Q and A

December 14, 2010

Q: I was wondering if you have been keeping up with your former SWA student Scott Justice aka Scott Pankhurst and what your thoughts were on Scott?

A: Scott sends me an update now and again and it seems he is doing well. Scott is a great guy who works very hard so Iím happy he is doing well.

Q: During a recent TNA PPV Tommy Dreamer appeared to suffer a legit injury to his wrist during a match with RVD. Reports are that something was sticking up or out from the wrist. Tommy Dreamer and RVD continued with their match. If a wrestler sustains a potentially serious injury, but decides to continue the match, can the referee or anyone in the back put a stop to the match before the injury becomes much worse? In these type of situations would the ref or management have an obligation to stop it in the interests of the wrestlerís health?

A: Someone else can always put a stop to a match, but generally the individual involved is allowed to make the call on his own condition.

Q: I was just wondering why most of the wrestlers from the indies (such as Evan Bourne, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, etc.) do not perform their signature moves / finishers therein as soon as they make the jump to wwe? is there a restriction for it? or it depends on who want to be the recipient of such maneuvers? i do believe that cm punk does not perform the pepsi plunge because it happens to be the top rope version of triple h's pedigree...

A: Safety is a much bigger concern in WWE not to mention that when dealing with much larger opponents a lot of moves canít be done in WWE. I donít see CM Punk pulling off a tope rope pedigree on Kane.

Q: If you had to pick two MMA fighters no matter what company they work for to have a fight who would they be?

A: Iíd like to see Brock and Fedor.

Q: Iím a huge fan and was wondering if you had any autographs available and what I needed to do to get one.

A: This information is on my site. If you want an autographed photo they are for sale on the site, if you want me to sing something of your own you need only to send it to me and cover return postage and I will autograph it for free.

Q: Just curious if you've ever read the Ian Rankin series 'Rebus' or the Lindsey Davis series 'falco'.

A: I have not. I tried one Ian Rankin book (I do not remember the title) and didnít get into it.

Q: Do you read any books by comedians like Stephen Colbert, Sarah Silverman or Adam Carolla? Stuff where it's more of an extension of some of their acts and not necessarily a typical story with a beginning, middle and end.

A: Generally no. I stick to Novels almost exclusively.

Q: Did you ever have a GPS device during your time on the road? Do you think those are required today?

A: I do not like GPS devices. I think they lead to people being stupid and having no idea where they actually are. Iíll take a map and a few directions any day. Following GPS blindly gets a lot of people lost.

Q: Are you aware of the whole Undertaker / Lesnar situation? Supposedly Taker and Lesnar were going to do something that could have potentially led to Lesnar challenging Takers streak at the next WM. Both sides are denying anything happening but Taker showed up on screen and did an interview at UFC 121 and a "moment" happened with him and Lesnar. On top of that, UFC 121 was in LA on Saturday and The Undertaker was at Bragging Rights the following night at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Taker is said to be very protective about his character and doesn't like to be seen in public out of it so with him doing that. Do you think something major was planned between Taker, Lesnar and Vince? And how awesome would that be!? Plans seem to be nixed since Lesnar lost and Taker is apparently getting surgery on his shoulder but it could have been an incredible "get" to have that booked for WM28.

A: There were and maybe still are some hopes something could be worked out, but Iím pretty sure Lesnarís UFC contract will prevent anything from happening.

Q: Do you ever read any non-wrestling biographies?

A: Not often but I did read ďToo Fat to FishĒ Artie Langeís autobiography a year or more ago.

Q: What does the modern wrestling industry thinks about "news" sites?

A: The industry is too big to have just one opinion. Like most things in wrestling some like, others dislike, while many donít care.

Q: donít know if you saw the 11/15/2010 Old School Raw. But Roddy Piper listed top guys who never won the WWE championship including himself and told John Cena if he handed Wade Barrett the title he has spit in the face of everyone who has never held the title. In my opinion this promo put over the WWE championship more than it has been in a long time. I would love to hear your opinion on this segment.

A: One of the best promos on RAW in ages. Piper is awesome, and promos like this are what is missing from wrestling.

Q: I don't think in my 40 years of watching wrestling that I have ever seen an "unknown" like Wade Barret become the top heel in a company so quick. I don't believe many watched the NXT show, and the push he and Nexus have received is incredible I think. One of the most convincing heels on and off the mic do you agree?

A: I think Wade is great, especially on the mic. Wade is not a rookie though he has been working for a number of years in Europe.

Q: Is it ok to replace traditional hindu squats with barbell squats in the gym? It still has the same effect I would guess.

