Booking Stings

November 28, 2007

I got a lot of really good feedback from my “Booking Flair” commentary so I thought I would throw out another idea I had recently and wanted to get it out there before someone else thought of it.

From what I understand Sting’s TNA contract has expired. I’ve heard TNA wants to resign Sting but that Sting is considering full retirement. Assuming these statements are true and I was in charge of WWE, I would make a huge play for Sting, but not in the way you are likely thinking. As great as it would be to finally bring Sting to WWE, there is no way at his age he would be interested in working a full time WWE schedule, and to be honest at his age, putting the time and effort into introducing him and pushing him, is likely not a smart move either.

That being said I would still offer Sting a contract and attempt to steal him away from TNA. I doubt you wouldn’t have to make it a huge money deal either because his TNA deal is approx. $500,000 and he has to wrestle and work 60 dates a year. You could offer him a legends contract where he doesn’t have to wrestle at all, and the only traveling he would have to do is to the studio a couple times a year to contribute interviews for 24/7 and DVD releases. In addition to the legends contract there is the potential merchandise royalties he could earn on Classic series Action Figures, not to mention a Sting career DVD retrospective (WWE owns all of his WCW footage).

The icing on the cake for this deal would be a Hall of Fame induction for him this year. All the rumors out there are that it’s Flairs year for the HOF, and they want to make it a bit of a Ric Flair themed ceremony. What a better way of doing this than also inducting, Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat, and Sting. Arn has been Flair’s right hand man for decades, and Steamboat and Sting are two of Ric Flair’s greatest feuds.

Sting is the biggest standout (if not the only guy) who was a big star during the WWF vs. WCW days that has never stepped foot in the WWF or WWE. This would be a way to make it happen. Sting’s inclusion in the HOF would be awesome, and doing it the year his greatest opponent was inducted as well would be prefect. This would also give Sting a brief WrestleMania appearance, as they always acknowledge the HOF class live at Mania.

I think as an added kicker too, guys from Flair’s past should be used to help build the significances of Flair’s potential last run and last match, and the more “legends” from Flair’s past that can do cameos along the way, or sit ringside for Flair’s Mania match would make for a even more monumental moment in wrestling history. I know for a fact Sting credits Ric Flair with making his career, so having Sting show up on RAW before Mania to show his support for Flair and thank him for everything he’s done for him in the past would be tremendous.

With a HOF and Mania appearance, a legends contract, and potential merchandise royalties, Sting could earn a decent payday and not have to wrestle anymore, like he would in TNA. I also think inclusion in the HOF and minor involvement in Ric Flair’s retirement, would mean the world to him. When the guy is looking at retirement anyway, how could he pass up a Hall of Fame induction, a chance to appear at WrestleMania in front of the largest crowd in North American history, and a chance to say thank you one last time to the guy who put you on the map and made it all possible? This feels so right to me, I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Here’s hoping!!!

Lance Storm