Q and A

May 30, 2010

Q: Are you a fan of Bob Evans? With the healthy choices on their menu I would assume you like it.

A: Actually the reason I love Bob Evans is their Cinnamon Hotcakes. They are AWESOME. They do a great egg white turkey omelet too.

Q: I read your posting about TNA and that you're officially done with them because of the unprotected chair shot just days after the death of Kanyon. I'm just watching "Extreme Rules" and since I know you don't get the PPV's, during the Orton vs. Swagger match, Orton hits Swagger with a trash can over the head 2-3 times. Now, Swagger doesn't protect himself, and I was curious as to your feelings on this. Anyone can see that these cans are not made of the sternest stuff, so I guess I have a second question. How significant of a difference is it between the chairs and the trash cans in terms of "damage"?

A: I suppose it is still possible to get a concussion from the trash can, but they are pretty thin and light compared to a chair, they are two completely different things IMO.

Q: Any idea what your lifetime win-loss record is or if you are over .500?

A: I have no idea but I would think after 4 years on the road as a heel in WWE itís below .500. Mid card heels seldom win on house show.

Q: I appreciate your recommendations for some ass-kicking books in your "Reading Writing Ranting" post. Have you read the "Scarecrow" series by Matthew Reilly? They are unbelievably action-packed and fast-paced, and the main character "Scarecrow" is awesome

A: I just finished ďScarecrowĒ which I assume is the first in the series. I didnít like it. To me it was the equivalent of an insane spot fest wrestling match, where they attempted to do every spot possible and kicked out of 57 nearfalls, just for the sake of doing every move they knew. It just got to the point where it felt too exaggerated and fake to me. If heíd have done Ĺ as many near death experiences the book would have been better to me.

Q: When you were a trainer in OVW, what was the schedule like? Can you give us an example of what daily schedule might be and what a weekly schedule might be?

A: That was a while ago. We trained a minimum of 5 days per week, with practice noon till 3 Mon, Tues, & Thursday for sure. Wednesday was TV so we were at the building by I think 5 pm for the evening tapings. Friday would depend on whether there was a house show or not. If there wasnítí a house show it was our regular noon till three training time. If there was a house show we would just do that. Most Saturdayís we had a live event but if no we had the day off. Sunday was generally a day off but every PPV Sunday we had a live event at a place that showed the WWE PPV and we did the live event right before the PPV airing.

Q: I forget, what is the name of the Indy promotion you book for and does it have a facebook page? Have you personally thought of having a facebook FAN page so that your commentaries get more exposure?

A: The company is called Prairie Wrestling Alliance, they have a website, but I do not know about facebook. I havenít thought about a fan facebook page, Iíve got my hands full as it is, and I think most of the people who care enough about what I have to say can find my website to read my commentaries there.

Q: Are you NEVER going to watch Impact again? Your insight is impeccable! lol (I actually think its starting to shape up)

A: Never say Never but as of right now Iím perfectly happy not watching the show.

Q: Do you have any thoughts to share on RVD capturing the TNA World Title? Did ya see it?!

A: I did not see it, I had already given up on the product by them. Iím certainly not against Rob getting the title but I think they really missed the boat by completely skipping the story of his quest for the title. Having him win the title on the very show where he first states he has interest in winning the title, to me was asinine. Iíd have likely tuned in to watch the title match had they built to it.

Q: (Sorry to keep asking about TNA..lol) but, What do you think of the Global title? Sounds like the WORLD title. Should they just drop it?

A: Yes I think they should drop. 4 singles titles and 2 tag team titles in one company is way too much in my opinion, and the Global/Legends Title has been a joke since inception.

Q: In Bret Hart's book, he says that there are three things you need to succeed in the wrestling business: the skill, the look & the ability to sell oneself. In your opinion, which of the three is the most important?

A: I donít think it works that way, in that one thing canít be ďmostĒ important, because just one of the things isnít enough. Iíve always said you need 2 of the 3 to be a success, although my three are: Size & Look, In ring skill, Personality & Promo skills.

Q: You've said over & over that you're not going back on the road & I'm not going to ask if/when you are. But you also said that the money it would take to get you to change your mind, you're not worth. Question is, why do you feel that way? Even if you weren't pushed in a main-event program, I would think having someone like you, with the knowledge & experience you have, would be invaluable to any promotion, if for no other reason than to run creative.

A: I donít believe 1 person regardless of who it is will make enough difference to significantly effect business. So while my being back on the road could be an asset to the company in that I could likely really help develop the younger guys by working with them on the road, would this change business enough to justify the $10,000+ per week it would take to even get me to consider going back on the road for a year or two? I doubt it.

Q: Have you seen any of the new WWE product NXT? While I think it's a great vehicle for new talent it also seems that they have broken the fourth wall by having the "trainers" like Matt Hardy, Jericho, William Regal and others evaluate the new talent by telling us that they have the talent but need to work on their "in-ring personality" or their "gimmick" or working on their:interview skills". Sure, for us marks, we know what they mean, but isn't that giving away a little too much of the inside business? Or maybe that's the point?

A: I havenít watched NXT but I do agree with you to an extent. My biggest issue with the show is that they really make wins and loses meaningless on the show. I know Bryan Danielson was at one point ranked first despite never winning a match. What message does this send to fans? To me it says wins donít matter, which to me is the wrong message.

Q: How did working with left-handed wrestlers like William Regal influence your matches? I imagine it'd affect your timing and also make trading punches more difficult. Also, are those timing issues the reason so many lefties like Shawn Michaels and John Cena develop the ability to lead with their right arm?

A: I didnít even know those guys were left handed, and I worked with Mr. Regal a ton. William was never much of a puncher, except for the Brass Knuckle knockout punch, so I guess I never noticed.

Q: I was wondering about entrance music and if the guys get to pick their music or have any sort of say when it comes to their music.

A: No offense, but these are the worst questions, because there is no right answer. There are no standard rules that apply to everyone; some guys have complete say while other guys have no say what so ever, everyone else falls somewhere in the middle.

Q: I mean no disrespect to any wrestlers but with TNA signing almost everyone the WWE cuts, in my mind it makes them look second rate. I realize some get cut due to creative and are very talented, but how many are too many?

A: I think the whole industry feels like you do. Yes signing people solely based on ďThey used to work for WWEĒ is stupid, but with that being said some of the guys leaving WWE are very worth bringing in. The key is to sign the right ones and ignore the wrong ones

Q: Do you think there is anyone out there that could come in and fix TNA? I've heard that Russo is taking time off and that they would like to bring in Paul Heyman (which we have heard many times before), but even if he wanted to go there, could he do anything to improve the product? I can't see him working well with Hogan or Bischoff, and I would doubt that Dixie would take his idea's over Hogan's.

A: There is NO easy or quick fix, regardless of who they hire. Even if Dixie found the right person and gave them 100% power, and the shows got better tomorrow and started making sense, it would still take years to significantly turn business around. Most fans have tried TNA and have already formed there opinion of it; 1- 1.5 million people are willing to watch the show for free, but only 15 Ė 25 thousand people nation wide are willing to pay for it. Everyone else in the country gave up a long time ago. Someone new has to over come the 5 year standing precedent TNA has established with their horrible nonsensical crash TV booking.

Q: Streaks come and go and soon enough the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak will end. It's truly hard for me to imagine anyone of this current era (2000 to present) who the Undertaker might consider for such an honor. If the recently retired Shawn Micheals couldn't do it, then who? Is it even possible at this point for a compelling enough storyline and match that could be made that the fans might accept?

A: There is a strong likely hood that Taker will retire with the streak intact.

Q: Just wondering if you have ever watched Trailer Park Boys and if you have, what do you think of it?

A: Iíve seen an episode or two, and while I found the episodes entertaining enough I just never got hooked.

Q: I just read you commentary about chair shots (TNA: I'm done) and I think the excess use of weapons now just needs to stop anyway but my questions is about chair shots in particular. Why are taking legit shots from REAL chairs so acceptable? If Foley was getting hit with a real baseball bat when he fought The Rock so long ago, WWF would have been shut down! Almost every other time someone gets hit "legit" with any other weapon, it's a prop or modified weapon that breaks on impact but there's never a stunt chair, it's always as legit at the ones the fans are sitting on. I remember seeing some footage of some old Japanese stuff and there were chair shots but the cushion of the stat would pop off. It still had as much of an effect on my viewing eyes but I'm positive that the guy that got hit was 100x safer than getting hit with a standard chair.

A: I think the problem is that there were a ton of idiots that decided they would get over by taking unbelievable stiff shot, so they started taking ungodly hard chair shots to the head in an attempt to get over in spite of not actually having talent. Chair shots were an acceptable thing in wrestling for years and ďpropĒ chairs were not needed because when you have two people who know what they are doing you can do safe decent looking chair shots to the head with a real chair. Once guys started taking the unprotected stiff shots, fans popped and the rest was history. As for the chairs in Japan they were legit chairs and you had to get hit ungodly hard to pop those seats off and I donít for a second believe they were safe either.

Q: Have you noticed that every Unified Tag Champion team broke up after their title reign ended? The Miz and Morrison won after losing the unification match. The Colons, Edge and Jericho, JeriShow, DX, ShowMiz. Does this have a negative impact on the tag team division? Hopefully the Hart Dynasty's reign brings the tag team division up, I really dont want DH Smith and Tyson Kidd to break up just because they lost the titles like the rest.

A: Well the problem is there really isnít a tag team division. There is the team with the titles and the team who challenges them and for the most part that is it. If you arenít in the title picture as champion or challenger you have almost no chance of making it on PPV, which is where you make your most money. Once youíve run your course in the title program, you are in a position of either, splitting up and trying to get a singles PPV program, or getting lost in the shuffle as a team and not making any money.

Q: It seems that TNA is going back to Thursdays. Do you think this is because Hulk Hogan doesn't have the same drawing power in Pro Wrestling he used to have anymore? Or is his drawing power not being backed up properly by good storylines, marketing, etc?