A: You can do which ever squats you like. Doing them with a bar and weights is going to be more to build size where doing high repetition Hindu squats is a bit more of a conditioning thing.

Q: Recently, WWE released Shad Gaspard, Caylen Croft, Luke Gallows and Vance Archer. Is it essentially career suicide to start out as a member of a Tag Team at this point?

A: Luck Gallows did not start out as a tag team. He originally did the fake Kane gimmick, and since JTG is still around I think being in a tag team had little to do with these decisions.

Q: I once asked you about the Undertaker and you said that he's a professional in and out of the ring. You say Brock Lesnar is your friend and so THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS...: What do you make of their confrontation?

A: Brock being a friend is a bit of a stretch; we were friendly during our time in WWE but have not talked since. I really didnítí see it as a confrontation I think Taker simply asked him if they were going to do a confrontation thing at the press conference, which they didnít do.

Q: How do you feel about champions being introduced before the challengers? Do factors such as whether or not the champion(s) is(are) heel(s), or whether or not the title is on the line make a difference? (Personally I think they should always come out last when the title's on the line. Or am I just nit-picking?)

A: On PPV and live events I agree but TV is a different situation that most fans donít understand. In most cases on TV they send the biggest star out first in order to have a better chance of holding viewers. If I were wrestling Shawn Michaels during the crossover segment of RAW for example they would send him to the ring first figuring people would be less apt to switch channels with Shawn making his entrance than during mine. This type of thing started during the Monday Night Wars when they were very competitive in wanting to hold viewers. Get the big guns out there as soon as possible.

Q: If you had to switch bodies with Vince McMahon for 24 hours (and assuming he wouldnít undo whatever you do) what would you do?

A: Transfer money from his bank account.

Q: If you had to switch bodies with Dixie Carter for 24 hours (and assuming she wouldnít undo whatever you do...and assuming you werenít able to simply undress and stand in front of a mirror all day) what would you do?

A: FIRE Vince Russo!

Q: If you had to switch bodies with either Dixie or Vince, for the benefit of the WRESTLING BUISINESS, who would you switch with?

A: Dixie; getting rid of Russo would be the biggest service I could so for the industry.

Q: Did Bret Hart sell out?

A: No. The selling out concept is a stupid one. Pro-Wrestlers wrestle for money that is how we earn a living. The only way you could sell out is if you took a payday to purposely destroy or damage the business.

Q: I recently read Chris Jerichoís autobiography. As you already know but in case some other readers donít, Jericho writes how in his first impression of you, he was sort of jealous of your natural ability and how he felt you were better than him in the ring. Can you tell us what your thoughts of Jericho were over the time you spent training together?

A: I was jealous of his charisma and personality.

Q: My favorite live show I attended was in Terre Haute, IN. It was near the start (I think) of your big WCW 3 Titles push; August 2nd, 2000. You wrestled Juventud, Norman Smiley, and finally the Cat, Ernest Miller. Do you have any memories of Terre Haute? Itís just interesting to me for celebrities to come to towns close to me and read about their thoughts. Iím really hoping youíll address the smell of the ďcityĒÖitís horrible.

A: I donít remember shows by town unfortunately. I do remember wrestling those three guys on one show, because I had to defend all three titles in one night. I remember getting criticized a bit after my match with The Cat, in that my agent thought I controlled too much of the match seeing that I had wrestled 2 matches previously. While I agreed in theory, I was a bit annoyed at the criticism because in all three cases I was the ring general carrying and holding the matches together and itís hard to both carry someone who is hesitant and make it look like they are dominating you, let alone do it three times in consecutive matches.

Q: During the time you were in the WWE, if Vince McMahon approached the locker room and told everybody they have to participate in a inter-company triathlon the very next day, how well do you think you would do? Or better yet, who do you think will win most of the events?

A: Provided he can swim Stevie Richards likely would have won, he was and likely still is a cardio freak. Iíd have loved to try a Decathlon with the boys.

Q: When I hear of ring "canvas", I assume it to be a very abrasive fabric. However, I never see wrestlers who appear to have suffered any mat burns from spending so much time on the canvas, even those whose ring entrance involves sliding across the canvas. Why is this?

A: Itís because guys wear knee pads. When I wore trunks I got mat burn every time I did a baseball slide spot because I slide on my hip briefly.

Q: Over the years, I've occasionally seen wrestlers without kneepads (Alberto Del Rio comes to mind among today's stars). Am I correct in thinking that would be a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous thing? Is there a useful reason to work without kneepads?

A: Iíve never seen anyone last their whole career without eventually needing knee pads. I think itís insane not to wear them.

