable, but yes, in the current state 9 hours of wrestling on TV per week is too much. RAW, SD, Superstars, Impact, Reaction, ROH is a lot of TV per week, to still expect people to attend house shows and order PPVs.

Q: Have you seen TNA: Reaction yet? If so, what are your thought on it? I don't get it because it's an hour long show that airs right after Impact and it basically just the guys talking trying to explain and sell whatever storyline but I just wonder why can't they figure that out in the regular show. There's already too much talk on Impact and now they're spending another hour trying to "react" to what happened on the show.

A: I donít watch any TNA shows. I canít sleep for days after watching Impact, so for the good of my health I stopped watching.

Q: Just wondering if you have ever read any of Ken Bruen's excellent Jack Taylor Novels? They're full of very dark humour, intricate plots and light mystery, and judging by some of the books you've read before I'd say you would enjoy them.

A: I have not but I will try to keep him in mind the next time I get to the bottom of my ďTo ReadĒ list.

Q: Whatís the one most outrageous thing you have always wanted to do, but never have?

A: Iím not really an outrageous kind of guy. I had a weekend off and read two books, walked my dog and took a nap. Steve Martin I am not.

Q: What is your most favourite UFC fight of all time?

A: Possibly Lesnar Ė Mir 2. Not that it was the best fight but I really hate Frank Mir and watching Brock pound the crap out of him was quite great.

Q: Combining your careers from ECW, WCW, and WWE, what is your favorite match/moment, and your least favorite match/moment?

A: This is so hard to pick because there were so many. My match in Amarillo, TX with Terry Funk in WCW is definitely a top candidate for favourite. As for least favouriteÖthe dancing bit in WWE is a top contender.

Q: When is the blonde rat tail coming back?

A: As I get older the chance of me growing any new hair style is becoming less and less likely.

Q: In your career, did you ever find yourself impressed by the athleticism of any bigger guy, or the strength of some smaller guys? Rikishi, for example, looked to have extraordinary athleticism for a man of his stature.

A: All of the Samoans were or are great athletes especially when you factor in their size. Billy Gun was a guy who didnít get the credit he deserved for his athleticism. He was my speed and agility and almost 6 inches taller and likely 40 or 50 pounds heavier, and I was considered fast and agile for my size.

Q: What are your thoughts on former SWA student Nick Madrid, who has now wrestled twice for NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood that airs on Los Angeles regional TV and streams on the internet? Did you happen to see his matches from this program when he wrestled Claudio Castagnoli on 10/8 and Joey Kaos on 10/29?

A: I havenít had the chance to check those matches out yet, but Nick sent me links. I like Nick a lot and look forward to checking them out. I hope he is doing well.

Q: Are there any wrestlers you can think of who never had a run with anyone's world title, but whom you think would have been successful had they gotten that chance? (I'm thinking specifically of Roddy Piper, though I'm sure there were other factors at work.)

A: I hate speculating on stuff like this so I wonít. There is always the problem of timing. There are a lot of guys who might have been able to pull off a World Title run if they were given the chance but like in the case of Piper, there was a better option available (Hogan) so he didnít. Thatís just the way it goes.

Q: I agree with your views about how Chris Benoit is treated retrospectively by WWE; his crimes overshadow his accomplishments. However, as someone who grew up watching Florida wrestling, Nitro-era WCW etc., I wonder how you feel WWE should deal with Nancy Benoit's legacy. Although she wasn't a huge star, necessarily, she made some good contributions to wrestling and turned up a lot in TV settings.

A: I donít see her as a big enough star to need to be focused on or promoted, but I would not edit her off anything if a match or program she was involved in were to be included in any projects. I think if WWE promoted a DVD project by pushing that Nancy was on it, it could come off like trying to capitalize off the tragedy of her death. If she was just included in the project and not advertised then I think that would be the way to go.

Q: Have you started watching the new Hawaii Five- O? I hear itís doing really well.

A: I have not started watching it but my wife and one daughter do and like it very much. I avoid getting into new TV shows because I have enough stuff on my plate as it is.

Q: Do you think we will start to see a new era of wrestlers having gimmicks again now that WWE is PG?

A: I doubt we will start seeing the return of garbage men, police officers, etc. and Iím not sure what that has to do with PG. Val Venis was the Porn Guy which was a gimmick and that was not PG nor was the God Father.

Q: What do you think of the APA? Did you like them as a tag team?

A: They were a good Team with an over gimmick. To be honest I didnít see a ton of there stuff because I was in ECW and WCW at the time, but I did work with them briefly during the invasion and had no problem with either of them.

Q: Have you ever read a graphic novel? If so, what are your thoughts? I think thereíre a great way to read a book and not have to visualize.

A: Iíve read a couple and donít really care for the format. I like to visualize and like a bit more substance to what I read.

Q: If you had to pick a different E-reader than the Kindle which one would you pick and why?

A: I love my Kindle so much I havenít really looked into many others. I hate the Sony I saw it in a store and though it was crap. Being Canadian that likely leaves me with a Kobo but Iíd have to check into it further.

Q: When are you doing more Wrestlemania commentaries? They are awesome.

A: Not sure, I hope to do Mania X soon. Itís hard to find the time to sit down for 3 hours and watch one.

Q: I have read that back when WWF was booking they would book backwards. They knew what they wanted for the big matches at WM and would work backward to put in twist and turns. Do you think in this day and age that kind of booking would work?

A: I think that is the way to book in any day and age. Whether it only be booking backwards a few weeks to build a PPV or several month to build towards WrestleMania. I always use the analogy, unless you pick your destination ahead of time, how do you know what road to take to get there. Decide on the card you want to sell to someone, then decide how best to convince them to buy it.

