A Broken Throat?

December 09, 2006

In my last commentary I talked about my match with Christian for BSE in Toronto, and the fact that I took a stiff clothesline from him during the match. My throat hurt a lot after the match and swallowing and eating was extremely painful. My voice became very scratchy and I could barely talk the day after the match. After a couple days I was starting to feel better and while my voice was not back to normal it was certainly improving. On Thursday I was out with my wife and I coughed and had a sharp pain in my throat and decided maybe I should have this looked at. She called my doctorís office and got me an appointment for the next day (Friday).

My Doctor sent me for throat X-rays and then surprised the hell out of me by phoning me at home less than an hour later with news that I have a broken bone in my throat. I know a lot of guys who have broken their necks (far too many actually) but Iíve never heard of anyone actually breaking their throat (I doubt Mick Foley has even done this one). He explained to me that there is a small Hyoid bone in your throat just above your Larynx, which supports the tongue, and I have fractured mine, or more accurately Christian has fractured it for me. He said it is very rare, in fact neither he nor the Radiologist that did my X-rays has ever heard of anyone fracturing their Hyoid before. He said he had to look it up to see what should be done and his book of fractures (I assume there is a more technical name for it) didnít even mention the possibility of breaking your Hyoid. He eventually had to use the medical Internet to look it up and found a little information.

Apparently the first 24 Ė 72 hrs are the most dangerous and I should have been watched very carefully during that time, which of course I wasnít. There is the possibility that the bone can dislodge, I guess, or rotate and possibly cut the inside of my throat and lead to all kinds of problems. I slept in a hotel room by myself and then flew home the next day, only worried about how I was going to eat because it hurt to swallow. Had I experienced any difficulties in flight who knows what would have happened? Like a good wrestler I just figured it hurt a lotÖ so whatÖ life goes onÖ suck it up.

Thankfully nothing did happen and Iím past the more crucial stag now and Iím waiting to hear back from an ears, nose, and throat guy to find out if anything needs to be done or whether this will just heel on itís own. Until then Iím on anti-inflammatory and suppose to head directly to the nearest Emergency room if I experience anymore-sharp pain in my throat, or have difficulty breathing.

Iíll be sure to keep you all posted as soon as I learn more, but more likely than not, Iím just going to have a really sore throat and a raspy voice for a while, and before too long Iíll be back to normal.

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