Clash of the Champions XXI

November 27, 2014

Clash XXI took place Nov 18/92 from Macon, GA and pulled a 3.2 rating on TBS, which was the second lowest rated Clash to date. I'm not surprised at the bad rating because that last Clash was pretty bad, and to be honest this show wasn't a lot better. I couldn't find an attendance figure but the crowd in the building looked pretty good.

There was a weird deal for this event on the Network. There was a disclaimer shown several times during the show stating that they were presenting this event in as close to its original form due to issues with the original master tapes. That in itself isn't odd but I checked with the Wikipedia listing for the event and I can't see that there was anything missing on this show. Weirder than that I've watched 2 Clashes previously on the Network that were missing matches and no disclaimer was offered.

On commentary was Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura, and as usual they were quiet good. I joked about this on Twitter but Bjorn Rebney from Bellator MMA must have loved 1992 WCW because there were more tournaments promoted on this show. I think there were 5 tournaments in WCW this year. We got the Pat O'Connor tag team tournament, the NWA tag team tournament, the NWA Heavyweight title tournament, and on this show we got bracketing for the Strongest Arm tournament (arm wrestling) as well as the King of Cable tournament. This show was also building up (I use that term loosely) Starrcade Battle Bowl. To hype the show they did one of the random tag team drawings so we would know at least one match on the PPV and believe it or not the match they drew and announced was: Cactus Jack & Johnny B Badd vs. Dan Spivey & Van Hammer. Wow

Brian Pillman vs. Brad Armstrong: Sadly this was more an angle than a match, because these 2 could have had a great match. If you remember at the last Clash Armstrong was injured and crutches and couldn't defend the title against Pillman, and Pillman attacked him for it. Tonight Pillman was on crutches and apologized to Armstrong claiming now that the shoe was on the other foot, he realized the error of his ways. It turned out to be trick and Pillman again attacked Armstrong with the crutch leading to Armstrong going into the match with a reinjured knee. Pillman took out the knee and won quickly. I assume these guys were working house shows so, a fine idea for a TV match, if not satisfying for viewers.

Scotty Flamingo vs. Johnny B Badd (Boxing match): Flamingo for those who don't know was Raven and he had DDP and Vinnie Vegas in his corner. They played up Badd as a former boxer which I assume was why this match was booked. Boxing matches generally always suck but I thought this was way better than it had any right to be. They kept it short and was fun for what it was. Badd looked good and the punches all looked good enough. After a strong first round for Badd, DDP filled Scotty's glove with watch, leading to an illegal KO blow, so Flamingo picked up the win. Bonus points for the skimpy bathing suit the ring girl was wearing.

Eric Watts & Kensuke Sasaki vs. Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton: There was a bounty on Watts' head but truthfully the bounty should have been on Bill Watts' head for pushing his kid so hard when he wasn't ready. Bobby and Arn had some style/communication issues with Sasaki and Watts was just so green he had no business being out there. This was no good and Eric made Eaton tap to the STF for the win.

Ron Simmons & 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Tony Atlas, The Barbarian & Cactus Jack: 2 Cold was a surprise debut so not even the announcers knew his name. Ron was still World Champ at this time, featured again in a mid-card match. Hard to believe he didn't draw as champ. This wasn't long and was really just a means to debut Scorpio. 2 Cold missed his big moonsault body block which didn't help him, but he picked up the win with a 450 splash (the first time I'd ever seen it done) and the crowd went nuts for it. Not a great match but Scorpio did get over in his debut because flying like this had never been seen in WCW.

Madusa vs. Paul E. Dangerously (5 minute challenge): This was a heated angle and we got a lot of video clips building it up. Some of Paul's promos were very strong, and would likely never be allowed on TV today. The one in particular was played up to be so offensive that Paul's heel faction all told himit was too much and walked out on his. Unlike the Paul vs. Missy arm wrestling match from a previous Clash this match over stayed its welcome. Paul is great at a lot of things but selling and bumping are not his thing. They needed to just let Madusa kick Paul in the head and call it a match but they put in time and Paul's lack of wrestling skill made Madusa's offense look bad so this was no fun for anyone. They went to a draw when Paul fled after Madusa tried to tear his shorts off. No idea why that was supposed to be embarrassing, he had pants on under his shorts and they showed weigh ins earlier which Paul did in his underwear.

Sting vs. Rude (King of Cable semi final): This match had a 20 minute time limit and they had 3 judges to render a decision if it went the draw. I really enjoyed this match. Both of these guys are great and it was a wrestling match that was called like a wrestling match. They went the draw and Sting won a split decision. A long match that felt important so this was quite good and the first real good match on this show. The crowd was so into this they popped huge when the decision was read and Sting picked up the win.

Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas (Unified World Tag Titles): This was such a great example of telling a story in the ring. All 4 of these guys were good guys and Dustin and Steamboat were former partners and great friends. Some good solid wrestling with more great commentary putting over the match and the personality make up of this match. There was eventually an accidental head butt to the groin to Steamboat from Rhodes on a leap frog spot that was sold really big. Rhodes didn't to capitalize on his friend's injury and Barry was irate and wanted to win at all cost. Eventually Barry tagged himself in to go after Steamboat, but Dustin confronted him on it, leading to Windham getting caught from behind by Douglas and pinned to lose the tag titles. Everyone showed great emotion over the title switch, and Barry and Dustin didn't break up, they just showed frustration and anger over the situation. The show went off the air with a promo with the new champs, but Windham attacked them both with a chair laying them both out. A real solid main event, so at least the show ended with 2 good matches.

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