Q & A

December 7, 2006

Q: You said in your review for the Ultimate Warrior DVD that you met the Warrior once in Germany, and said that meeting him wasn't a good experience. Why was that?
A: He was very standoffish. He was the only ďBig NamedĒ talent that was brought over that didnít change in the same locker room with the rest of us. He was not social with anyone. On top of that his performance was so poor that it hurt business.

Q: I was wondering what you thought of Cryme Tyme??? I know there green but i think there skits are hilarious and they make you like to watch them and im glad there not letting DX bury them.
A: I find a lot of the stuff funny, but Iím afraid it could be short lived because of their inexperience. I think it is an example of having a creative idea and them rushing someone into it, rather than finding those who are ready and coming up with the right creative idea for them.

Q: When the WWE were in Nottingham on their european tour, me and a friend met Edge & Lita and also Shad from Cryme Tyme when they were walking around the city and were all very welcoming especially Shad. Later on we were hanging around the hotel and saw whole families waiting in the lobby with stacks of merchandise they wanted signed and presents for some wrestlers. My question is, is it seen as a 'no no' to 1) hang around the hotel and 2) have the nerve to take more than 1 thing to sign for someone? I only ask because it really annoyed me watching what they were doing.
A: Itís isnít a ďno noĒ but the boys do find it annoying when you canít even get in and out of the hotel without getting mobbed. I think having more than one thing to be signed is a touch rude.

Q: What did you think both personally and professionally about X-PAC (Waltman) and Goldust (Rhodes)? Ever travel with either?
A: I donít know Pac on a personal level all that well, but actually got along with him far better than I expected too. I never worked with Pac so I canít fairly comment on him professionally. I love Dustin. He was so much fun to work with you canít even imagine. A funny guy to be around and a pleasure to work with!

Q: I do have one question and it has to do with Jericho. What was the general reaction to the rope exploding on him at summer slam in 2002? Was it merely "one of those things" or did Vince chop someone's head off for not putting it on right?
A: This generally falls under ďShit happensĒ but the ring crew may have caught hell if the ropes were old and not replaced when needed. Chris has had that happen to him 2 or 3 times.

Q: Did Test, Christian or you ever get worried about your safety during the nAmericans Angle? Especially during the flag burning segments?
A: We werenít worried but we were aware things could happen. I know when we did the flag burning thing we talked about not all facing the same direction so if someone jumped the rail one of us would see them coming.

Q: In your opinion which was a bigger mistake, the WWE pushing Big Poppa Pump as a face or TNA pushing Christian as a face?
A: I donít think either was a mistake.

Q: Did you enjoy Monty Brown's work in TNA? Do you think he'll be used better in WWE?
A: I wasnít a big fan of Montyís in TNA. I didnít get his character at all and didnít see many memorable matches.

Q: Did you ever work 2 Cold Scorpio? If so, how was it? I'm glad he's coming back to the WWE but I'd rather it not be as Flash Funk.
A: I never worked with him. Iím not even sure weíve met to be honest.

Q: Even when i saw you in WCW, and afterwards in WWF/E, you always have looked like a very serious guy. Are you mostly serious or reserved with your emotion in real life?("if i could be serious for a moment..." LOL)
A: I am until you get to know me then no so much!

Q: who's your favourite Hollywood actor?
A: Iím sure I have a favourite. Harrison Ford would be a top pick.

Q: In 2001, Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON) gave you the title "2001 Most Underrated Wrestler" ? what do you think about that? whats your opnion?
A: I take it as a compliment, other than that what is there to say. Itís nice to know there are those out there that thought I deserved more than I got in the industry.

Q: If Shelton Benjamin left the WWE right now, and went to TNA... would it be a bigger loss for the WWE or a bigger gain for TNA?
A: He isnít even on WWE TV most weeks it wouldnít hurt WWE at all but could help TNA. The only problem is TNA already has great people they donítí get on TV much.

Q: What are the point in kickpads besides looking nifty?
A: There are some of us that actually use them for kicking.

Q: You brought up European style wrestling in an earlier Q & A. As someone not familiar with it, what were some of the characteristics you enjoyed so much about it?
A: When I worked in Europe we wrestled in rounds like boxing, which is a huge change but can be used in a lot of interesting ways.

Q: Roddy Piper once stated that the business always changes you for the worse. You are one that really debunks his statement. How have you been able to stand up to the politics and back stabbing to stay honest and true to yourself and not get burned out by it?
A: I think the big difference is that I always kept wrestling as a job and a career, not a life style. You get caught up in being ďa pro wrestlerĒ and living the gimmick so to speak you can lose sight of what is important long term in life.

