This and That

November 29, 2008

It’s been a while since I posted a commentary, and this one is just going to be a point form up date. I’ve been extremely busy and overly tired the last week or so, so I am a bit behind. I hope to get back into the swing of things early next week with a Q and A or two.

- The reason I’m so tired is that last weekend I did an autograph convention in Boston. Travel for the weekend included far too many connections and a red eye flight so I’m suffering severe sleep deprivation. The appearance was through Turnbuckle Promotions (The company I did a signing for near Philly in Oct) and I want to again thank both Joe and Jason for a great weekend and for taking such good care of me. I wish you both a great Holiday season and perhaps we will do business again in the New Year.

- This past week was also the last week for the Sept. 2008 SWA training session, which is always a busy week. In addition to being a busy week it is also generally a sad one. One of the great things about my school is the specific class schedule and format. Over the course of the 12 weeks of training a real bond is formed between students in each class so the end of training is always a bitter sweet experience. While most students are excited to finish and embark on their wrestling careers, there are usually a few tearful departures when close friendships part ways.

- I too am sad to see many of my students go, but most keep in touch after leaving and it’s always great to hear of their successes down the road. It has also become somewhat of a tradition for each class to do something special for me at the end of training which is always cool. I think every class has gotten me some kind of gift, and or taken me out to dinner the last week of training. - Gifts have included a ring bell for the school (signed by the whole class), signed and framed class photos, SWA hats & sweatshirts (with session dates), and even an SWA Title Belt.

- In addition to dinner as a group we’ve also done a few fun outings. This past summer session I was treated to an SWA Paint Ball battle which was so much fun, and yesterday after a great class dinner we all went bowling. I think there were only 2 guys in this session that knew each other before arriving and the camaraderie and friendship among the group was amazing. There were 10 of us in total (one student was extremely ill and couldn’t make it) and I don’t think 10 people have ever had so much fun being so bad at something before. I bowled the first ball, got a strike right out of the gate and it was all down hill from there. I’m not sure what constitutes good 5-pin bowling scores but our over all lowest score was 77 and the highest only 177 after a total of 20 games (2 games each). I’m pretty sure that’s REALLY bad.

- If you are interested in being a part of Storm Wrestling Academy a last minute spot has opened up in my January 2009 session, so if you hurry you can jump into that session and start training with me in the New Year, and don’t worry no Bowling skill is required.

- One thing I want to give a plug for is which is an online supplement store run by Charlie & Jackie ”Gayda” Hass and I believe Umaga. Jackie was at the Boston convention I was at last weekend and we sat next to each other both days. While catching up from our days in WWE I found out about her supplement store and wanted to offer a plug for it here. If you are training and into fitness and use or are thinking about using supplements of any kind you should check out you can order on line and they will ship almost anywhere or if you live in Dallas they have a physical location as well.

- I also achieved a life long ambition in Boston when I was featured on the World Famous Bob Show. The Bob Show is an Internet show that I’ve never heard of before and doubt any of you have either but Bob himself was at the convention trying to get interviews with anyone he could, so I obliged him with an interview. The interview itself was a lot of fun as I spent almost the whole interview burying Christian Cage and our time together as a tag team. It’s not that I actually hate Christian Cage, on the contrary we are good friends; I just enjoyed watching Traci Brooks (who has sitting at a table across the room from where we were taping the Bob Show) bust out laughing every time I buried our mutual friend Christian. I truly hope I did not damage the journalistic integrity of The Bob Show with my tongue in cheek comments, but one can’t be serious all the time.

Lance Storm