Sorry Phil I Lied

May 12, 2011
Originally posted November 24, 2002

Last week at TV, Phil (one of our Internet guys) asked me if I was looking forward to our pending trip to India. (We did a three-show tour of India this past week) I told him I was. He was very surprised at my response and told me that I was the first person, that heís asked, that was looking forward to the trip. I said that I was looking forward to the free time on the plane to get some reading done, as well as having the chance to finally watch Tough Enough. I had still never seen the first season and I borrowed the DVD from Steven Richard in hopes of finally seeing the show. I also told him I enjoyed going places Iíve never been for the experience of seeing something new. While I may not have actually lied to Phil, as this commentaries title indicates, I would, most definitely, like to change my answer!

This trip was the most grueling trip Iíve ever been on. The travel schedule was brutal and if I can borrow a quote from a Chris Jericho promo ďIndia is a very very bad placeĒ. Okay it isnít really bad, but it sure is dirty and depressing. The poverty and filthy conditions of the country were unbelievable. People actually living in the streets in make shift tents and shacks. We saw men, women, and children going to the bathroom in the streets. You see someone walking on the sidewalk. They would stop, hike up their skirt or drop the pants, and crap right in the street with people watching. It was the filthiest most disgusting place Iíve ever been. The poverty level was unbelievable; you donít realize how lucky you are until you are in a place like this. Watching little naked babies running around in the filth was depressing and hard to take. I could handle seeing the poverty but seeing the kids hit too close to home, for me. I found myself avoiding looking out the buss windows as we drove through the streets.

If that wasnít bad enough, travel was, as I mentioned earlier, off the charts. We left Tuesday night. It took us 25 hours door to door. We arrived at our hotel in Delhi at about 3 in the morning. We worked every day, while there, and had to fly after each show to the next town. We left our hotel each night at 5 pm and didnít get to our next hotel till about 3 am each night. It was an additional 5 hours of travel each day. Our flight home was the night after our last show so we didnít even get a chance to catch our breath before embarking on our 27-hour trip home. In total for the round trip we logged just over 60 hours of travel in 5 days. Thatís averaging 12+ hours of travel per day. On top of that we had to work three times. (I only worked twice but that is another story I will get to next.)

With the country being as dirty as it is, our health was always an issue. We had to get several shots before heading over, as well as take malaria pills. We only ate food at our hotel and never drank the water. If the bottled water wasnít sealed when we got to it we didnít touch it. We stayed in really nice hotels and the catering was quite good. The office really went to great lengths to make sure we were taken care of so as not to get sick. That said; several of us, including yours truly got very ill. Like all good tag teams William Regal and myself got sick together. He likely had it the worst of any of us. I may have been a close second but my illness didnít have the staying power his did.

I started feeling ill Saturday morning and spent all of that day in bed. When it came time to head to the show I could barely walk. I was so weak it was all I could do to stand up. I still went to the show and offered to work, but I looked like I was on my death bed, and I didnít put up much of a fight when they told me I wasnít working. (It would have been interesting to see what kind of match I could have put out in that condition) They had a doctor check me out and sent me back to the hotel. The doctor said I had an amoebic infection from either the food or the water. Iím not sure which it was but itís not like it really mattered. The doctor gave me some pills to take and I was back in bed. I slept 16 hours Sat. and still had a hard time finding the energy to get up and head to the airport for the flight home.

Thatís right I got to fly home feeling that shitty. Fortunately I started kicking out and feeling better about half way through the first leg of our trip home so the trip wasnít as bad as it could have been. When I got home it was pretty much just the jet lag and fatigue I was dealing with. That alone should still make for an interesting day of TV on Monday.

In retrospect part of me is glad that I can say Iíve been to India and seen it, but never in a million years would I want to go back. Lebanon was the Garden of Eden compared to this place!

Till next week,

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