OJ Simpson

November 20, 2006

I know this has nothing to do with wrestling but I just have to rant on this because it is one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard. I debated about not writing about this at all, because I didn’t want to further promote this project, but I figure it will be all over the news and unless you live in a bubble you are going to hear about it anyway.

OJ Simpson has wrote a book titled, “If I did it,” This is supposed to be a hypothetical book describing how he would have killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman, “If” he had done it. I realize there is free speech in this Country and he is completely free to write whatever “hypothetical” book he wishes, but this is about as tasteless as you can get. He is even doing a 2-part special interview on FOX to help promote this book.

If there was ever a case for a public boycott of a tasteless attempt to capitalize on and make money off a horrific criminal act this is it. Regardless of whether he DID or didn’t commit these murders a book like this can only enrage and cause further emotional pain on the families of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman. OJ Simpson is all but laughing in the face of the victim’s families and the justice system that acquitted him. There are likely a lot of people planning to purchase this book and from what I understand there are already a lot of advanced orders already placed, out of morbid curiosity alone, but if there was ever a case for restraint and putting a greater good ahead of you own curiosity this is it. I followed the majority of the OJ trial back in 94 - 94 and I have as much curiosity as the next person as to what OJ said in this book, but buying a book like this is endorsing OJ Simpson and the ignorance behind this book.

We as a public need to send a message that one should not be able to make money off of the pain and suffering of others, and that a criminal (murderer) should not be able to profit and make money of the crime (murders) he committed. Despite my curiosity I will not tune into the FOX Interviews and I WILL NOT purchase this book. I am even planning to go so far as to avoid buying books published by Regan Books, the publishing house releasing this atrocity.

For anyone out there who wanted to give OJ Simpson the benefit of the doubt in the murder case of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman based on his track record as a sports celebrity and hero I think this book shows his true colours. How could anyone motivated by anything but money power and ego write and publish a book like this. Even assume that he was innocent of the murders; put yourself in his position. Your ex-wife and another man are violently murdered, and you are wrongfully charged with those murders. You managed to win at trial and get acquitted. You then later decide to write a “Fictional” book about how you would have killed your ex-wife and this other man, if you had really done it. Keep in mind here that OJ and Nicole have children, so not only does the still grieving families of Ron Goldman have to suffer through the publishing of you book, but so do your own kids!!!!! Perhaps he will give autographed copies of “How I “hypothetically” killed your mother” to his kids for Christmas. This book is absolute sick and the man who wrote it and the publisher who decided to publish it are as well.

I guess OJ got tired of searching for the “real killers” and decided to write this book in hopes that they would eventually reveal themselves by suing him for steeling their story and a portion of the profits from it!

Please show that you have more common decency than Regan Books, and OJ Simpson and DO NOT support this interview by watching it or this book buy purchasing it! (If you’ve preordered it, you CAN cancel the order and get your money back!) I know we are all curious, but showing respect to the families of the MURDERED Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman should take precedence over our own morbid curiosity. Let’s show the world we are good and decent people and WILL NOT support those who are not!

Lance Evers

P.S. I was happy to learn that someone at FOX came to their senses and both the Interview and the Book have been pulled since this commentary was posted. Good to know that common decency can prevail!!!