The Year 2013

Dec. 14, 2013

It's been a while since I've updated and for that I apologize. I've been having a hard time coming up with topics and getting the flow for a good commentary going. Because of this I've decided to adopt a bit of the Jim Ross approach to doing a blog. Rather than having a topic and writing more of a full essay I've going to just jot down more in point form my current thoughts and opinions. If I've got a big topic it may approach essay form but if not I'm at least voicing my thoughts and opinions here on a more regular basis.

It's been a busy 2013 with me wrestling more in 2013 than any other year since 2004 when I retired from full time competition. It wasn't my plan but I accepted one booking and it just steam rolled from there.
- In January I wrestled on the Hart Legacy show in Calgary which turned into a bit of a fiasco but it was a chance to work with some people I really wanted to and working the Pavilion in Calgary is always a treat. On this show I tagged with Harry Smith and Lance Hoyt to face Bobby Lashley, Chris Masters and Johnny Devine.
- In February I did a match with Jerry Lynn as part of his retirement tour, and it was this match that got me started on the roll. Jerry asked me to do it one more time on his retirement tour and I couldn't say no to that. Once I was getting in shape for this match accepting the Jan. shot was pretty easy.
- June was House of Hardcore 2 against Tommy Dreamer. This match was also a result of accepting the Jerry Lynn match because Dreamer had originally called me for House of Hardcore 1 and I turned him down. The match he was planning on booking me for was vs. Jerry Lynn and he jokingly gave me a hard time about turning him down while accepting the Feb. shot with Jerry. I felt bad about HoH 1 so I accepted HoH 2 and had a great time.
- October was a unique trip to Iqaluit, Nunavut Canada. This trip was a double shot offered to me by Arda Ocal because I told him once I might accept bookings if they were somewhere interesting I'd never been. I'd never been this far North and I thought it would be an interesting experience so I accepted the booking. I wrestled Tyson Dux had 2 really good matches and the trip as an experience was tremendous.
- Up next was House of Hardcore 3 in November which I accepted because of the great matched offered me here. I tagged with X Pac (Sean Waltman) to face Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk. I'd never worked with X Pac before and the chance to work with Terry Funk again was just something I couldn't pass up. As a bonus we ended up with Justin Credible and Angelina Love in our corner.
- Tomorrow (Dec. 15) will be match 7 of 2013 when I face Chris Hero for Smash Wrestling in Mississauga. Not really sure why I accepted this booking, it isn't really a unique experience, but Smash Wrestling was the group that promoted Iqaluit, they treated me really well, and Hero is a friend of mine. Should be a great match.
- Last but not least is my return to Hannover Germany. This booking came about much like the Jerry Lynn match did. Dirty Dan Collins was my big rival in Hannover in 1995 and he is retiring and he asked me if I'd be willing to do his retirement match in Hannover with him. Danny is a great guy and doing a return match in Hannover was an offer I just couldn't pass up. So on Dec. 21 I will do my last match of 2013.

- Another highlight of the year was my trip to the WWE Performance Center as a guest trainer. I had an awesome time working with the NXT talent and hope to do at least one more trip down in 2014. The facility is incredible.

- I won't be watching TLC, but I'm actually pretty excited about it. That closing segment on RAW this week peaked my interest making tomorrow night's match feel really big, with a lot of WrestleMania implications. I predict John Cena wins the match to Unify the titles. There hasn't been a Good Guy happy ending to a WWE PPV since July when oddly enough Randy Orton won a Ladder Match. I think a Happy ending is WAY over due so I'm pulling for John Cena. In a bit of Fantasy booking I'd have Cena win, try to honour his word by offering Daniel Bryan the first Title Shot only to have HHH refuse to sign the match. This leads to Daniel Bryan having to win the Royal Rumble to secure his shot at the Title, The Authority could select his number "at random" for him and pull #1 . Bryan goes the distance and wins the Royal Rumble ending up the Title challenger at WrestleMania with the build focused around the fact he defeated John Cena for the WWE Title at Summer Slam, the last time they wrestled. Yes...Yes...Yes

- Don't forget to check out Chris Jericho's new podcast "Talk is Jericho" on it's great. And for those asking about when I will be a guest on the show, Iam fairly confident I'm up right after the famous Florists he's promised.

Not sure if I'll be updating again before Christmas so to be safe: Merry Christmas everyone.

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