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December 3, 2009

No major topic this week but I’ve got a few things I’d like to talk about, the first being my first PWA show in Calgary as Booker. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve accepted the Booking position with the local Indy group, Prairie Wrestling Alliance, which runs monthly shows in Calgary and Edmonton. PWA ran their Edmonton show on the 21st, and this past weekend (The 28th) was the Calgary show.

The Edmonton show was pretty much by the numbers to the card they had booked already because I’m not a big fan of the WCW like “A New Beginning” where you just ignore everything from the past and start over. This past show in Calgary was the first step in my own direction for the company and on the whole I was pretty happy with how things worked out.

The day before the show was the final day of training with my Sept. SWA class so I managed to book an SWA Graduation Battle Royal on the Saturday show. This was just a brief encounter for 10 of my students but the winner did get to go on to face one of the guys from the regular PWA roster (another one of my students), in a pretty solid match. I’ll try to add a few photos from the show below.

The crowd for the show was up considerably from the previous event, which oddly enough featured Raven, Daffney, and Gangrel. I doubt I deserve the credit for the increased gate seeing that apart from an announcement on this site and the PWA site I doubt fans even knew of my involvement, but hopefully they all enjoyed the show enough to return in the New Year. If you did attend the show in Calgary, THANK YOU, and I hope to see you on the 23rd of January when we return; for those in Edmonton PWA returns January 9th. I have high hopes for the PWA product in the New Year, and hope fans in Alberta come out to support PWA.

I’ve had a lot of people encouraging me to check out TNA once again, so I’ve decided to give it another shot come the New Year. It’s been likely 4-6 months since I’ve watched Impact, so once the Holiday season is behind me I’m going to give it another go. I have caught parts of a couple recent Impacts, and while I have to admit some of the matches have been quite good, the backstage stuff still drives me crazy. With Hogan and Bischoff starting in the New Year I figure that’s the best time to give TNA another try so we will see what happens come January.

I’m looking forward to the UFC show this Saturday. I just realized the other day that MMA (more specifically UFC) is the first sport I’ve ever been a fan of. I’ve always been very adamant that I have never followed any sport or considered myself a sports fan, but that is no longer the case. I’ve obviously followed pro-wrestling (but I don’t consider that a true sport) but MMA and the UFC is the first sport I’ve followed and kept up on. I don’t order every PPV (I’m too cheap) but I do order some and I follow the results of every show and know all of the major players. I’m not sure what it is exactly that has captured my attention with UFC but I have to admit I’ve turned into a huge fan.

Because of this I figured I’d offer my predictions for some of the matches on this Saturday’s card. I still consider myself a bit of a novice as a fan, so don’t call your bookie based on anything I say here, but considering how poorly I do at WWE predictions, I likely can’t do any worse with UFC.

Roy Nelson over Brendan Schuab
Houston Alexander over Kimbo Slice
Marcus Jones over Matt Mitrione
James McSweeney over Darrill Schoonover
Jon Jones over Matt Hamill
Justin Wren over Jon Madsen
Frank Edger over Matt Veach

I’m pretty sure I’m ordering the December 12th UFC PPV so if I do well enough with these predictions, I’ll try to get some up for UFC 107 as well.

I’d also like to thank everyone who made efforts on my behalf to enable me to acquire an Amazon Kindle, after I posted the request on my WWE Universe Blog. I had several people try very hard to circumnavigate the “available in the US only” stipulation placed on the Kindle back then, and I am very grateful. If only wrestling companies would stick to their stipulations this diligently. Thankfully in the last month Amazon has released the International version of the Kindle, which has finally been made available in Canada. I’m pretty sure I will be receiving one for Christmas. For those of you who are completely lost as to what the Amazon Kindle is, it’s an electronic reader for eBooks. It is extremely cool and I can’t wait to get mine. The amount of space this thing would have saved in my carry on back when I was on the road is ridiculous. My entire library can be carried in something the size of a DVD case. It’s the MP3 player of the literary world and for someone who is old enough to have had to travel to Japan with a Sony Walkman, a briefcase full of cassettes, and 3 or 4 books to read this is a big deal. It almost makes me wish I was back on the road. Okay maybe not, but it sure makes me wish I had this stuff back when I was.

Lance Storm

SWA Graduation Battle Royal, PWA Show in Calgary November 28th.

Battle Royal winner Joe Whitaker clotheslines "T Bone" jack Sloan

 SWA Grad Chris Knight hits a beautiful Spine Buster on Randy Myers.