November 19, 2007

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I have been somewhat less than thrilled with the current pro-wrestling product. I find myself less and less compelled to tune in each week and Iím finding this fact both sad and frustrating. TNA has a locker room full of guys I want to see work, but seldom get too. Impact has been slowly improving since going to 2-hours, but still has a long way to go, and they are as yet to book one angle on TV that has left me longing for next weekís show. WWE hasnít been any better, although a lot of that isnít entirely their fault. WWE has been suffering from talent departures, talent injuries, talent suspensions, and two very unfortunate McMahon angle disasters (his death and illegitimate son), leaving WWE branded shows far from must see TV.

I still follow the shows as best I can, I likely always will, but Iíve found myself broadening my horizons lately and have been catching more and more MMA. Iíve always had an interest in MMA; Iíve just never had the time to devote to it before. Now that I am off the road, I have a lot more free time, and since WWE and TNA havenít been gripping me terribly much of late, Iíve started making a point of following a few MMA shows regularly.

Iím not an exclusive UFC fan either, although they certainly are the leader of the pack, and Iíve made a point to catch The Ultimate Fighter this season, and catch UFC Unleashed as often as possible. They havenít hooked me enough to get me to buy a PPV event yet, but that likely isnít too far off. Iíve finally order a digital cable box and upgraded my cable package in order to have the capability if the mood should strike me. The truth is unless they manage to hook me earlier, I will definitely initiate myself into the world of UFC PPV with Brock Lesnarís UFC debut, which I believe is scheduled for February.

As big as UFC is, the MMA product Iíve been watching more than anything else is BoDog Fight, which airs on The Score here in Canada. I think it also airs on The Fight Network but I donít get that channel until my cable box and cable upgrade kick in on Tuesday. I discovered BoDog through my buddy Paul Lazenby who does commentary for them, I watched a few shows to see him and fell in love with the product. BoDog Fight takes place in a regular boxing style ring, which I donít necessarily like as much as the cage, but regardless of that, the fights have been awesome.

Iím not expert enough to judge whether the BoDog fight guys are more or less talented than the UFC guys, but as the saying goes, ďI may not know much about art (MMA), but I know what I likeĒ and BoDog Fight has been great. Most UFC shows lately seem to be almost all stand up and I find BoDog gives me more of a balanced show. I really like the ground game so seeing a few fights go to the ground is a real plus for me, and the fights that have stayed on their feet have been incredible slugfests as well.

Another bonus to BoDog Fight is that they have women competitors. At first I didnít know if I would enjoy watching womenís MMA, but it turns out I do. Iíve seen maybe 3 or 4 womenís matches thus far and they were all great. I think one of the real plusses to womenís MMA is that the girls donít have the same knockout power as the men, so the slugfests, when they occur, last longer, and the ground game, due to increased flexibility, is often more compelling too. The girls have to do more to get their wins, so they bust their ass and work even harder.

If you havenít checked out BoDog Fight you really should, itís a great product, and my buddy Paul is a great commentator as well as a great guy. If that isnít enough Royce Gracie has been doing some guest commentary so youíll get to hear him offer his insightful tidbit of wisdom ďI think he should go for submissionĒ at least twice a fight!!!! Sorry Royce, youíre a great fighter and an MMA legend, but you are the MMA equivalent of WWEís Dave Batista on commentary. (LOL).

Iím certainly not giving up or bailing on my pro-wrestling roots, and I hope now with Edgeís return and Jerichoís pending return tonight, that WWE will become far more compelling, but Iíve definitely broadened my horizons and am a full fledge MMA fan now as well.

Till next week,
Lance Storm