Smokey Mountain Wrestling:
May - Nov. 1994

Chris Jericho and I collective know as the Thrillseekers.
Jim Cornette actually took this picture.

Here we hit The Hornet with one of our huge double team
finishers. I hit a cross body block in this one.

This was one of our trade mark spots back then a double
leap frog. We actually stole this from the Dynamic Dudes.

Celebrating a big TV win. That's the late Brian Hildebrand
in the background.

Another shot of us (me) stealing spots. Shawn Michaels used
to exit the ring like this back in his Rocker days.

This is just an arm bar, I don't think you can say I stole
that. Arm bars are pretty much fair game aren't they?

This is an awesome shot, taken by a fan at Fire on the
Mountian in Johnson City Tennessee. This was the day
Jericho had surgery on his arm, which is why Tracy
Smothers in the one ducking in the corner.