Q: In regards to your recent commentary on 'angles vs storylines', which do you think is more appropriate for a big federeration like the WWE, as opposed to a smaller indy fed?

A: I think Angles are the way to go period. As for Indy level shows you have the problem of no TV, there is only so much storytelling you can do without TV. If you are only running a monthly show with no TV, fans will only remember so much, so you have to keep things fairly simple so Angles will likely still work best.

Q: What was the most painful injury you have ever sustained?

A: This might actually be a hip pointer (deep bone bruise) I suffered my first year in the business. I got pulled through the ropes and landed bad on my side on the cement. Pain was not that bad right away but when I woke up the next morning I could not even stand up. I was bed ridden for a few days and could not put any weight on my one leg or walk.

Q: What do you think was WWEís best era for tag-teams? Iíd say it was the early to mid 90s.

A: Iíll always go with stuff from when I was a fan, so I prefer back when the Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs were around add to them team like the Rockers, the Fabulous Rougeaus, and the Brain Busters and youíve got some pretty awesome tag team matches.

Q: When someone gets chewed out by management, does the rest of the roster razz him about it, or is that considered bad etiquette?

A: We tend to be more professional than grade schoolers who would resort to razzing someone for getting chewed out. If the boys are ever going to choose sides they will always side with the boys not the office.

Q: When you were on the road, what did you do for cardio if you couldn't find a treadmill? Running outside, stairs, swimming, etc?

A: When I was on the road I was doing 4 long hard matches in the ring per week I didnít really worry about cardio.

Q: How do you handle situations when someone ridicules wrestling in front of you? I'm sure it doesn't happen to you a lot because you're an intimidating guy and I don't think people would want to upset you, but for a scrawny little guy like myself I have to deal with it all the time.

A: There is nothing you can say that will change the minds of people like that so you are best off to ignore them. Like what you like and who cares what others think. Wrestling is art and not everyone appreciates the same kind of art.

Q: I recently heard on a wrestling radio show (live audio wrestling) that one of your students dropped you on your head while learning power bombs. Have you ever had any problems doing matches with students or learning moves, and how have you handled that? Have any of your students hurt you in the ring or "potato-ed" you?

A: I have been dropped poorly by students but I have never gotten hurt from it. I know how to protect myself and when trying things for the first time where there is a bit more risk I pull out the crash pad for added safety. I think the worst a students has tagged me was a bad elbow to the mouth caused by him flinching and covering up when I was giving him a splash type move. When you teach people properly you can avoid most injuries.

Q: What are your thoughts on Dustin Rhodes in particular as a worker and in regards to the Goldust gimmick?

A: Dustin is a great guy and very talented. I always enjoyed working with him and think heís done a great job of getting over the Goldust character. Iím not sure how many other people could have made it work and gotten that character over.

Q: Do you think eventually WWE will just rid itself of the "tag team" division all together, and retire the Tag Titles for good? I hope not, but it almost seems pointless for them to even have a tag division at this point (and it's sad to say, I used to love the tag division)

A: I doubt they will ever get rid of the tag titles. At there worst they are a way to give top guys something to do when they have nothing else for them. I would not call what WWE has now a tag team division. They have tag team titles and a couple of tag teams but thatís about it. Itís a shame but that is the way it goes.

Q: What do you think about storylines that last for weeks due to misunderstandings when looking at the tape of what happen should solve it? I dont know if you know this, but right now in TNA, RVD is having trouble trusting his ECW friends who are in TNA. One time, Raven and RVD wrestled Beer Money (I think) and Raven was attacked by other people and nowhere to be seen when RVD needed a tag. Shouldn't that misunderstanding have been smoothed over once RVD watched a tape of the match and realized Raven was attacked? Instead RVD still doesn't trust his ECW friends. There plenty of other examples in televised wrestling of this as well. Am I just over thinking this or should the thought of 'everything they do is recorded' not be ignored?

A: I agree with you. This is a common flaw in wrestling and I think itís caused by having TV writers rather than wrestling bookers. When writers think like TV writers, stories like this make sense to them because itís the basis of all situation comedies, and in sitcoms you never have to worry about the characters watching the show back and figuring out the misunderstanding. In wrestling we acknowledge that itís a show on TV and often show replays so the thought that the boys never watch their match back and figure this shit out is preposterous.

Q: TNA likes to use the WWE and WCW as background for their storylines. For example.. Mickie James and Tara are going to have a PPV fight that was "years in the making". But WWE does the exact opposite. For example... Gail Kim and Christian's TNA time has been erased from their wrestling career as WWE would've written it (Unless someday the WWE buys TNA). I was wondering what do you think is the better way to go, acknowledging the storylines and history made from the rival companies or treating them as they don't exist?

A: I think itís silly if you pretend a person has never wrestled before, simply because they have never wrestled for you, because fans are smarter than that, but constantly plugging that people are stars because they worked on other companies only makes your own company look second rate. WWE treats people like they arenít stars until youíve been a star in WWE, because they want to present WWE as #1 which is smart. TNA is more apt to say ďso and soĒ is a bigger star than ever the guys already in TNA because he was a star in WWE or WCW before, making TNA look like #3, which is bad. That being said if you are promoting Team 3D it would be silly not to mention their past accomplishments. The key is to make sure you donít present the other titles they have won as bigger accomplishments than winning TNA gold.

Q: Do you plan to see Fozzy when they play your area in November?

A: Are they playing Calgary? It depends on how close they get. They are great live so if they are close enough definitely.

Q: I was wondering what you think of the winners of Money in the Bank matches being able to ďcash inĒ their briefcase and then all of sudden, if the match isnít going their way, they can bail and keep their briefcase.

A: They have never done this. Each time the guy has bailed it was before they rang the bell to officially start the match.

Lance Storm