Death Tour:
February 1995

This photo isnt' from the tour but that is the
10 foot ring we had to work in on the tour.

Dr. Luther, Don Callis, and I at the Mall in Thompson
MB. We were never so happy to see a crappy Mall in our
lives, after 2 weeks on Death Tour.

That's Dr. Luther sleeping in the "dojo" which was sadly
the most comfortable spot in the van (the floor).

A very happy and stylish Don Callis. Note the
completely frozen windows.

This shot was during the infamous rib where we make
Johnny Swinger think the van is breaking through the ice.

That's Joe Legend, Johnny Swinger, and Edge in the back seat.
We would spend 10 or 12 hours at a time like this on winter roads.

That is a full transport trailer broken through the ice on the
winter roads. it was just after this that we ribbed Swinger.

Out front of one of the few stores we got to hit along the way.
When you go this far north there isn't much going on.

That's the promoter Tony Condello with the stick. This is the night
of the infamous Pig rib.

Dr. Luther preparing another rib, this time putting heat rub in
the crotch of someones sweats.

Callis, Luther, and Jethrow (the pig owner) preparing for a
night of ribbing Tony with a pig.

The view through the windshield on Death Tour. It is a very
cold barren place, this far north.