Q: Does your oldest daughter read as much as you do? If she does have you considered having a section of a website that lists all of the books she had been reading? As a younger reader I would enjoy reading books a little more my own age.

A: She does read a fair bit. She is a big fan of Janet Evanovichís Stephanie Plum series as well as Eoin Colferís Artemis Fowl series.

Q: What is WWE's policy regarding its wrestlers and DVD releases? If you are the subject of a DVD, does WWE just give you a certain number of copies to give out as you wish? Do they just keep copies of DVDs around so any superstar who wants, say, the Steamboat release can pick one up backstage, or are they expected to buy them like the rest of us? How about someone like you (who's a wrestler and technically a fellow member of the media) who runs a school and is known to comment on new releases? Does WWE just say "Go ahead and send Lance Storm a copy of everything when it comes out, because we know that if he likes it, others will buy it on his recommendation"?

A: WWE doesnít give out too much merchandise, but I assume top guys can likely get what they want. I would imagine Steamboat got a complimentary copy or his DVD set. They do not send me stuff unfortunately.

Q: I was looking through your reading list and saw you've read "The girl with the Dragon Tattoo", I'm from Scandinavia and those books are huge over here. I'm halfway through the third at the moment and was wonder if you're planning reading the other two?

A: I do plan on reading the next two in the series; Iíve just got so much other stuff to get to as well, I havenít gotten to them yet.

Q: Have you ever given any thought about training for a triathlon/marathon/ironman or anything like that?

A: None. Running long distances is something my knees have no interest in. To be honest swimming has always bothered my one knee. Even as a kid I could never do the standard flutter kick because it bothered my one knee. Iíve always been a breast stroke swimmer because that kick feels better on my knees. I donít see me breast stroking my way through a triathlon.

Q: Do you regret not getting a college degree?

A: No. Iíve never had the occasion to put it to use so no regrets in that regard, at least not yet.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Lesnar vs Valesquez fight?

A: Disappointed Brock lost but not shocked. Cane is awesome.

Q: What's the reason behind you always keeping a short hairstyle?

A: I donít like long hair.

Q: What is your favorite fast food?

A: I used to love the Whopper. When I was in SMW there was a BK right around the corner from where I lived and I used to stop there all the time. Once I hit 26 I had to stop eating like that.

Q: I just saw an atrocious musical performance by Mickie James on TNA. What are the 5 lamest moments in wrestling in your mind?

A: Too hard to pick but two off the top of my head that pissed me off: David Arquette winning the WCW World Title. Vince Russo winning the WCW World Title.

Q: I read you did some cognitive tests recently. How did those go?

A: You donít get graded they just compare your results to following years.

Q: I was just watching ECW One Night Stand from 2005. Your match was my favorite one on the whole show. Joey Styles mentioned a few times that you were considering this to be your last match. Is their truth to that? And looking back, do you wish you had made this very last match?

A: I was hoping it would be my last match at the time because that way my first and last pro matches would have been against Chris Jericho. I donítí wish it was my last match because Iíve had a few matches since I am very proud of. I still hope I might be able to have one more match with Jericho in order to have it as my last.

Q: Iím wondering if you like Stephen King as an author, and if so, whatís your favorite Stephen King book?

A: Iíve only read one King book and that was years ago. I read Running Man.

Q: You might have been asked this recently, but what are your thoughts of the Edge/Kane storyline?

A: Iíve avoided watching SD because I so strongly hate this program. I find it absurd and have no interest in it, despite being friends with and liking both guys involved.

Q: I know you are not a fan of Michael Cole being a heel announcer but do you feel him getting involved with the King Miz match added something or just made the Miz come off as a weak champion who could not beat a broadcaster? On a different note do you feel it would have been a feel good situation to let King win the title that may have gained a ratings bump in the short term or again just weaken what it means to be champ after Piper just recently put it over?

A: I had no problem with the finish except that I do not believe Jerry should tolerate sitting beside Cole any longer. I donít think putting the title on Lawler would have been a good idea.

Q: Did you ever go on a Tribute to the Troops show and if so where and when was it? What was the experience like?

A: I did not no. I think I was still on the roster the first year but was not selected to go and was off the roster by the second time.

Q: Do you still have glitter on you from when you faced Kwee-Wee in WCW?

A: Nope. He was actually banned from wearing glitter after that match. I commented how dumb it was that I still ahd to go out for Thunder that night and would be covered in glitter without having any reason in the context of that show to have glitter on me. Goldberg over heard this and I think spoke up and Kwee Wee had to stop wearing glitter.

Q: Did you catch the recent Slammy Awards, if so what are your thoughts?

A: I did and wish I didnít.

Lance Storm