In Your House 1

November 22, 2014

Decided for a change of pace I'd give an old WWE (I know WWF but I'm just going to keep using WWE) In Your House PPV Event from May 14, 1995. I've never seen any of these before, because I was busy wrestling most weekends during this time period, and as a struggling wrestler I'm not sure I even had PPV capability at my house.

For those who aren't familiar with the IYH concept they were smaller mini-PPVs if you will that were added back when WWE just had their big 4 PPVs each year. They were smaller than the usual PPV event and cheaper. The first few were just called In Your House, then eventually they added an event name to them as well, and before too long the IYH moniker was dropped and they just became full blown regular PPVs like we had up until the introduction of the WWE Network.

To promote this first IYH event WWE ran a contest to give away an actual house. It was an estate type house in Orlando Florida on a golf course. I think you had to mail in your application and then order and watch the PPV and they would draw one winner and call them live during the show. They did and some dude from Nevada won the house.

I'm not sure what standard PPV events were doing in 1995 but this show pulled 332,000 buys on PPV. Apart from WrestleMania and perhaps the Royal Rumble this many buys would be considered a big success in 2014, and I'm pretty sure 1995 was considered a down year. The Live event featured 10 matches but only 6 of them aired live on PPV. Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix (Michael Hayes) were on commentary.

Bret Hart vs. Hakushi: This was the longest match on the show, despite the fact that Bret was wrestling another match later in the show. They had a few miscommunications early on but this was a real fun match, with a great out of nowhere finish. I miss finishes like this because it keeps fans on their toes and paying attention to the whole match. I also think it makes the actual wrestling seem more important when you can catch a guy in a wrestling cradle of some kind and pick up a win, instead of just knocking guys out with finishers. So imagine that Bret Hart in a real good match...that almost never happens...oh wait... that pretty much always happens. Bret picked up the win.

Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie: This was originally supposed to be a tag match which included the 1.2.3 Kid but he was out injured so The Bad Guy had to go it alone. For those who don.t know The Roddie would later become the Road Dog, after Double JJ quit the company. I enjoyed this match too, but I would imagine modern day fans would find it pretty slow. Razor had great fire and a sweet punch and the crowd was really into him. The told the Handi capped story throughout and managed to keep the crowd into it despite doing 3 consecutive double downs. Wow try that on RAW some night, and see what the crowd starts chanting. Razor picked up the win, but got jumped after the bell, which led to the introduction of Savio Vega who made the save for Razor.

Mabel vs. Adam Bomb: This was a King of the Ring qualifying match; it went 2 minutes but felt longer than that. Adam Bomb despite being a very large man decided to do cruiser weight high flying moves on the even bigger Mabel (Big Daddy V). My rule of thumb is unless you do things really well don't do them. Just being able to do things that others do much better just makes you look out of your element and trying things you shouldn't. Adam Bomb does not subscribe to that theory. Mabel eventually squashed him and Bomb could not kick out from beneath Mabel's near 500 lb mass.

Owen Hart & Yokozuna vs. The Smoking Gunns (Tag Titles): This was a short match (less than 6 minutes) but pretty good while it lasted. Owen was great and Yoko was way better than he had any right to be at his size. Pretty much nonstop action until the champs picked up the win to retain.

Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart: This was Bret's second match and he teased a leg injury from his first match but it turned out to be a ruse much to the dismay of The King. This wasn't long but it was a ton of fun. Both guys are awesome, especially in these roles. Bret pounded the hell out of Lawler until a tremendously executed ref bump, leading to outside interference by the returning Hakushi. After both men laid waste to poor Bret the ref made it back into the ring and Jerry pinned The Hit Man. Great heat.

Diesel vs. Sid (World Title): This match was just over 11 minutes in length and not as entertaining as either Bret Hart match on this show. That said it was a decent enough match if not particularly action packed. There was one point where Sid had Diesel in a camel clutch for what felt like close to 2 minutes. Both guys used power bombs as finishers and Diesel kicked out of Sid's (because he took what felt like a full minute to cover him) and Tatanka ran in for the DQ after Big Daddy Cool hit Sid with his power bomb. After a brief 2 on 1 Bam Bam Bigelow ran in for a save to close out the PPV event.

The 4 dark matches were Jean-Pierre Lafitte (A Pirate) beat Bob Holly (Probably Spark Plug Holly at the time), Bigelow defeated Tatanka (match went on right after the DQ in the title match), Undertaker beat Kama (The God Father doing an MMA gimmick), and the live Main Event was The British Bulldog going to a draw with Owen Hart in a KOTR qualifier.

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