This and That

November 12, 2006

Just a bunch of stuff I want to touch on today so no specific topic or Rant.

TNA Goes Prime Time: I just want to remind everyone that this coming Thursday is TNAís big move to Prime Time with a 2-hour special. I know I bust on TNA on what seems like a semi-regular basis, but I do want this company to succeed and this special could be a BIG step forward for them. Iíve heard that this is one of their stronger shows, and from the spoilers Iíve read it certainly should be. 2-Hours would really help TNA deliver a quality show and a strong rating for this special could help make that a permanent reality. If you want a WWE alternative your support by tuning in this Thursday could really help! This Thursday 9 pm on Spike TV.

Farewell Francine: I just read that ECWís Francine is retiring from wrestling. After getting released from the New ECW she has decided to move on to another portion of her life. I just wanted to wish her all the best in the future. I worked with Francine a ton in ECW, as she was a part of most of my angles there. I did a commentary on the Night we all got ďNaked in Baton RougeĒ, which Francine was a part of, not to mention that she was actually the first Manager/Valet I ever had. She managed Chris Candito and I when we won the ECW World Tag Team Titles. We always joked that she was my first, and you always remember you first. All the best Franny!!!!!!!

Storm Training Seminar: I plugged this once but it may have been over looked. I will be running a one-day training seminar Saturday December 2nd in Toronto at the Square Circle Training Center. Tickets and information are available at: Squared Cirlce Training. I will be focusing mainly on Ring Psychology but will also look at some basic techniques, which can easily improve your work, as well as answering any wrestling related questions you may have.

Storm vs. Christian: My next and perhaps last match will be against my old Tag Team partner Christian in Toronto for BSE Pro-Wrestling. The show is on Sunday December 3rd and tickets and information are available at: Blood Sweat and Ears. With possible Knee Surgery in my future and the increasing scheduling demands of Storm Wrestling Academy who knows if I will take further bookings after this match. Donít miss your chance to see me perform live one last time.

Irish Whip Wrestling: I just heard back from one of the students from my past Summer Session and am thrilled to hear that he has managed to find work back home in Ireland for Irish Whip Wrestling. I donít know much about the promotion but said student (forever from this point forward to be known as Fritz) has worked twice for the company and is having a fantastic time. I managed to get the now know as Fritz booked on a PWZ show here in Alberta before he returned home and wish him and IWW all the best. If you live in Ireland and get the chance to catch a show be sure to check out my favourite Irish student Fritz and be sure to yell at him like a Pirate and say, YAAARRRRRRR! (Heíll Know).

Back in the Out Back: Since Iím plugging my students, I might as well give a shout out to my #1 favourite student Carlo ďFreakinĒ Cannon who just returned home to Australia. If you get a chance to see this kid in the ring donít pass it up, he is fantastic. Whatís so great about him you ask, well he was trained by me of course. (LOL) Who trained you?

Thatís this and that for now,
Lance Storm