Xmas and Stuff

December 28, 2008

Well I hope everyone had (or is having) a Merry Christmas, or happy Hanukah, or Merry what ever the case may be. Let’s just say I hope you all are enjoying your December. My Holiday (Christmas) was very nice. It was cold as hell and we have snow up the Wa-Zoo but it was a quiet relaxing time and a lot of fun for my kids. My kids big present this year was the Wii Fit Balance board, which is extremely cool, and I’ve logged a couple hours on the thing already. I highly recommend the Wii and the Wii Fit.

As for myself, present weren’t nearly as exciting, but you have to keep in mind I’m not the most exciting guy in the world so my presents reflect that. I got a few new books, (which excited me greatly) as well as a few bookstore gift cards and some new clothes. We didn’t go anywhere for Christmas although we did do Christmas dinner at my brother in-laws which was a change of pace. He only lives a few blocks from me so there weren’t any travel delays due to bad weather.

I also caught the UFC PPV at said brother in-laws place, last night and while I enjoyed the show I was a little disappointed when it was over. All the fights were short and none of them really jumped out at me as great fights. There was only one fight that went past the second round and only three that got out of the first. As lack luster as I found the fights they sure set up an exciting 2009 for UFC, with most of the big fight results being the best outcome for UFC business.

Frank Mir looked awesome and he totally made me eat my words by destroying Nogueira in a very impressive outing (Congrats Mr. Mir awesome promo as well). I wanted Nog to win this fight so bad but it was not to be. Nogueira looked awful in this fight and to be blunt looked completely washed up. It’s hard to believe he is only 32 because he moved and reacted like an old man. He was so outclassed my Mir on his feet and got dropped countless times in this short fight.

Mir’s victory is a HUGE win for UFC because this sets up the Brock Lesnar – Frank Mir rematch, which they did a great job of selling on this show. I think the title unification fight between these two can be another million buys range PPV. I am so jacked for this fight it’s going to be awesome. On the flip side you also have the Couture – Nogueira fight you can do, which would also be interesting. It’s amazing the Couture is 10 years the senior in this match yet looks younger and healthier than the 32 year old Nogueira.

The two light heavy weight fights were another win for UFC, with both Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans winning strong and looking dominant. I would imagine a title match between those two will do more strong business for UFC and with neither one suffering much damage there is the potential that fight can happen sooner rather than later.

Congo also continued to look strong, further building him as a potential challenger for the winner of the Mir – Lesnar fight. It definitely looks like a Happy New Year is in store for both UFC and UFC fans.

I don’t have too much to comment on, on the wrestling front. I missed both of the last TNA shows as well as the last SmackDown. Holiday cheer was the priority over wrestling at my house so the last wrestling show I caught was RAW from last week, which was actually really good.

What I liked most about the show was that it had a definite purpose. There were the 4 big matches designed to determine a new #1 contended. As much as I hate that they have to do these wacky #1 contended deals, it was done very well, with the 8 selected guys being logical choices. I missed the finish to the Kane – HBK match but thought JBL and Rey was pretty good and the finish was at least interesting and progressed the HBK – JBL deal.

I still don’t like the idea of the HBK angle but they are doing a good job of it. If you can get over the idea that being a Main Event WWE Superstar doesn’t pay enough and Shawn has to take on a second job to make ends meet, the angle works. I do hope they cover the DQ concept this week however because it opens a huge can of worms by demonstrating that people can just win matches by having a buddy come down and slap them in front of the ref. As long as you have a buddy willing to do so, you can win every match you are in (with the exception of wining titles of course).

Jericho and Punk stole the show with an awesome match. It’s funny how I here so much criticism of Punk because he is very inconsistent in his match quality, but I think that speaks more of his opponent’s ability or willingness to adapt and work to Punk’s style. One of the things I like about Punk is that his style isn’t perfect WWE 101, and when he is in there with guys who can work to his style (Jericho & John Morrison for example) he’s great. I think Jericho deserves so much credit for being able to work any style and continually adapt and have great matches. Remember when Scott Steiner was in WWE a few years back. He had a bunch of bad matches with all kinds of people in WWE yet he had real solid outings with Jericho.

I think too often in WWE people see flaws in someone’s work and are content letting those flaws show through and allowing blame to fall on that person for it, but to me a true professional and great worker is the guy who finds a way to adapt hide and highlight what is needed to produce the best match possible and there are very few people in the world better at that than Chris Jericho.

The near falls and the drama they created with them in this match were awesome. I was so into this match by the finish. At the beginning of this match I figured Jericho was winning for sure but by the second time Punk started fighting out of the Walls of Jericho I had doubt (awesome job guys). From the Lion Sault attempt on I was buying everything. When Punk finally hit the high kick and rolled to the apron I was actually thinking in my head, “Can they hit the Code Breaker out of a Spring Board?” and when they did I popped huge.

Matches like this remind me why I love wrestling. For the last couple minutes of this match I was 100% a fan again. Thanks guys.

The Main Event was also very cool, and I really enjoyed seeing Trish Stratus return. This match was also great booking, because with the #1 contender deals going on, Cena had no real purpose on the show but they needed to have him do something. Toronto traditionally boos the hell out of Cena so teaming him with Trish was really the best chance to get him cheered in Toronto. It didn’t work, but it was the best thing to try. The Main event was fun and Trish’s return gave it enough significance to effectively close the show. Was it just me, or did Trish look like she hasn’t missed a single step despite being off a couple years. Way to go Trish, you may still be the best working female in the business.

Just a bit of a trivia note in closing. I was the first person to ever take the Stratus-sphere move she hit on Santino in the corner. I was in the ring working out with her the day she wanted to try it and I took the very first one.

That’s about it for me today. I have a ton of book reviews to get to as well as a huge pile of Q’s I need to A, for my next Q and A commentary, which should be up sometime this week.

Have a Happy New Year everyone.
Lance Storm