Happy Holidays

December 30, 2009

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I meant to post something earlier wishing everyone Happy Holidays in advance but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I was without Internet access for a little over a week, which really limits the amount of website updating you can do.

I am back now so there should be a bunch of updates over the next week or so including my review of WrestleMania 3, which I watched right before the holidays for the first time in likely 15 – 20 years.

To start I want to tell everyone I had a wonderful Christmas. The entire month of December was good for me, as a got some much needed rest. My last SWA class was my biggest ever and the extra work load really wore me out. In December I managed to get caught up on some sleep and get my ass back in the gym.

I also got the results back on my first complete physical since leaving WWE, and was very relieved to here that I am in perfect health. I don’t suppose anyone can actually be in perfect health but perfect was the word used by my doctor when he was going over the results of all my tests. I suppose these results should not have been a surprise to me, I am after all pretty much the poster boy for clean living, but after losing as many friends as I have the past 10 years, seeing documented proof of your good health is a very comforting thing.

Good health aside, I did get some minor bad news from one doctor in December… my eye doctor. Old age has officially hit me and I now wear glasses. I’ve always had extremely good vision but I started getting eye strain headaches the end of November, so I booked myself and appointment with the eye doctor and found out I need glasses. These aren’t just reading glasses but full blown glasses that I wear all the time. I’m told I look good in them and most people think I look more academic with my glasses so, so far no complaints on my end, apart from the price tag that is. If I get a decent photo I will post it so everyone can voice their opinion on the new 4-Eye’d Lance Storm.

Christmas as I said was great. This year we spent Christmas at my in-laws, who have a cabin on Buffalo Lake, a couple hours north east of Calgary. It’s a very relaxing place and we spent an entire week up there (The reason for my lack of Internet access). Weather was quite cold but they have a wood burning stove so I spend quite a few hours sitting by the fire reading, which made me VERY happy. We also cleared off some of the ice on the lake and made our own skating rink which was a lot of fun. I am a terrible skater (I’m a poor Canadian, I don’t drink beer either) but my kids enjoy skating so I make the effort.

My big Christmas present this year was the Amazon Kindle, which finally became available in Canada. This thing is AWESOME and I can’t rave about it enough. If you read at all you need to check this thing out. Go to Amazon.com for details. This thing is to reading what the iPod is to music.

I’ve also finally joined Face Book, but before you all run out to send me friend request, this is a Lance Evers Face Book account which I intend to limit to family and friends that I actually know. I plan to open a Lance Storm / SWA Face Book page soon so save all your friend requests for then, unless of course you actually know me. I don’t know how much time I’ll have for Face Book but I’ve already got in touch with a few friends from my high school days so it’s pretty cool.

One last thing I want to cover before wrapping this up is the return of Bret Hart to Monday Night RAW. I’m very excited to see the show Monday, because Bret was a big part of why I got into wrestling so I’m really looking forward to his return. I have no expectations going in, I just hope the fans show him the respect he so greatly deserves, and I believe they will. Before WWE announced his return I was planning to flip back and forth and watch both RAW and Impact but now I will watch RAW in its entirety. I will have to either DVR Impact or just watch it at its regular time on Thursday.

For my official rating prediction for January 4th:
RAW (3.6 – 3.8)
Impact (0.6 – 0.8)

Happy New Year everyone, so you in 2010