Booking Flair

November 25, 2007

I was listening to Wrestling Observer Live tonight and they were talking about Ric Flair’s return Monday and speculating about what WWE might do with him. This got my creative juices flowing, so I decide to play armchair booker, and give you my thoughts on what I might do with Ric Flair if I was booking his return.

I’ll play on the assumption that Ric Flair’s return is his last run and the build to WrestleMania is the main focus. Monday night in Charlotte I would have Ric Flair come out and cut a heart felt promo. Let him talk about his legacy and about how he is having a heard time dealing with his career mortality. He can talk about how he wasn’t even sure he wanted to come back, and how he debated hanging up the boots once and for all. He can then switch gears and put over that after the response from the crowd tonight he feels reenergized and wants to have one last run, one last shot at the title. He wants to ride Space Mountain one last time, because by God he is the Nature Boy, and he just has to know if he’s got # 17 in him.

I would then have Vince interrupt him, being the strong heel. Tell him he’s done, when was the last time Ric Flair won a match. Have Vince challenge Flair to earn that last title shot by winning matches, Put up or Shut Up. Flair could fire back and point out that he’s younger than Vince and could whip his ass right now!

This can set up Vince sending challengers at Flair with a promised title shot if Flair can prove himself. I wouldn’t do the “must retire if he losses”, winning streak that we’ve heard mentioned, and my option avoids the having to job the whole company to build Flair.

I would build towards Vince vs. Flair at Mania with if Flair wins he gets his title shot and if he loses he retires. If Vince doesn’t want to work you could use Kennedy or someone as Vince’s Assassin.

You then get the win streak like run with Flair meeting every challenge Vince puts before him. Flair obviously keeps winning for the next month as Vince keeps stacking the deck against him. If Vince is going to work Mania he just simply stacks the deck with different guys and keeps trying to beat Flair to send him out to pasture. If you go with Kennedy he is in a lot of the matches with Flair continually finding a way to win. Kennedy is losing all the time anyway so working with Flair and losing is still a step back up. I would even put Flair on SD and maybe ECW (Vince trying to work him to death) so he can get enough wins to mean something before January.

A couple weeks before The Royal Rumble you have Vince and or Kennedy finally screw Flair and beat him. The next week Vince can comes out and brags that Flair is finished and will now never get his title shot. Flair interrupts Vince, like Vince did to him in Charlotte, and Flair cuts another great promo about all the wins he got building to the match were Vince screwed him. He then points out that you can’t keep a great man down and he announces that he has been entered into the Royal Rumble and he is going to win that like he did once before, and he will get his title shot on the grandest stage of them all.

I would then have Flair draw number 1 at the Rumble again, and hint that Vince fixed the draw. Vince could even put a bounty on Flair offering money to whoever eliminates him. Flair does the marathon man routine like no one else can maybe even getting colour as he survives the beating of a life time. Flair is not only the longest survivor but eliminates the most guys. You could then have Kennedy or Vince himself (depending on the Mania match) pull # 30 (again the fix is in) and unjustly eliminates Flair from behind. If it’s Vince you have him clothesline Flair from behind and carry on out of the ring with him, because his only goal was to eliminate Flair and you don’t want him in the Rumble.

Flair is losing here but with his status as a legend and promo skills he would be a huge under dog baby face with fans wanting him to get his last shot at the title. I’ve heard they are considering an Elimination Chamber match for the No Way Out PPV for the other brand title shot. You could then do a similar thing with this match. Have Flair earn the spot in the Chamber and be in the first two and take the beating of a life time and either once again get screwed by Vince or Kennedy or just get beaten after logging more time in the match and again gaining the moral victory.

This would lead to the challenge for Mania where Flair says he will do anything for that last title shot and Vince makes him put his career on the line in a WrestleMania match. If Flair wins at Mania he will get one last World Title shot, if he losses he has to retire from the sport for ever, you could even add a “Kiss my Ass” stipulation to the loser as well, having Vince vow to humiliate Flair in front of the largest crowd in WrestleMania history.

We then have Ric Flair vs. Vince McMahon, or Flair vs. Kennedy with Vince in his corner or maybe even special guest referee for WrestleMania. If Flair wins he gets one last World Title shot, if he loses he retires and in either event I would have the “Kiss My Ass” stipulation between Flair and Vince.

I’d put Flair over at Mania and have Vince kiss Flair’s ass. If Vince was against this (which I doubt) you could swerve and make Kennedy kiss it instead. This takes us to Raw after WrestleMania where Flair does the promo taking about Mania and how he finally earned his elusive last chance at the title. Vince then announces the Title match and adds that if Flair does not win the Title he must “Kiss Vince’s ass” and must once again retire.

What I would do with the title shot would really depend on how over the angle got and how hot Flair was at the time, not to mention what the World title picture was at the time. If it seemed right you could give Flair a short run with him retiring after he loses the title. If the title picture was too important to interrupt for the Flair angle I would beat Flair in a hard fought battle and let him cut a classy retirement speech. Vince interrupts the retirement speech and demands Flair kiss his ass. Let these two build the tension up huge and as Vince drops his pants and turns around to have Flair kiss his ass Flair drops to his knee and does the trade mark ball shot to Vince. Vince sells with the world’s greatest facials, and when he turns Flair Chops him, and puts him in the Figure 4 WHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Vince sells like nobodies business.

Flair then finishes his promo and the locker room clears to honour the retiring Ric Flair, much like we did in Greenville that one time after he lost the Title match to Hunter. No one would remember the loss they would remember it as a great night for Flair.

Lance Storm