DX and Booking

November 12, 2009

These are two completely different subjects, I am not proposing DX start booking or offering you my booking advice for DX. I want to talk about DX (specifically the DX, John Cena, Hornswaggle segment from RAW) and I want to talk about my new Booking job.

First I want to talk about the DX, John Cena, and Hornswaggle backstage segment this week from RAW. Did this segment make sense to ANYONE? Did I miss something? I can’t be the only one out there who sat on their couch shaking their head at what they were seeing. I’m not even talking about how this segment is suppose to create interest in seeing DX and John Cena fight for the WWE Championship, because that’s an equally valid question. This Hornswaggle DX angle just confuses the hell out of me.

Hornswaggle is a big fan of DX, so he buys and wears a ton of their merchandise and runs around and acts like them. DX is so upset by this that they are suing him to make him stop. DX…the biggest merchandise shills in WWE history… are mad that someone (Hornswaggle) is a big fan and is BUYING and wearing their merchandise… because he thinks they are cool. This upsets them so much that they are suing him to make him stop. Are all the other DX fans in the arena, who purchased and wear DX merchandise, suppose to conclude from this that if they don’t stop BUYING and wearing DX gear they too will be ordered to stop and threatened with a law suit? Doesn’t DX WANT people to buy their merchandise…which is available at www.wweshop.com... and wear it? Isn’t that the point to all of these DX promos and skits? Aren’t they supposed to want fans to buy their stuff and wear it?

Then John Cena, who actually likes Hornswaggle, helps him hide out by letting Hornswaggle wear his merchandise and encourages Hornswaggle to act like him and have fun with his gear. (GOOD baby face tactics IMO). As a thank you to John Cena for helping him out and being cool, Hornswaggle quickly discards this… apparently not cool enough merchandise… to further support DX…The guys who hate him and are suing him for being a fan.

Am I missing something? Does this make any sense to anyone?

Okay enough of that, I don’t actually expect or want a response. Let’s get on to the other topic of the day, my new job. I have accepted the position of booker for the Alberta based Prairie Wrestling Alliance (PWA). PWA promotes monthly wrestling events in Calgary and Edmonton and has been doing so for quite some time. I’ve done one or two appearances for PWA over the years and they have also booked and used several of my SWA grads on their shows.

I attended their last Calgary event, which featured Raven, Daffney, and Vampire Warrior (the former Gangrel). I later met with the owners of PWA and we ended up discussing the possibility of my booking for them, and eventually came to terms and I will start my booking duties at their next event in Edmonton on November 21st.

Before everyone gets excited about wanting to critique my booking, after all the harsh words I’ve had for TNA’s booking, you have to take into account that PWA does not have a TV show, so these are monthly live events not a weekly television product. There will not be a ton of angles/skits/promos/ what have you. To be honest apart from providing an over all direction the majority of my duties will be that of an agent, helping the boys before and after their matches with advice and direction. My hope is that my presence and guidance in the locker room will provide a degree of leadership, which will help PWA and the boys who work for the company improve and grow.

I think it is important to note that we are not business partners, and this is not a joint project with Storm Wrestling Academy. My school is a completely separate entity, which I continue to run on my own in Calgary. Attending my school will not ensure you a spot on the PWA roster, as I’m being hired to book in the best interests of PWA not SWA.

Our goal is to make PWA an even better company and provide Alberta with the best local wrestling product we can, and I hope wrestling fans in Alberta will come out to support us. I’ll be adding a PWA Events page to the site soon. It will feature future event dates and match results, so check back for that, and I hope to see as many Alberta wrestling fans as possible at future PWA events. Edmonton Nov. 21st and Calgary Nov. 28th.