Brock Lesnar

November 17, 2008

What can I say about the Brock Lesnar – Randy Couture fight, other than, “Boy can I pick-em!” In case you missed it I posted my UFC 91 predictions Friday night and I picked Brock Lesnar over Randy Couture by ground and pound stoppage in either the 2nd or 3rd round. That’s about as close to hitting the nail on the head as you can get, because for those of you who missed it, Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Couture by ground and pound stoppage in the 2nd round to capture the UFC Heavyweight Title.

That being said the fight did not go exactly as I expected. Randy faired far better at the wrestling game than I expected. I know Randy is an amazing wrestler, but I still figured Brock could dominate him far more than he did, based solely on his weight and strength advantage. I felt Brock did have the upper hand when wrestling in the fight but it was in no way a miss match, and considering the weight difference Randy was amazing. Couture stopped a couple takedown attempts by Brock and managed to get back to his feet a couple times after being on the mat with Lesnar on top of him.

Another part of the fight that amazed me was how well Brock did on his feet. Going in, everyone talked about Randy Couture’s great lateral movement and superior boxing skill, yet in my opinion Brock not only held his own on his feet but was actually winning the stand up game, even before the knock down. In my opinion Brock can no longer be considered just a 1-dimentional fighter. Brock is still predominantly a wrestler but he’s got some pretty good hands too, and when his hands are that big and that heavy he doesn’t need to land too many of them.

Randy Couture is considered a very good boxer yet Brock hung with him and beat him on his feet. Randy may have landed a few more punched but most of the exchanges were fairly even with Brock landing the far more damaging blows. Brock rocked Randy a couple times before finally dropping him with the right hand and at no point did Brock appear fazed by any of Randy’s stand-up.

Brock was hit for the first time in this fight and was even busted open over his right eye, yet held up perfectly. He was not fazed by the cut or the shots, which is a lot more than I can say for Tim Silvia who Randy managed to drop with a punch, in their fight. Brock has thus far dropped all three of his UFC opponents with the right hand, two of which were in the first minute of the fight, which I think means a lot. Brock has the ability to pose problems for people on his feet and even bigger trouble on the ground. We still have no idea how he will hold up against strong kicker but I’m guessing anyone who throws more than two or three kicks is going to end up on their back in a hurry.

I can’t wait for the Nogueira – Mir fight and then the Title unification match that will follow. My money is on Nogueira beating Mir (which I will enjoy watching tremendously), which will lead to Lesnar – Nogueira which should be Brock’s toughest challenge yet. I’m on the fence on who to pick for this match up, should it happen, (I’m leaning towards Nogueira) but I’m feeling better about Brock’s chances knowing he can inflict some damage from his feet where Nogueira (or Mir) will have a lot harder time hooking submissions.

Congratulations Brock on the big win. Hard work does pay off. Of course being the size of a small truck doesn’t hurt either.

In closing I just want to add that I think all future Lesnar referees should have to take a hammer fist pounding on the ground from Brock Lesnar so they have an idea of what kind of abuse these guys are taking on the bottom. I slow motioned the end of the fight and Randy took 40 (I’m not exaggeration, I counted in slow-mo) unanswered blows on the ground before Mario Yamasaki stepped in to stop the fight.

Lance Storm