Q & A

November 16, 2006

Q: What's the best way to get in the business as a non-wrestler(manager, refs, etc)?
A:This is really tough. If you donít have any connections (friends in the business) itís a tough nut to crack. The easiest way would be to find a worker that was interested in having you as a manager and then he could get you booked along with you. If you are starting from scratch itís near impossible because without proven value or experience few Indy promoters will fork out money to book someone in a non-wrestling role.

Q: I know HBK was never one of the bigger wrestlers on tv but I can't help but notice how think he looks now. I was watching a video from 1997 and he was considerably more muscular. What do you think is actual weight is right now and how much do you think he weighed at his peak? Do you think it hurts a wrestler character when they are considerably smaller then they used to look?
A: I would guess Shawn is about 190 lbs right now and would guess he hit his peak at perhaps 225 Ė 230 lbs. Shawn never relied on his build so I donít think it hurts him at all, further more when you are as good and as over as HBK it really doesnít matter what he looks like. He could even win the world title in crappy brown tights and get away with it. Oh right, he actually did that (LOL). If your build was your gimmick (Chris Master, Paul Orndorph, etc,) coming back much smaller would be a bigger issue.

Q: What do you think of the elimination chamber headlining the WWECW ppv? Surely having 6 tops guys in one match will detract from the rest of the card in a big way, I'd personally rather pay to see 3 great 1on1 matches than 1 match with 6 great wrestlers. Its going to be interesting to see what they do with the rest of the card. Your thoughts?
A: Itís a tough call. I think WWE feels that a HUGE gimmick match like the chamber with 6 big names will mean enough to draw. I tend to agree with them because at least a Chamber match is completely unique and not something you will see on TV. If they did Punk-Know, Test-RVD, Show-Lashley they would be offering match up you might see for free on TV and be less apt to pay for.

Q: One of my favorite memories of WCW was when you won and renamed every title except the world title. The names were great. What was your favorite storyline/angle in your career?
A: This is so hard because over 16 years Iíve done so much. I love the Drug Test angle I did with Dreamer and the Angle building up the 3-way PPV match with Whipwreck and Lynn was great. (Shame the match never happened). The Team Canada stuff was a lot of fun too.

Q: Did you ever wrestle Haku? And are the some of the stories about him true?
A: I worked with Haku in WCW. He is a great guy and was very easy to work with. Iím not sure what stories exactly you mean, but if they involve him being a very tough and dangerous man, YAH they are true.

Q: Have you ever signed your wrestling name when you were supposed to sign your real name, like on a check or credit card receipt or anything?
A: All the time.

Q: How do royites work? I mean they canít afford to give you a really good % can they? With say 60 wrestlers on one game and it sales for $50 just say, then you got a 25%-30% mark up at the store, so the game only brings in like $30-$35 to WWE then they split that with the company who made the game and so on. What is the smallest amount check you've ever got from the WWE? Anything less than $100?
A: I donít know what the exact percentages are, but when you deal with the volume that WWE does when they sell merchandise it can work out to a lot of money.

Q: They say that sometimes a wrestler who gets over, is a wrestler who's in ring personality is close to his real life one. Like Flair in the 80's and 90's. He was what he was in and out of the ring. Is this why the Rated R Superstar works for Edge? Of him, Rhino, Christian, you, and Jericho, he seems like he's the most cocky, which might be the reason his character is so good now compaired to when he was a babyface.
A: I donít know if I would say they have to be close to what you really are. Lance Storm and Lance Evers are VERY VERY different. And Jericho is very good as a face and as a heel and those two characters are quite different. Part of the character has to come from the heart but it doesnít mean you have to be like that character.

Q: Whatís the last good movie you saw in the theater?
A: I saw The Departed and thought it was real good.

Q: Can you tell us your Top 3 favorite places to eat on the road? Minus Cracker Barrell. Cause we all know you love it.
A: Skyline Diner in Newark, NJ, Outback Steak House, Bob Evans.

Q: Whats your favorite meal, that your wife makes you? Lets say you arenít watching calories or fat grams..what would it be?
A: Actually itís the same either way she does a Steal Head Trout with a lemon rice that is amazing!!!!!

Q: What do you think are the chances of the WWE or TNA to actually have a women's division with actual women wrestlers?
A: WWE does have one itís just not as good as it used to be. RAW has Lita, Mickie, Victoria, who are quite good and a few other girls who can get by in the ring. TNA on the other hand doesnít really have enough TV time at 1-hour to really build yet another division. Itís a bit of a shame since Gail is such a good worker, and from what I understand Christy has learned a lot since debuting in WWE.

Q: Do you prefer the Japanese wrestling style or the Mexican wrestling style?
A: Iíve always been a fan of the Japanese style and to be honest never fully grasped the Lucha style.