A: No one person has the drawing power to compete with Monday Night RAW. The simple truth is that TNA is not a strong enough product to compete with WWE and the Monday night move was just a really bad idea.

Q: Do any wrestlers ever smoke? I just wonder because I have never known of any wrestlers that smoke.

A: Iíve seen several of the boys smoke but I would say they are in the minority, at least when talking cigarettes. When I worked in Japan a ton of the Japanese guys smoked.

Q: If you were to put together a Lance Storm DVD what would be some of the matches you would choose and why?

A: I posted a commentary about this once: Click Here

Q: Do you use twitter?

A: Nope

Q: What is your opinion of the Hart Dynasty and do you feel Bret Hart's presence helped them get over with the crowd?

A: Iím a big fan of the group, and yes I think the association with Bret helps their credibility with fans.

Q: With the recent WWE releases, what is your opinion on fans' signs being confiscated for simply saying "Bring back !"? I'm sure WWE has its reasons but what about the fans just genuinely stating what they want?

A: I can understand WWE taking signs, but yeah on some level I think, provided they arenít crude, fans should be allowed to voice their opinions.

Q: Do you feel that if you were still around in the WWE for the past couple of years, then you might have been given a push to either the World or WWE Championship? Now more than ever I'd imagine they would appreciate a solid ring worker that is guaranteed not to be a drug liability.

A: I may have received a more significant push than I had my last year or two with the company but I doubt a World Title run would have been in the cards for me.

Q: What would be the most appropriate way to approach a top-level wrestler (or any celebrity really) for an autograph or a photo if they were out with their family or just not Ďon dutyí? Iím a firm believer that no matter how famous someone is they are still entitled to privacy.

A: When they are with their family (kids in particular), I think they should be left alone, but if they are out on their own, just be polite and respectful and I would think most guys would be happy to offer an autograph.

Q: Do you drink coffee? Do you know if CM Punk drinks coffee? Caffeine is a drug you know.

A: Thanks for the update that Caffeine is a drug, I was losing sleep trying to figure that one out. There is caffeine in Coke too, yet I donít consider pop drinkers drug abusers. I do drink coffee; I have no idea about CM Punk.

Q: What was your attitude towards ECW when you were working for them? Where you proud of their overall product? Like, would you come to ECW and be like "We're doing some revolutionary stuff here, and I wanna be here when they really take-off", or was it more like "Iím here to do my part, gain experience, and make a living."?

A: I was very proud of what I was doing in ECW and on the whole thought I was involved with a really great show. There were things I disagreed with in ECW but as a whole I loved my time there and I never considered my time anywhere as just a place to bide my time and gain experience and exposure.

Q: Wouldn't individual matches on TV actually seem to hold significance if WWE quit so freely acknowledging live events? These days we all know Miz is having up to 5 matches a week (let alone how many a year) who cares about what who he beat or lost to last week on Raw?

A: You are possibly the only person who thinks this. There are so many things that contribute to why fans donít care about wins and loses in matches on TV anymore, but I doubt knowing that guys have more matches on the weekends is one of them.

Q: Do you think Chris Jericho will ever get to hit the Lionsault again? Seems like everyone's been rolling out of the way for over a year.

A: I guess guys just have him scouted. Maybe WWE will sing some green guys that havenít got him figured out yet.

Q: Do former wrestlers for WWE continue to get royalties if previous matches are used in DVD sets or if their appearance is used in other media products(video games etc)? If so does it continue in perpetuity or is there a cutoff date of so many years?

A: as long as they keep selling stuff that we are in we keep getting paid.

Q: Someone asked last Q&A about Raw etc on youtube and I was wondering do you have a problem with people watching your old PPV matches on Youtube and other file sharing sites? Do you feel as though it costs you money from royalties (if applicable) or do you appreciate the fact that your fans can still get access to your matches and as a result you have continued exposure?

A: I donít imagine itís costing me a ton in royalties, so I certainly donít worry about it. I do think file sharing and pirating stuff is wrong though.

Q: After reading your post about Logan Airport and as a Bostonian I was wondering how you felt about the fans and the crowds in and around the Boston area? Also have you had a chance to experience the city since you originally wrote that post some 10 years ago?

A: I did spend a weekend in Boston with my wife and friends from the area and had a great time and really enjoyed the city. I donít have any specific memories of fans in Boston being much different that fans elsewhere.

Q: Now that Lesnar vs Carwin is official I was wondering what your thoughts are on Shane Carwin?

A: I think he is a very big powerful dude, and I canít wait to see the fight.

Q: Do you think a Canadian wrestling promotion could ever make it as a legit number 2 or 3 promotion like ECW did? I think it could if it were to get a decent television deal, like a weekly show on CBC or Global.

A: I do not think so, no. Making it to that level as a promotion is damn near impossible to begin with and in Canada you have to also deal with a population density issue. You have far less people to draw from, and our Cities are spread so much further apart, which increases the cost of running events greatly. Running a National wrestling company in Canada would be so difficult, and anything not on a National level would not be near big enough to be a #2 or #3.