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November 13, 2011

Before I get started I want to apologize to everyone for taking so long to get something posted on the site. I'm finding it harder and harder to find the time to write and possibly more importantly finding it difficult to come up with things to write about. Apart from my monthly Q and A (which is very over due I know) I don't have much going on and there isn't much going on in the industry either, to inspiring me to write.

I do not watch TNA, although I am considering giving them another go, and RAW has been quite uninspiring of late also. WWE isn't bad enough to inspire a venomous rant and certainly not exciting or news worthy enough to warrant discussion. This leaves me very hard press for topics to write about. On top of that I still write a monthly article for Fighting Spirit magazine out of the UK and that article seems to steal any good topics I stumble across over the course of the month. In addition to the Fighting Spirit piece I also do a Figure 4 Daily radio show with Bryan Alvarez every other week on the Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly website. Add to this my attempts to keep up to date on facebook and Twitter and I'm just way too far behind.

If you follow me on Twitter (Storm_Wrestling) you've no doubt noticed I do answer a lot of questions via Twitter. Several people have asked if Twitter questions are replacing the website Q and A's. That is not my intend, it's more just a case of Twitter being accessible on my phone makes it much easier for me to spend 2 minutes here and there to address posts. That said I do not think Twitter is a good forum for Q and A's because on Twitter you get a lot of 1 word answers. I like to quote the question when answering, so it's easier to read, so I'm often left trying to answer in 10 words or less. I encourage you all to email me questions rather than post them on Twitter because while you have to wait longer for answers you will get far better thought out and more in depth answers here.

Okay that said I want to talk a little about Twitter because a lot of people have asked me what I think of it now that I've been using it a while. On the whole I can see its use and appeal but many aspect of it still confuse me. I don't understand people's desire to be followed by people they are a fan of. I can not count the amount of request I get for "Follow Backs" and let me state for the record now that I do not intend to follow people I do not know.

As much as I appreciate the support and no offense intended to anyone, but following fans seems pointless to me. I do not follow that many people and I already find that on Twitter I seldom have the time to check out what people I follow have to say. The majority of my time is spent on "@mentions" so that I can address people wanting to communicate with me. If I add a bunch more follows, especially people I can't put a face to, the sea of Twitter post will just grow to the point where I'm never able to read any of them, so while I will be listed as a "follower" I won't actually be following anyone, I'll just be ignoring everyone.

Also to that end I struggle to understand the desire of people to get retweeted by famous people. The amount of what I like to call "suck up tweets" that get tweeted in an obvious attempt to get an ego stroking retweet is staggering. "You are the greatest of all time, loved your match with so and so". Maybe these are genuine posts but the worker in me is always skeptical. More confusing to me are the, and I just saw one of these today, "My Mom died a year ago today, can I get a retweet?" If I can channel the Miz, REALLY?...REALLY? Is fishing for retweets from people you don't know really the best way to remember a beloved family member? It just feels wrong to me.

All of that said I do enjoy much of the interaction on Twitter, and want to deal with a few things that come up frequently on Twitter.

- First and foremost, I don't like discussing specifics about Storm Wrestling Academy on Twitter. The character limit makes it difficult and discussing price, and training schedules etc, is best done via email. This is not info that will be interesting to anyone else so discussing it in a public forum seems pointless.

- Everyone should also stop asking me about Chris Benoit on Twitter. It is not a subject I care to talk about often, and if I were interested in discussing him it's a far too serious and complicated topic to address in a short Twitter post.

- Don't ask me to rate people. Is this person better than that person, who is the best worker of all time, etc. wrestling is subjective. I'm not going to get into a debate on whether Kurt Angle is the best, 3rd best, or only top 10 workers going today; he's really great anything else is just opinion. Nor will I speculate on who is the best worker to not hold a World Title is, or who is the next break out Star in WWE. There are no right answers to these questions, so I find them a waste of time and feel they just lead to arguments I don't wish to be a part of.

- Please put some degree of thought into your questions. I am dumbfounded at some of the questions I get asked. I think the silliest this week was, "Have I ever met Booker T" I don't know if this person was intending to be funny or is just that uninformed. If you know so little about my career as to not know whether I've met Booker T or not, I can't for the life of me figure out why you would care enough about what I have to say, to follow me on Twitter. I wrestled 2 separate World Tag Team Title programs with Booker T in WWE, and had 2 WCW World Title matches with Booker T in WCW one of which was on both the Rise and Fall of WCW and the Best of Nitro DVDs.

Have I worked "so and so" is one of the more common questions I get asked so before wrapping this commentary up I thought I would talk a bit about some of people I've worked with that even some of my more informed fans may not know about.

Satoro Sayama (The Original Tiger Mask): This one came up on Twitter and this match was a huge thrill of mine. I was a big fan of the Dynamite Kid vs. Tiger Mask matches from Japan so getting to wrestle Sayam was a big honor. The match was December 13, 1996, Yuji Yasuraoka, and I beat Tiger Mask & Masaaki Mochizuki in a tag match at the Sumo Arena in Tokyo Japan.

Abdullah the Butcher: I kid you not; I wrestled Abdullah on several occasions in Japan including 2 singles matches. We both worked for WAR and on several tours were the only 2 Foreigners on the trip, so we spent a fair bit of time together.

Terry Funk: This isn't as big a secret as the previous 2 gentlemen, but since the matches were never televised, people may not know I have the privilege of working The Funker on 2 occasions. This was during WCW when I was the Canadian/US Champion. We worked on 2 live events in Texas, the first being in Terry's home town of Amarillo, TX where I dropped the Title to him only to regain it the following night in Lubbock, TX. The match in Amarillo is one of my all time favourite matches.

Gene Kiniski: Okay I didn't wrestle Gene Kiniski but I did tag with him in a 6-Man match on the last wrestling show he ever worked. The match happened at a WFWA TV taping in Winnipeg on February 25, 1992. Gene wrestled a couple matches that night and while I believe the Battle Royal Main event was his last official match the 6-Man Match was the last regular style match of his career. The match featured Gene Kiniski, Chris Jericho, and I squaring off against Don Callis, Jerry Morrow, and Bulldog Bob Brown.

Brock Lesnar: I've had three matches with Brock Lesnar in WWE and have a 2-1 record against him. I think these matches were his first ones in WWE as he was still in developmental but brought on the road to work live events with guys and learn on the big stage. Brock was great to work with and we had a lot of fun.

John Cena: As far as I know I only had the one match with John Cena but to be honest I have no recollection of it. We worked on an Edmonton house show on October 12th 2002 and according to the record I found I won the match with a Super Kick. This would have been when John was Ruthless Aggression John Cena, or as we used to joke, "Crazy Roll Up Guy".

I've also wrestled, Bobby Roode (BSE in Ontario) AJ Styles (1PW England), Chris Hero (ROH), Davey Richards (ROH tag match), Bryan Danielson (ROH), Christopher Daniels (1PW, BSE, Stampede) to name but a few.

In closing I'll just add one other weird did you know: Did you know I've appeared in Flex, High Times, and Penthouse Magazines?

Lance Storm

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