Q: Do you think Matt Hardy is being under-utilized compared to his brother Jeff?
A: Heís not currently being pushed as much as Jeff, but Jeff is a bit fresher right now seeing that he just returned.

Q: What do you enjoy more, RoH or the new "ECW"?
A: I donít get to see ROH regularly so it is hard to compare. I really enjoyed my ROH experience so I would more than likely prefer that product if I got to see it on a similar scale as ECW.

Q: With witch tag team partner do you have the most fun and/or chemistry in the ring?
A:Itís too hard to pick because I had so many great ones, and being with them for different durations and situations it becomes apples and oranges.

Q: Witch tag team was the most fun working against?
A: Again this is so hard to pick, I might say Hogan and Edge, because Edge, Christian and I were such good friends and Hogan isÖwell Hogan.

Q: Who's funnier on the mic : Christian or Edge?
A: I think Christian is the funnier of the 2 on most if not all fronts. He is certainly funnier looking!

Q: In the past couple of years WWE have been changing Canadian wrestlers location they are from to American cities and states do you know the reasoning for this, and if you were still there would you let them change where you are announced as being from?
A: I think the logic behind this was fear that baby faced Canadians popularity would be damaged in the US being billed from Canada. This was being done on the heels of the Un-American gimmick, and I think they fears baby face Canadians would get some of that heat. If I were still there I would do what ever they told me to do, as did they.

Q: I was surprised to hear you have a brother who wrestles for Stampede. Curious as to who trained him and what name he competes under? Is he interested in making it a career as you did?
A: My brother for the most part is self-taught. Iíve being in the ring with him maybe a total of a couple hours. He started hanging out at the shows for fun. He then started lending a hand with the ring and working out before the shows. They eventually were short handed and offered him a chance to work and he took it. Heís had maybe 8 matches and wrestles as Dean Ranger. He does not plan on making this a career, he is my older brother and just finds it fun.

Q: How does the whole flamming tables thing work anyway? How do they control them so well?
A: Itís actually pretty simple, they put lighter fluid on the table, set it on fire, and then hope for the best and try not to stay in the fire too long after they bump into it. This business isnít as ďfakeĒ as a lot of people think. A lot of guys get burnt.

Q: Whats going on with the whole Dudley Boyz rights to the name. Why don't they have the Dudley Boyz rights. Didn't they have the name way before they worked for Vince?
A: Vince but all of the ECW copyrights and product. There is dispute over whether ECW owned the Dudley Boys name or not. If ECW did them Vince does now.

Q: What was WCW thinking when they made Arquette WCW Champion?
A: I debate the use of the word ďThinkingĒ (LOL). Seriously I believe they figured that he was a Hollywood star and putting the title on him would garner Main Stream publicity, and earn a lot of free big time press. I think the problem was that Arquette is a C-List celebrity at best and him winning wasnít going to be a bigg enough deal to get the press and ended up more looking like a bad joke. It also alienated Wrestling Fans and ended up being a double negative for the company.

Q: Traditionally guys with big muscles and loud personality have a bright future in WWE, so do you feel that Monty Brown could have a bright future in WWE, especially on SmackDown! Itís quite well known that WWE has been searching for the next ROCK in the company so probably Monty could take that spot.
A: I think looking at Rockís spot might be a bit much but Monty is a colourful personality so he should do fairly well. I think one thing people will be surprised about if he should join WWE is that he isnít as big as they think he is. Christian was considered quite small by WWE standards and when he and Monty feuded they were about the same size. Monty had the better build but Christian was as big of a person.

Q: When going to Japan does it take time to change your mental attitude towards wrestling in the ring due to the style change? Did you know of guys who didnít like to go to Japan due to the harder hitting style? Was it better just being able to go in the ring and wrestle without having the crazy angles, crazy gimmicks etc?
A: I didnít find it hard to adjust because wrestling really was my forte so I didnít have to adjust much.

Q: Kurt Angle recently made the statement in an interview that he wasn't pushed enough in the WWE. As a former WWE wrestler who worked your ass off on a weekly basis who at many times was under pushed does it tick you off to hear a guy who held almost every WWE Title, King of the Ring Winner, and a guy who headlined tons of Pay Per Views complaining about a push? Do you think the other wrestlers would be upset by that statement? I'm sure he meant his ECW run but don't you think it was stupid of Kurt to complain about the WWE trying to use his star power to get another brand off the ground? Personally I feel its just shows him to be selfish if he complains about his push after a run like he had. What do you think?
A: I believe Kurt meant his WWE time when he said that and whether I deserved more or worked hard doesnít really change the validity or arrogance (depending on your view) of his statement. I do believe that airing too many sour grapes will lead to a backlash and a damaging to his stock as a performer in the eyes of fans. He received a lot in WWE but I think a case can be made that for as good as he was there and with the Gold Medal credibility more could have been done. Having an Olympic Gold Medallist playing the ukulele and singing while wearing a kidís cowboy hat might not have been the best utilization of his skills.

Q: With the several WWE/WWF, WCW, and soon TNA videogames over the years as well as the public knowledge of the "true nature" of wrestling, do you think Vince McMahon and other wrestling owners would allow a real wrestling simulation game, which isn't a fighting game but where players are given a time limit and a finish and plan the match?
A: I actually pitched this idea to Acclaim when I was at their offices working on the first ECW video game. I pitched the idea of doing a version where the two players worked together to put on a great match and find a way for the computer to then rate the match. You would then try to put on a 5-Star match, instead of trying to win.

Q: Which do you think is more important for the long term health of the industry: the success of the new ECW or TNA?
A: TNA hands down!!!!!!

Q: You said you can't bring yourself to buy a PPV, why is that? Just know too much of what going on?
A: Being a part of the industry for so long it just seems wrong to have to pay for it. It sounds dumb but that is the way I feel.

Q: Would Umaga get heat from the boys if he did not stiff steve-o for the no sell job.
A: I doubt he would get Heat, but they would definitely be disappointed in him. He certainly wouldnít get heat for Stiffing him.

Q: Should WWE use foreign talent, with different styles more? Guy like Taylor and Mysterio can get over a bit more, with having a different style.
A: Different Styles are great but they have to be versatile also.

Q: How do you feel about the alleged (according to various wrestling news sites) "anti-RVD" perspective that Vince McMahon has for ECW's title picture? I mean, do you think it is true that McMahon doesn't want RVD to ever again wear a world title again because of last summer's arrest? If you think that is true, do you agree with it? Do you think that RVD will ever have a chance to prove himself worthy?
A: I think whenever you use the terms ďneverĒ or ďeverĒ youíre just being silly. There is an expression in this business, ďNever say neverĒ. There is likely the thought that if they just put the Title back on Rob it sends a bad message that all sins are immediately forgiven. I also think it feels a little like taking step back, just putting the title back where it was. Rob will likely get a chance again, but making both him and the fans wait could make Rob even more over and make a title reign mean so much more should it happen down the road.

Q: With the cruiserweight, U.S, and the World Heavyweight titles (titles made known from WCW) on Smackdown, an existing third brand(ECW) and so on, do you think it would be logical to just change Smackdown into WCW? I mean 2 WWE named brands, and one ECW just doesn't seem to balance out to me. But three seperate named entities makes a whole lot more sense to me. What do you think?
A: Sound good in theory but WWE is such a strongly branded name that getting rid of it in favour of a far less prominent brand name like WCW would likely hurt business. Iíd never actually noticed the WCW similarities with the Titles.

Q: Do you have any idea whatever happened to Gangrel & Luna ? I loved them and heard Gangrel was under ECW contract but have yet to see him on tv or anything... and I would love to see Luna back in the WWE and put some of the non-wrestling divas in their place!
A: I have no idea what they are up to. Gangrel was hired by WWE when I was in OVW and they had him down there for a while. He seemed like a really great guy. Iím not sure why they decided against using him.

Q: When you were in WCW, had you then realized that you are in a sinking boat and that you should abandon ship (quit WCW) or jump ship (go to WWF)?[P.S if you dont mind but which was your best year in terms of salary within the three big companies WCW, WWF/E and ECW and how much did you earn?]
A: I donít think anyone thought WCW was a sinking ship. Turner had always supported it financially and it had lost money before. My biggest money year in the business was my 1-year with WCW.

Q: I heard about your academy SWA AND I hope you have lots of luck. Do you straighten out guys who act to cocky, show arrogance, lack of respect etc.( I would love to join but i think its quite expensive !!!!)?
A: I havenít had any problems with attitudes. I think when someone invests good money into their future they want to get everything they can out of it so everyone thus far has had a great attitude and was eager to learn. As far as the cost of my Academy, I believe you get what you pay for and if you figure it out Iím actually charging almost the same rate I paid to train 16 years ago. I paid $2000 for 8 and I offer 12 weeks at $3500. Thatís about a 1% increase per year, lower than inflation.

Q: Are there any asian communties (Pakistani, Indians, etc) in Calgary? Do you know any asians (espcially any Pakistanis) in Calgary ?
A: I donít know if there are specific communities, but there are people from Pakistan and India living in Calgary. Two of my current students are from India; or rather their parents are they were actually born in Canada.

Q: I really liked your tagline on your SWA t-shirt. did you make it up yourselves?
A: I did yes, thank you.

Q: do you watch movies and of what types? and also whats your zordic sign and do you believe in astrology?
A: I do not believe in Astrology, but my Birthday is April 3rd, which makes me an Aries. I watch movies yes and enjoy all kinds apart from Horror flicks.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm