FMW Japan:
October 1991

The FMW crew outside the hotel after our tour.
The guy on the right is Hyabusa as a young boy.

Getting out hands raised in victory. In FMW our tag
team name was Sudden Impact.

Here I hit a big round off back elbow, which I stole
from the Great Muta. I later changed it to the
round off splash, I used in ECW.

Hitting Ricky Fuji with a Flying Shoulder Block.
I got a ton of height but that's no excuse for
the silly face.

Whipping a young Hyabusa to the corner.

The move stealing continues as we hit the Sudden Impact
version of the Rocker Plex.

Jericho, Eto, and I site seeing at Hiroshima.

Mark Starr, Mike Awesome, Chris Jericho, and I celebrating
the end of a long 3-week tour with tequila and apple.