Chicago, April 1st 2006. Just an amazing crowd.

Kicking Bryan Danielson in the face our my ROH title match.

Hitting Danielson with a Cradle Pile Driver.

Trying to make Danielson tap out.

Cutting a promo in Toronto, summer of 2008.

Cutting a promo on Larry Sweeney in Toronto 2008.

Davey Richards off the top with a Diving Headbutt from
out Tag match in Toronto July 24, 2009

Missing Davey Richards with a kick, Toronto July 24, 2009.

Chris Hero locked in the Sharp Shooter. Kevin Steen has
Davey Richards locked in a Sharp Shooter as well.

Steen and I celebrating our big win over Hero and Richards.

Coming off the top with an elbow on Chris Hero in our ROH
match in Toronto July 25, 2009

Chris Hero locked in the Half Crab in the middle of the
ring in Toronto July 25, 2009