Q: What are your thoughts on when wrestlers complain about the schedule for WWE? What about non-wrestlers who write articles complaining about it? Personally i think they're as altruistic as they think they are. It's fairly common knowledge to anyone who follows pro-wrestling that the road schedule was MUCH harder years past.
A: It is hard but it used to be a lot worse and if you donít like it you can always quit and get a different job. This business isnít easy or for everyone. If you donít like it you can always quit.

Q: What's so good about the Skyline Diner in Newark? Should I make plans to get dinner there (it's not too far down the road)?
A: The owner is a great guy and big fan. It isnít a place you would make plans for dinner, but if you need good food (egg whites, etc.) you can always get them here. This was my favourite place to eat on the road. Even ahead of Cracker Barrell.

Q: Ok, this will seem like a really dumb question, but it's been bugging me for a while and maybe you'll know!... In WWE, ONLY taking into account televised matches, they wreck well into three figures of steel chairs a year on the talent's craniums. What do they do with all these chairs?? Do they just trash them? Recycle? Or do they have a magic chair workshop where they are put back together again for the next week? Coz some of them seem pretty much destroyed when you see them after a really sent shot. Also, I know the chairs are totally genuine, but do they make them out of a slightly pliable type of metal or are they just 100% steel? I've had some wrestling training, but never taken a chair shot... yet... :-)
A: I would imagine they just get thrown out each week. They are just regular chairs; we just rely on shotty American craftsman ship.

Q: With Kurt Angle in TNA do think we could see Kurt Angle VS Bret Hart?
A: NO! Bret retired due to injury. He suffered a severe concussion as well as a stroke. He will not be wrestling again.

Q: I noticed Lashley jumps on to the ring apron a bit like Brock did. Do either of these guys have ďStorm LikeĒ vertical leaps? Also, would you say an ability to leap well can help the credibility of certain moves, or is it more of a party piece?
A: it certainly makes for a better Drop Kick.

Q: How did you decide on picking "Phantasmo and the Chicken Run" by White Zombie as your ECW entrance music? Which is your favorite music artist?
A: Right before the ECW Music CD came out Paul asked me which of two songs on the CD I liked and wanted to use. I picked that one. No I donítí remember which the other one was.

Q: The Royal Rumble is by far my favorite event, even more so than 'Mania itself but I think the Rumble match has become somewhat predictable in that you can narrow it down to certain wrestlers. In 2005, I think many people knew Cena or Batista were going to win. Is there anything that the WWE can do to change predictability for this event?
A: Yes get rid of the WrestleMania Title shot stipulation. When the Rumble first started the winner was just the winner, which left it wide open who could win. I think they need to go back to this. Book a damn angle for the Mania main event, and leave Rumble alone.

Q: What are your thoughts on Scott Hall as a performer and have you ever wrestled 'the bad guy'?
A: I never worked Scott. I met him only once or twice. I thought he was a smart performer in that he knew what he was good at (particularly his punch) and relied on it. He stuck with what he did well, which is smart.

Q: What do you think of Jimmy Wang Yang? The gimmick and the promos were hilarious, and I think he should get more time on Smackdown rather than guys like Boogeyman. Do you think people like him have much of a chance on Smackdown with Gregory Helms never defending his cruiserweight title? I can't remember the last time he defended it.
A: Helms defending the title isnít the issue itís getting guys like Jimmy the air time. I love his work and the match he had with Helms a couple weeks back was awesome. The gimmick is silly but what ever gets him on my TV works for me.

Q: Do you think wwe rushed the hardy boyz reunion on ECW tv, and not waiting until after Survivor Series to maybe build up a tag match in some way for a future ppv?
A: I was shocked they did the reunion for free before the PPV yes.

Q: How has your body changed now that you are off the road full-time, stopped using supplements, and toned down your strict workout and diet regimens?
A: It hasnít changed much. Iím about the same weight so I likely have 2 or 3 lbs less muscle mass and 2 or 3 lbs more body fat. I look pretty much the same.

Q: On average, what did/do you pay for your tights and boots?
A: My wife made a lot of my stuff so I didnít have to pay much. In WCW or WWE I think about $150 for tights. I donít wear boots.

Q: Did Jericho get any heat for breaking his arm in SMW? If I remember right he was kind of screwing around while he did it.
A: He wasnít screwed around. He broke his arm and by the time it heeled he decided to go back to Japan. He broke his arm, shit happens.

Q: Did Jericho get any respect for working that match in SMW hurt or is it just considered part of the job?
A: We didnít hold a meeting to discuss how everyone felt. He got respect from me for doing it, but again I would have worked too.

Q: Thoughts on Shane Douglas work in ring?
A: I was a big fan of Shaneís work. I enjoyed working with him a lot.

Q: What do you think of Randy Orton in ring work?
A: I liked working with Randy. I could live without the Garvin Stomp or the chin locks but I generally enjoy Randyís stuff.

Q: Are you surprised that Johnny Nitro has seemed to perform as well as he has so fast?
A: Not really. Heís been at this a few years now, and he worked with me for a year. (LOL)

Q: What is Booker T like outside of the ring?
A: About the same just with more clothes on.

Q: Why do they turn all the lights ringside off on ECW shows? Just to hind the crowd?
A: I think the idea is to create a different atmosphere and feel for the show.

Q: When WCW was scaling back toward the end, where you ever worried for you job at all?
A: No I wasnít I felt I more than was earning what I was paid and was one of the things right with the company not wrong.

Q: How does WWE pay work? You get X amount of dollars per month, and ppv etc, but do you get anything extra for extra work? Such as of late how someone like Big Show is on ECW and then shows up on Raw most weeks to, does he get extra for that?
A: I really hate questions like this. How do your personal finances work? This isnít really anyoneís business.

Q: Ever work Super Crazy, if so, how was it?
A: I worked him once in ECW and it wasnít good. I found out afterwards that he was intimidated by me and was very hesitant when we worked.

Q: I don't know if there is a confidential portion between the WWE and it's Superstars. If you can release such information, how does the "blood" work and/or how do they get the seat of a "steel" chair to mold into the shape of the Superstar's head it's being wrapped around?
A: Blood generally works by having a guy actually bleed real blood, and we get the head and face shaped dents in chairs by actually hitting the guy real hard with a real chair. This business isnít as fake as a lot of people want to believe.

Q: There's a post on MMA's UG board about pro wrestlers that could compete in MMA, and your name came up. Could you have made the transition to MMA and were you ever even interested in it?
A: I doubt I could have made the transition. If I had started out training for MMA I may have had an aptitude for it but switching over would have been tough.

Q: I've only seen Teddy Hart wrestle a few times, but he seems incredibly talented. The dirtsheets all bury him as an attitude problem however. What are your feelings on Teddy Hart? and what would Teddy Hart have to do to earn a job with the WWE?
A: Teddy does have a ton of talent, but the sheets are burying they are generally reporting facts. Teddy has had conduct issues. I think he had a developmental deal years ago, before developmental deal were common but had conduct issues then as well. Improving his rep as a professional would definitely help him. A bit of size wouldnítí hurt his chances either.

Q: I thought Shawn Michaels needed surgery on one of his legs. What happened with that?
A: I think he still does. Just because surgery is required in wrestling it doesnít mean we drop everything and do it. I may need surgery on my knee but Iím still working on it and it could be a year or more before I have it done.

Q: If the wwe had another brawl for all tournament today, who would you like to see in it? also, in your opinion, who do you think is the toughest wrestler on the roster today?
A: With the fiasco the last one turned out to be I doubt they would ever do another. They should do one with the Divas!!!!

Q: When was the last time you did a moonsault in a match? (assuming you have done one in a match before)
A: Japan 1996 at a guess.

Q: Did you ever play as yourself in a WWE video game? Or cooler yet, played with a figurine of yours against another figurine?
A: I donít think Iíve ever played a WWE video game.

Q: Is the Honkey Tonk Man bitter about the business? he seems to complain a lot on his website.
A: I guess it depends what he complains about. If he is complaining about TNA booking itís not that he is bitter itís that he is still capable of rational thought.

Q: Do you think Christian would be in the main event picture if he stayed in the WWE?
A: No I donít believe WWE would ever give him that chance.

Q: Have you ever really busted yourself open in a match? I mean you hit your head and REALLY open yourself up?
A: Yes 2 or 3 times in ECW.

Q: I remember a WWE house show in St Louis where you were still doing the UnAmericans schtick. During the match, you jumped off the ring apron and went to a kid ringside who was holding a little Canadian flag. You took the flag and waved it all around for everyone to see then gave it back. I thought it was a really cool way to make that fan's night all the more special. My friends all laughed and said how great it was and how we should've brought our own flags. Just wondering if you tried to do little things like that alot?
A: Itís always fun if you can involve and interact with the crowd. Thatís why we are there after all.

Q: I heard that Bret Hart's oldest son Dallas is now one of your students, how is he doing in the training and when you think he's good enough will you recommend getting a WWE developmental or sending him to work more independents like Ring of Honor?
A: Due to scheduling issues Dallas will be starting in January to train. What I recommend will depend on how well he does.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm