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November 20, 2011

Q: I just watched an old match on RAW in which Steve Austin spent an entire match of yours on stage talking about how boring you are. I haven't seen the conclusion of the story so I don't know what the result was, but it reminds me sharply of the current commentary burial of Daniel Bryan. In light of this, what is your opinion of the seemingly similar situation of Michael Cole burying Daniel Bryan when clearly neither Bryan, nor you, are boring in the ring? Surely it can't be helpful?

A: Generally speaking burials don't help, and labeling anyone as boring is a bad idea. The deal with Austin could have worked and it was originally going somewhere but it got lost in translation so to speak and eventually dropped or rerouted and ended up doing way more harm than good. If you remember back to 2003 when Austin was the Sheriff of WWE and doing an angle with Jericho building to a Survivor Series match where Eric Bischoff had a team as did Austin and there were stips of some kind. I'd just turned face off the Austin Boring deal and I was originally going to be part of Austin's team, which could have been the pay off to the boring angle. There was a singles match between Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels also scheduled on that PPV. A week or so before the event the decision was made to post pone the Orton - HBK singles match so in order to get both guys on the PPV they were put in the team match and I was the guy that got bumped out of the match for Shawn. At that point my whole angle died and was never paid off.

Q: When you did promos in ECW, WCW and WWE, did you ever use cue cards? These days I always kind of hope that the guys and Divas on TV are good enough on the stick to be able to memorize their stuff, but what if they're not? Cue cards at the ready for them?

A: I never used nor saw anyone else use Cue Cards. When I was reading the prepared statement deal I did have my statement written down and was in fact reading it.

Q: Since you recently took 4 months off from the gym did you lose any size in your chest & arms?

A: Probably a little, my weight didn't change much and I don't actually measure myself.

Q: Who came up with the famous Impact Players pose? What was your initial reaction to it?

A: Justin suggested it and I said sure. I did not know at the time that he blatantly stole it from Shawn Michaels and Diesel who did it in WWE when they were a tag team. I was wrestling in Europe without any TV access during their entire tag run and never saw it.

Q: There are a lot of rumors that HHH is looking to revitalize the tag team division. Aside from personnel decisions, what does WWE need to do to make the tag team division relevant again?

A: Stop putting singles guys in tag matches on TV, so regular tag teams can stand out.

Q: Do you think that E-books will replace conventional books altogether? As an aspiring librarian, I hope not.

A: Absolutely they will, at least as the leading format. How many CDs do you see any more?

Q: Just curious what's the scariest bump you've ever taken?

A: Not that I was scared at the time but the ugliest is likely the top rope power bomb I took at the ECW Heat Wave 98 PPV. YouTube it.

Q: Have you ever read about yourself or something you supposedly did in another wrestler's autobiography and thought to yourself "No I didn't!" etc?

A: I don't read many wrestlers bio's so I don't think so. I think the only ones I've read that I am in are Edge's, Jericho's and William Regal's and they were all accurate.

Q: What did you use to shave your back and what other contraptions did other people use to shave their backs?

A: I don't shave my back and have not bothered to watch other's shave theirs to notice.

Q: When you were in your fanny pack phase, what did you put in your fanny pack that pockets were just not sufficient enough for?

A: Fanny Packs were big back when Zubaz pants were popular and many of those types of pants didn't even have pockets. I carried my wallet, my passport, my keys, my phone, a protein bar, etc. They were extremely handy when traveling through airports because at security it was just one thing to have to put through the machines instead of emptying all your pockets.

Q: In professional wrestling groin strikes are illegal but isn't the atomic drop a groin strike?

A: Nope, I think the idea is that it jars the spine because you are hitting the tail bone. Many guys do sell the reverse atomic drop as a ball shot though yes. I suppose if you wanted to argue the fact you could say you aren't striking the groin the guy is just landing on your knee. Much like you can't pick up the steps to hit someone, but you can throw someone at the steps and they can run into them.

Q: What's the worst/stupidest/biggest BS rumour you've heard about yourself in your career?

A: I can't recall hearing a lot of rumours BS or otherwise.

Q: I finally tried Cracker Barrel's pancakes and you weren't lying. They are to die for. Esp those little warm bottles of syrup. So now that you're off the road, when is the last time you ate Cracker Barrel?

A: There aren't any in Canada so it's been a long time.

Q: I was looking through your gallery online and ran across an ECW picture where you said you thought this was the biggest you had ever been. When you got that big what gave you those results? Was it working out more, or lifting heaving, maybe taking your already strict diet to a higher level, or a combo of all those?

A: I was not at my biggest I just looked my biggest. Part of it would have just been a well timed pre match pump. I think that was also when I was living in Florida and only had one child. Travel was a lot easier and the gym I was training at had a day care so my wife and I hit the gym together and I never missed a day. Less tired from far easier travel schedule and much easier life style from only one child, made training and rest much easier.

Q: Hey Lance, I was wondering how effective resistance cables are when it comes to working out. Are they a good substitute for free weights? I've seen guys like James Storm and AJ Styles use them on Impact! I don't exactly have access to a gym nor can I afford to buy exercise equipment.

A: Guys using them on Impact are using them to warm up not work out. They are an okay method of exercise but are not a substitute for free weights at a gym.

Q: I know you were a fan of Corner Gas; what is your opinion on the shows that the actors went on to do.

A: Hiccups and Dan for Mayor were okay but not great IMO. I liked them enough if I caught them but was not enough of a fan to go out of my way to catch them. Both have been canceled.

Q: Should there be a division called scientific \ technical where there is no striking?

A: NO!

Q: I was following online with the roster reveal of the Wrestling Revolution Project and think it is a really cool concept. When I heard your name listed as a producer, I was psyched - I've been a fan since the end of ECW/WCW. What made you decide to work on it?

A: It sounded like a great project and the schedule was doable for me.

Q: If you could wrestle any wrestler in the world today, who would it be and why?

A: I hate these questions, I get them all the time and as soon as I say a name, a hundred people with just respond, "What about ------".

Q: How much do you know about Quantum Mechanics?

A: Jack S--T.

Q: What are your thoughts on Antonio Inoki? I recently started to watch a lot of wrestling from Japan and I found him to be light-years ahead of his time.

A: Never saw much of Inoki's stuff.

Q: What are your thoughts on some of the wrestlers that would be considered "chubby", specifically The Blue Meanie, Playboy Buddy Rose, and Bastion Booger, in terms of their wrestling abilities?

A: Some were great others not so much, you can't lump people into groups. Adrian Adonis as an example was an amazing worker despite his...shall we say, large physique.

Q: Better color commentator - The Brain or The King, and why?

A: Depends on when exactly in their careers, and what your tastes are.

Q: Are they gonna do another Old School Raw?

A: I hope so; I thought the show was fun.

Q: Is your wife a fan of wrestling and have you ever shown her anything in the ring? Bumps etc.

A: She is not a fan of wrestling and has no interest in any of it.

Q: Anyone ever get into trouble trying your empty bus seat exercise?

A: Not that I've heard of. How could they though I specifically tell them they can't say anything or touch anyone?

Q: Do you find it a bit strange that Bobby Roode uses the Crossface move?

A: I wouldn't use it but it's not like WWE doesn't use it too.

Q: Can you provide any details on your self publishing experience with Amazon? Would you recommend it and or use it again?

A: I found the process pretty simple and easy. I think it is only good in certain situations. I think if you are an aspiring writer self publishing might be a bad way to go but if you've got an established fan base it might be right for you.

Q: Since WWE is releasing a new DVD detailing the beginning of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels runs with the company up to their historic match-up in Montreal, I was wondering if you still contend that the Montreal screw-job is one of the greatest works in the past 20 years?

A: I changed my opinion on Montreal as soon as I spoke to Bret in person. It was very clear it was not a work after only a few minutes with Bret.

Q: Why do you prefer the 4 sided ring to six sides ? I wouldn't want WWE to do it but I think it looks good in TNA. Even the crowd have chanted 6 sides.

A: I think matches are worse in a 6 sided ring (no I won't go into detail so don't even ask) and it is a needless gimmick. As for the chants, fans chant "Fire Russo" too, you can't always get what you want.

Q: Should they take Wrestlemania back to the Pontiac Silverdome ? They could beat the old attendance record. Also what about a WrestleMania broadcast from different arena`s in one night ?

A: I'm not even sure the Silver Dome is usable anymore. I think it was for sale or condemned or something. As for multiple venues for Mania I think that failed at Mania 2 and just waters down each venue.

Q. In your opinion do you think wrestling is losing their fans to MMA?

A: I think they are losing some yes. I think a large percentage of old WCW fans are now following MMA and there were studies to prove it.

Q. Have you ever wrestled in an arena with a large capacity (at least 15,000 seats) that had a really low attendance? Do you remember the city and did you find out how many were there?

A: I have no idea. I had a lot of matches and never bothered to keep track of capacity vs. attendance.

Q. What's the longest stretch you've been on the road before having a day off? And how do you maintain your sanity?

A: I was in Europe for 5 months straight in 1993. I had a day off while there but never came home so I was on the road the whole time. The longest stretch without even a day off would have been 8 weeks, which was also in Europe in 1993.

Q. Are there two or three pieces of advice you can give to someone who is trying to lose weight? I'd like to know your thoughts other than the usual exercise and eat vegetables that I hear from everyone else.

A: This isn't rocket science consume fewer calories than you burn off. All other details like vegetables vs. meat etc. are just means by which to achieve burn more calories than you consume. Eat less/better and exercise more.

Q: Just wondering your thoughts on Scott Hall both in ring and backstage? Did you see the E60 report on him? What were your thoughts?

A: The E60 thing was very sad. I only talked to Scott briefly on 1 maybe 2 occasions and didn't really know him at all. When he was sober he was a great performer.

Q: If you could've had one 60 minute Ironman match with anyone in wrestling history, who'd it be & why?

A: I'd rather just do a regular match that went an hour as Iron Man matches no longer hold a crowds interest, because they know that they have to wait an hour for the finish. There are several guys I'd be happy to go an hour with. The longest match I've even had was a 45 minute draw with Johnny Smith.

Q: I know you've moved on from MMA but this is a wrestling-related MMA question. I was wondering if you think a Boston Crab would work in an MMA match? There are lots of times when a fighter is on his back with his legs up and is completely gassed and I've always thought this would be a great time to apply the Boston Crab. Especially someone like Brock who's freakishly strong and would be fairly familiar with the move. What do you think?

A: I think if you have an opponent down and completely gassed there are a dozen better ways to beat him than a Boston Crab. I did hear that a guy used a rolling half crab in an MMA fight recently. One write up on the fight even credited the move as a Lance Storm rolling half crab.

Q: Let's say you are in the prime of your career. Paul heyman, Eric bishoff, and Vince McMahon all offer you a contract for the same exact amount of money and the same exact amount of days on the road. Who do you sign with and why?

A: Horrible question because there are so many other factors you have to take into account when making career decisions.

Q: I know you answer a ton of questions about wrestling, so I wanna change it up. Do you use a smartphone of any kind (i.e. iPhone, Droid, Blackberry)? or do you still use a flip phone?

A: My current phone is a Smart phone but I do not have a data plan with my phone, so it's only smart when I am in a Wi Fi area. I don't travel so it's not worth the expense of a data plan. If you care it's an Android.

Q: What are your thoughts on Brock being healthy again, and his fight against Allstair Overeem, who is just as big as Brock?

A: I hope Brock is healthy and I hope he wins. I don't know enough about Alistair to offer a prediction.

Q: I was a huge wrestling fan in the mid 90s to the early 2000s., but now I can't seem to get into it and the only reason why is its not entertaining. Would u agree the wwe product is not entertaining?

A: I would agree that they are presenting a far different product than they were in the late 90's and that some people find it less entertaining.

Q: What was it like to work Abdullah - his US matches were known to be VERY bloody and weapons-based (forks, etc).

A: It was pretty cool working with him because he is a legend. The matches were primarily a brawl but he was a nice guy and easy enough to work with. I even gave him a Monkey flip in one of the matches.

Q: How did someone so anti-pot end up in High Times?

A: It was an article they did on RVD and I was the guy he was wrestling in the photos they used.

Q: What was the story of how you appeared in Penthouse.

A: In 2000 wrestling was hot enough that Penthouse magazine had a monthly wrestling article written by Bryan Alvarez (We did not know each other back then) and in one article he covered WCW and mentioned me and the article included a photo.

Q: You said when you turned up at the Saddle Dome for Raw you didn't know you were debuting with a Superkick to Perry Saturn, How come you had your wrestling gear?

A: Wrestling Rule #1: Always bring your gear!

Q: Should there be rounds in professional wrestling ? They could even have ring girls

A: When I worked in Europe we actually did use rounds. He system worked very well (no ring girls though) I do not believe you could educate wrestling fans today to accept that system.

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