WAR Japan:
Nov 1995 - January 1998

Me and Yuji Yasuroka after winning the WAR IJ Tag Team titles.
March 27, 1996

This was Jericho's last match with WAR before heading to WCW.
That's Rey Mysterio hitting the cross body block on Jericho.
WAR 4 Anniversary show July 1996

Winning the WAR World Six Man Titles with Araya & Kitihara.
WAR 5 Anniversary show July 1997

Wrestling the original Tiger Mask, Satoro Sayama. This was an
IJ Tag Team Title defence which Yasu and I won.

It was fun being the big man in the junior heavyweight division.
Here I was challenging Ultimo Dragon for the WAR Jr. Heavyweight title.
January 1996

Sky Diving J was a inter-promotional show hosted by NJPW and was the
only show I ever worked where I was the biggest guy on the card.
June 17, 1996

Yasu and I regaining the IJ Tag Titles from Jushin Liger and El Samurai.
November 9th, 1996

Here I hit Jushin Liger with a huge Hilo dive to the floor. This was
in the match where Yasu and I regained the titles.

Challenging Ultimo Dragon for the WAR Jr Heavyweight Title.
January 1996

Hitting a Power Slam on Shinjiro Ohtani in an IJ Tag Title defense.

Kicking Koji Kitao in the face. Kitao was 6' 8" and the stiffest worker
I was ever in the ring with. I was not pulling this kick at all!

Araya, myself, and Kitihara after a big WAR World Six man Title defense.