Q & A

November 19, 2006

Q: When you wrestled Bryan Danielson in ROH, do you feel the match went well and where can i see it?
A: I was extremely happy with it. You can buy the DVD at:
Storm Ė Danielson ROH DVD

Q: I would love to see you in the ring once again. If TNA or WWE offers u a contract would you accept?
A: Iíve made it clear to both companies that I have no interest in returning to the ring on a regular basis. WWE offered me a 3-year contract to join ECW, which I turned down.

Q: I was curious what are your thoughts on Harry Smith? His hype has been huge over the last year (at least in the indies and on the internet) Do you think he is a good and ready to work for the WWE considering he is only 20?
A: I donít think age is the determining factor. Harry has been around the business a long time so he is likely beyond his years in that respect. Harry is a talented kid and should do quite well when they finally decide what to do with him.

Q: If Hogan and Austin ever wrestled each other who do you think should go over in that match?
A: Itís really a no win situation, which is why I donít think the match will ever happen. They are both faces and both pretty much retired, so there is no real business reason for either to go over or get beat.

Q: recently read your commentary on tag teams and thought it was great. With their division gone stale, what are your thoughts on TNA's tag division? Do you believe they have what it takes to keep the art of tag team wrestling alive? Between AMW, The Naturals, Team 3D, LAX, and the James Gang, that sounds like a pretty good roster of legitimate tag teams with only a one hour show. What are your thoughts on AMW & The Naturals specifically?
A: It is a solid tag roster but the problem still exists of trying to keep that many teams strong with only 1-hour of TV. I donítí remember the last time I actually saw the James Gang have a match. They donítí have time for more than one tag match per week so it will be hard to make the whole division seem strong.

Q: i remember matt hardy had heat for not taking a choke slam from taker during his return from the lita/edge ordeal.....i would think him getting scrubed would hurt his push.....isnt the undertaker in a way holding him back then or the office is ?
A: I donít believe taking that bump would have hurt Hardy or held him back, while refusing to do something calls for punishment. I think far too many people read too much into the effects of one loss or one bump. Does anyone remember who the guys were who did feed in and take the choke slam and think of them as less for doing so? During the Invasion days on House Shows Austin would sometimes, on the fly, feed in during the ďFeed Kane and Takerís choke slams meleeĒ we used to do at the end of their tag matches with Paige and Awesome. Austin was part of the Alliance and wasnít scheduled to feed in but did it for the hell of it. It didnítí hurt his credibility.

Q: I'm a big fan of Lisa Moretti's (Ivory's) and was just wondering what your thoughts of her are? Did you enjoy being paired up with her? I know you worked alongside her in the WWE Vs. ECW/WCW alliance, as well as The Hurricane & Mighty Molly.
A: Ivory is completely crazy, in a good way. She was a lot of fun to work with because she had unbelievable levels of energy.

Q: why doesn't smackdown just air live. I think one of Smackdowns problems is that its taped on a tuesday and shown on a friday. Even when it was on thursdays, i still read the spoilers and if it was good i'd watch it. Why don't they just air live before ECW comes on?
A: The reason it doesnít air live is that it would cost WWE MILLIONS of Dollars to keep their TV production out on the road all week. With doing the Shows together they save a ton of travel, and set up type costs. I donít think it being taped hurts it at all. Itís a good or bad show based on booking and performance not a tape delay.

Q: Do you think they'll ever be an ECW wing to the WWE Hall Of Fame?
A: Of course not. When Harley Race went in he didnít go into a NWA wing he is just in the Hall of Fame. They have to be basing his induction on his years in the NWA more than his run as King Harley Race. Verne Gagne didnít go into the AWA wing, and he certainly didnít do enough in WWE to warrant Hall of Fame status.

Q: Its amazing to see guys still wrestling that wrestled when my dad watch wrestling. How many more years do you think Ric Flair will continue to wrestle?
A: I honestly think Ric Flair will wrestle until he dies.

Q: I liked Muhammad Hassan. I thought the kid had potenatial. He's a great athletic. I know the whole Iraqi thing is a swore subject right now, so why not bring him in as another character?
A: The only reason he lasted as long as he did was that they liked the character. He was a poor performer and was unpopular for his attitude.

Q: I was reading the F4W report on Cyber Sunday, and he mentioned that Booker is strange in that he puts on good matches with good workers and great matches with great workers, but awful matches with awful workers. Do you think Booker is just a product of who he wrestles with, and thus our great memories of him are largely thanks to guys like Benoit? Or are some matches just impossible to save unless your name rhymes with Vret Bart or Vance Blorm?
A: LOL. Every performer is different and some people can pull more out of their opponent than others. I group workers into certain categories. There are the true ring generals who dictate pace and can pull just about anything out of anyone, regardless of whom they work. They tend to call the shots and force the work rate in every match they are in. There are then those who are good workers/wrestlers but will be just as happy to follow as appose to lead, and may not have the creativity or drive to force the issue with a less motivated or talented worker. Then there are the carriable workers who canít lead or carry others but can have good matches if they only have to follow. There are then of course the guys who you have to pull teeth to even get a decent match out of. I would put Booker in the lower end of the top category or the upper end of the second. If he is in their with someone who really wants to go and forces the issue Booker can hang with him. If he is in with a less motivated or less skilled worker he may not force the issue as much and then allow him self to be pulled down a notch.

Q: You seem to be closer to him than most, so in your mind will Chris Jericho make a return to the ring soon (next few years) or does he seem happy with his life outside of the ring?
A: He is very happy and busy with his life right now. I doubt we will see him back in wrestling soon, but I think we will again in less than 3-5.

Q: Any difference between the ROH ring and others you have worked? It seems to have a lot of bounce in it.
A: I think the ROH ring is a Highspots ring and it did have a ton of bounce to it. More than I like really.

Q: Have you seen any of Matt Sydal's work in ROH, if so thoughts.
A: I havenít really no. Iíve seen a match or two but it was a while ago and I donítí really recall anything specific.

Q: I am more and more impressed with Alex Shelly, what is your take on him?
A: I donít have a solid take on Shelly because in TNA X-Div. Guys get so little time to establish themselves. Heís funny with his promo bits with Nash, but in the ring itís always the 2 minute car-crash matches that donítí let me get a true feel of who he is in the ring. Iíd like to see him and many other X guys get 8-10 to really show us what they are made of.

Q: I get that TV makes money, but has it hurt the sport of wrestling? Meaning, now matches are built around TV, instead of being built around a good match. Such as the big HBK/Shane table/ladder bump at the 1st Saturday night main event. The bump was to carry a break (as you pointed out), but it hurt that match. So the short of it is, does TV hurt the match quality, if so anything that can be done about it?
A: I think it does hurt match quality. Whenever you put a stopwatch to a match you limit itís creativity. The problem is TV is good for business so it is a double-edged sword. I donítí think anything can be done about it.

Q: What do guys backstage at an indy event do? How early do you have to be there?
A: Everywhere is different 1-hour to 90 minutes is fairly common. Most guys chat hang out and prepare for their match.

Q: Kind of a dumb question, but I will ask anyway. How much prior to a match do you get all your gear on?
A: I usually get my stuff on fairly early. I never like to rush so I tend to do most things earlier than later.

Q: Any chance you could walk us though what you do pre-match, like when you get gear on, when you stretch etc.
A: I donít do much and donít have a set ritual. Once I have my stuff on I relax and get my head in the game. I then do a few push ups etc to pump up a bit of stretching, and thatís it. If Iím on late I usually watch some of the early matches.

Q: Is there a doctor or trainer that travels with WWE to all events?
A: Yes, they take care of the talent very well. Except for Larry the SD trainer, he damn near killed be 2 or 3 times (LOL this is a bit of an inside joke. He once put the tiniest nick in my thumb (smaller than a paper cut) cutting my wrist tape off. I sold it like he cut my jugular, and it became a running rib. I also got a small electrical burn from the Stim machine once. He put it on and left the room, it was uncomfortable but I didnít say anything and when he took it off there was a small small burn mark. I bugged him for over a year about how dangerous he was. I used to remind him how much safer I was in Chrisís (RAW Trainer) hands after I was traded to RAW.

Q: What was WWE catering like for events? You mentioned how picky you have to be while on your diet, so it would seem like catering would be a hard set up.
A: They are catering a WWE event so they know they need to have healthy food. There is always some kind of basic Chicken Breast dish as well as a fair variety.

Q: At the Summerslam '96, Owen Hart piledrove Steve Austin's head on the canvas which led to Austin's career ending injuries. I haven't read Austin's book or heard much insider discussion on this, but I have to wonder what the general consensus is among wrestlers regarding this particular move. As you watch the setup and delivery of that piledriver, do you personally think Owen was exceptionally overzealous and greatly at fault, or think it was just a common mistake?
A: The thing that has always bugged me about that specific pile driver is that it wasnít one of the standard pile drivers and I donít understand why it was done the way they did it. There is the traditional pile driver where the guy is facing out when he takes it and the person giving it falls to their ass. The Tombstone the person faces in and the guy goes to his knees. These are the two traditional and safer pile drivers. The Owen - Stone Cold pile driver had Steve facing in like a tombstone pile driver but Owen went to his ass, which in my opinion is very unsafe. I donít know if this was a mistake or there was a reason he or they chose to do it this way. Pile Drivers have been done this way before but generally the guy giving it is considerably larger than the guy taking it to better protect him. Owen was smaller than Steve and with a sit down pile driver facing in there is no room for the guy taking it to tuck his chin and protect himself.

Q: Do you have any pets? If so, are you more of a dog person, cat person, fish person, or other?
A: I have dog named Jack who is named after Jack Reacher from the Lee Child series we read for Book Marks. I wanted to call him Reacher but my wife over ruled me so we settled on Jack. This was he is also named after Repairman Jack another of my literary heroes from the F. Paul Wilson series.

Q: Who are some of your favorite bands or musicians?
A: Iím not a huge music buff and have a wide variety of tastes. Iím a big Eminem fan (I know I wouldnít have thought so knowing me either), I like Gwen Stefani, Nickleback.

Q: What is an ideal day off for you?
A: Sitting with my dog reading a book. I would be the one reading the book not the dog.

Q: How do you feel of the reunion of the hardy boyz at survivor series, and do you think they will anything with the two after the pay-per-view.
A: I love the feel of this yearís survivor series. There are a lot of unique pairing that we likely would never get to see otherwise. I think the PPV will just be a sample and to see how the crowd reacts to the reunion. If they are smart they will wait to see how the crowd reacts.

Q: Many feel that Chris Benoit in many ways was the next Dynamite Kid. Many people now feel Bryan Danielson could become the next Chris Benoit. Is it bad to be labeled the next whoever or is it better to become the first you?
A: I think it is better to find yourself. Itís hard to be the next someone else. It is also a lot of pressure to try to fill someone elseís shoes, especially ones as big as Dynamites or Benoitís

Q: In your most recent Q&A, when listing your favourite talent for your fantasy promotion I was surprised to see the inclusion of Randy Orton. Would you really want the man of 1000 chinlocks and restholds in your company along with such talented wrestlers? I'm just surprised you're a fan of his work.
A: Iím tired of the chin lock too, but Iím assuming he is doing it to spite those who keep complaining about it. He is after all a heel. Randy has star quality in my opinion and has had some great matches. Iíd tell him to lay of the chin locks a bit if I were his boss.

Q: Owen Hart was and still is my favorite wrestler to watch. Have you ever wrestled or met Owen? My favorite wrestling match involving Owen was probably the Wrestlemania X match with Bret. Do you have a favorite Owen Hart match?
A: I too am a big fan of the Mania X match. I met Owen on two very brief occasions and did not know him well. We never had the chance to work.

Q: Chris Adams mentioned touring Lebanon with you (you might remember not getting paid ;) ). What was your opinion of Chris Adams?
A: Chris and I had an interesting relationship. We got on well but I sensed a underlying tension that I didnít understand.

Q: If you ever did run a developmental territory for WWE would you push to bring in some of your SWA students?
A: Of course I would, those that deserved it.

Q: Do you think that Bryan Danielson could join the WWE any time soon? Shawn Michaels spoke highly of him in his book and I think he would be a great addition to the ECW roster.
A: He is talented enough as are a lot of guys out there. Itís more about whether WWE decided to give them a chance.

Q: Did you have any kind of pre match ritual or something unique that you'd do to get yourself ready for a match??
A: Not really no. I was always more a flip the switch as I went through the curtain type of guy. I did usually take the stair to Gorilla three at a time very slowly and sink into a stretch with each step. In ECW Dawn and I would stand behind the curtain joking and screwing around until our music hit and Iíd say ďLetís go to workĒ and weíd go through the curtain.

Q: How did your family adjust to you being on the road so much?
A: It was a gradual slow adjustment so it was tolerable I guess. Thankfully kids are durable and I was always on the road so that was just what life was like for them. Now that I am home all the time they could never go back to how it was. My wife managed because she is an amazingly strong person. She basically lived her life like a single Mom who had a boyfriend stay over a couple nights a week.

Q: There is a rumor of TNA wanting you as part of their effort to gain top superstars to their roster. Would you accept TNA offer if it comes reality for you?
A: After my last TNA rant they have likely changed their minds!!!! I would not accept one no. I belong to my wife and kids now.

Q: My question is about Mike Awesome. I always thought he was an impressive performer who could amaze doing the things he did for his height. I just wanted to know what your thoughts were on him as a performer. Do you think he was just a hardocre guy who was a high spot wrestler?
A: I donít like using such strict labels. Mike was very good at a certain style of wrestling. He was not as versatile as I was, which is why he didnít fair as well in WWE. Mike always played the monster and when he got to WWE he was more mid sized and didnít get the time to adjust to that.

Q: I had a question about copyrights. Lets assume WWE ownís Chris Jerichoís ĎY2Jí nickname since he started that in the WWE. If he went to TNA and the crowd loudly chanted ĎY2J, Y2Jí out of habit for him everytime he was on tv, does that create a problem with the WWE?
A: They might not like it but fans are free to say what ever the hell they want so I doubt there is anything they could do about it.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm